25 Lovable Signs He is Fighting His Feelings for You

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How do you know if a guy truly loves you? Whether he would do anything and sacrifice things for you, or does he only want the good stuff? These are the questions that you might often wonder about. There are common signs he is fighting his feelings for you and it’s possible to confirm your suspicions once and for all.

The following are fifteen signs he is fighting his feelings for you:

  1. He texts you

You never go too many days without receiving a text from him. Asking about your day, whether you’ve eaten that night, or just a general ‘how are you’.

  1. He seems to know a lot about you

Of course he knows where you live and your birthday, but he also knows that you used to hate Biology in middle school. And that your mom never misses to call you every night. It’s possible he knows all these because he’s asking himself the question, How Do You Know If a Girl Loves You or Not.

  1. He remembers the little things

When a guy remembers all the small and mundane details, you know he’s serious about you. He knows that you take your Cappuccino decaf and that your favorite flowers are lilies. This is also signs that he is in love with you but can’t say.

  1. He asks intimate questions

He wants to know what your biggest dreams are, and if you hope to change the world one day. These are deep and intimate questions usually reserved for those he truly cares about.

  1. He wants to look good around you

A guy doesn’t naturally care about his appearance, except if he’s looking for validation or dressing to impress. In the case of the girl he’s willing to fight for, it’s usually both.

  1. He calls other girls “my friends…”

He doesn’t say that he’s available, but his word choice clearly implies that. If he remembers to say, “She’s a friend” whenever he refers to other women, it’s likely that he wants you to know that he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

  1. He looks at you a lot

He may be in denial when asked, but as the old saying goes, action speaks louder than words. No matter how hard he tries to fight his feelings for you, he can’t keep his eyes off you. At least, not for a long time anyway.

  1. But he looks away when you stare at him

This is because he feels self-conscious and nervous. Both are the two emotions that guys feel only around women they like.

  1. He’s sweet and mean

He’s aware if he’s been acting too comfortable and nice around you, which causes him to reel back and become cold. It’s a way to convince you that he feels nothing for you, but you know better.

  1. He always wants to help you, and usually is helpful

Whenever he see you struggle, in any kind of way, he can’t stand still on the sideline. He wants to help you and ease whatever kind of difficulties you’re having. Most of the times, he does just the right thing to help.

  1. He never underestimates you

It doesn’t matter that all the odds are stacked against you, he sincerely believes in your capabilities and strength. He never looks down on you and always sides with you, believing that you’ll achieve your goals in the end.

  1. He cares about your wellbeing

He genuinely cares about your happiness and welfare. He doesn’t want you to be unwell, sick or sad

  1. He’s protective

Similar story here, he does not want you to get hurt. He offers you a ride if it’s dark and insists that he see to your safe arrival back home. This is also a typical Signs That a Man Loves You Unconditionally.

  1. He gives you small but thoughtful gifts

He may not shower you with expensive and massive gifts, but when he does give you something it’s usually well thought of. Be it a bracelet you once said was cute or a deluxe version of your favorite band’s newest album, he makes sure it’s something you’ll keep close to heart.

  1. He changes when you talk about other men

If you notice him falter or become uncomfortable when you bring up other men, it’s highly likely that he’s feeling jealous. He truly feels like he has fought for you, and that he should be the only man in your life.

More signs he is fighting for your love:

  1. He’s a gentleman – be wary that most guys only open the doors for women they’re interested in.
  2. He tells you things he doesn’t tell anyone – he trusts you with his secrets and trivia unknown to anyone else.
  3. He never compares you to other girls – he makes the point that you’re different from other girls, in a good way, and never compares you with anyone.
  4. He initiates the conversation but keeps it short – it’s evident that he wants to talk to you, but doesn’t want to be clingy and annoying.
  5. He asks if you’ll be at parties – no, he may not invite you to parties, but he always silently hopes that you’ll be there.
  6. He gives low-key compliments – if he compliments you in such a way that gets you wondering whether it is a compliment, he’s trying not to be obvious in his appraisals. But he usually really does admire you.

Tips on what to do if he is fighting his feelings for you:

  1. Show him you appreciate it – make it known that you notice how hard he’s fighting his feelings for you. He’ll value even the smallest compliments and genuine remarks you make. Maybe you can even say these Romantic Things to Say to Express Your Love to Your Boyfriend.
  2. Have a heart to heart with him – just go and talk to him sometimes, be honest and open. Ask him if he really feels this was for you. And if you feel the same way, it might be possible there are Signs He is Your Real Soulmate for A Lifetime!