What to Do When My Boyfriend Doesn’t Want to See Me As Much As I Want to See Him

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Sometimes, not all romantic relationship last forever. Along the way, a problem can rise up that disturbs the relationship. The most shocking one is a fading love.

A fading love is almost always shown by someone not wanting to be with us as often as we want to see them. In this stage of the relationship, you need to choose what to do. Here are two alternatives on what to do when my boyfriend doesn’t want to see me as much as i want to see him ;

Tips On How To Make The Relationship Survive

If you still believe in the relationship, here are some tips on how to make the relationship survive the big problem ;

  1. Analyze Yourself

Are you the problem? Have you done anything to make him go cold towards you? There is nothing wrong with being wrong.

  1. Ask For His Reason

If you are so confused, what you can do is to directly ask him in a friendly manner and not in a negative and intimidating tone.

  1. Try To Understand If The Reason Is Logical

Reasons that have nothing to do with him not liking you, like his packed schedule, should be understandable by you.

  1. Be More Patient

In this time, it is good to be patient because it is one of the unexpectable  Ways to Bring Back Love in A Dying Relationship

  1. Tell Him What Your Concerns Are

If you are worried about anything in the relationship, you need to say it before it silently breaks the relationship.

  1. Be Supportive Towards His Activities

This situation is usually not because of his fading love, it’s usually because of his schedule. That is why you need to be supportive and show the Signs She is A Girlfriend Material to Love Forevermore  in you.

  1. Use This Time To Make Yourself Happy

Why not find the silver lining and use this time to make yourself happy and love yourself so that you can provide better love towards your boyfriend.

  1. Always Communicate With Him

When things are rough in the relationship, communicating constantly helps to tone down or even fix the problem in the relationship.

  1. Do Little Ways To Make Him Feel Loved

To make the relationship better, use the  Ways to Make Him Feel Loved Without Even Saying It

  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Demand Something Out Of The Relationship

If you are doubtful about the relationship, you can do this to make you more sure towards the relationship. This is the often forgotten things on what to do when my boyfriend doesn’t want to see me as much as i want to see him.

  1. Compromise In A Loving Way

In the end, with a problem like this, compromising in a loving way will always fix the existing problem. Make sure you keep in mind the love you have for him and not your ego. 

Ways To Let Go Of The Relationship Completely

On the other hand, if you believe that this is truly the end of the relationship, you can do the ways to let go of the relationship completely ;

  1. Analyze The Reason That He Gives For His Action

If his reasons are illogical or even insulting towards you and the relationship. That means that things have to end.

  1. Know Why You Want To Stop This Relationship

Take some time to figure out why you want this relationship to stop. Make your feelings concrete about your decision.

  1. Notice The Sign That He Wants To Break Up With You Too

These signs are that he is distant from you, likes to be away from you on purpose, and more in this Signs That He is Falling Out of Love With You

  1. Wait For A Little While Before Finalizing Your Decision

Our emotion can taint our decision. That is why you need to give some time to know if it is a real feeling and not just a wave of emotion.

  1. Schedule A Time Alone With Him

Having time alone with him to talk about it is really important.

  1. Use The Right Words To Break Him Up

What you need to do is to follow these ways on How to Break Up with Someone without Hurting Them in The End

  1. Always Be Kind Towards Him

Kindness shows your maturity in this relationship and generally makes everything better.

  1. Offer Your Friendship Towards Him

If you don’t want to completely sever the relationship, it is okay to offer him your friendship.

  1. Do What Is Best For Your Mental Well Being

It is great to make others happy in this challenging time but it is most important to do what is best for your mental well being even if it hurts your partner.

  1. Mentally Leave The Relationship

Do the  Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship

Signs That Your Decision Is Making Both Of You Happy

A decision that needs to be acted on can be really tough. But in the end, it can prove to be rewarding if you see these signs that your decision is good;

  1. You Are Still On Good Terms After It

Both of you have no deep resentment or mistrust towards each other because you both understand why things have to end.

  1. Both Of Your Life Are Thriving

The life you both have are great and even thriving which shows that what’s been holding you down is the relationship.

  1. Both Of You Have No Problem Finding New Relationship

You don’t wallow in the relationship too long and are quick to get into another healthy relationship.

  1. Both of Your Life Are Stable

There are no wave of extreme emotion that comes from the broken relationship that trembles both of your life.

When you start to see the distance rising up, you need to choose what to do when my boyfriend doesn’t want to see me as much as i want to see him. No choice is wrong if in the end it shows the signs that it’s making both of you happy. Trust your gut and do it even if it’s hard!