32 Best Reasons to Date a Nurse (The No.1 Caretaker)

Last updated on January 31, 2024 by Michelle Devani

It was always fascinating to date someone who comes from various background. Their job affects their behavior in a relationship a lot, so that you would find the Reasons to Date a Writer is different with the Reasons why you should date a Photographer. There are also women who find the reasons Why You Should Date Guys with Tattoos very interesting.

Speaking about the reasons to date someone will never come into and end. There will always be more and more to talk and this one is not exception. You should know the best reasons to date a nurse, the no.1 caretaker in the world. If you have unfortunately experienced in spending the night in the hospital, you must be overwhelmed by the attention the nurse give you. They will make a good lover to date. Here come the best reasons to date a nurse!

1. They're Passionate and Patient

It's a two different charms in one person. A nurse patiently listen to their patient and they take your feeling seriously. They know how to bring you up since a nurse will never let their patient down.

2. They Can Cure Your Hangover

As you're partying hard at night and treat yourself with some nice shots, the real trouble comes the next day. No need to worry because your nurse lover would help you to cure that hangover.

3. No Need for the ER

Less or more, a nurse is knowledgeable of health issues. They are your first ER and you never need to go to the real one. They can diagnose your sickness even though they can't prescribe medicine.

4. They Got Nerves

A nurse is mature enough to handle panic situation as they must face those many times during work. No matter how stressed they are, they will never fall apart.

5. Caretaker by Nature

A nurse naturally has the Wife Material Signs you longed to have. They make a good parents with their nature to take care of everyone. If you think about the distant future, put a nurse into it.

6. It Will Never be Boring

Everyday is never the same for a nurse. They have endless story to tell each day and you'll find yourself curious about it. From the drama they face with a patient or the dynamic in hospital life.

7. They are Thoughtful

A nurse always gives the best to take care of the patient even though they are sometime not appreciated. They are thoughtful enough to understand other people's situation that they never expect anything in return.

8. They're Worth to Brag About

 Not everyone can perform the CPR and you can brag to everyone how your lover is a life saver! When something emergency comes out in the way, they know the most important step to take to save a life.

9. They are Great Listeners

There are times where someone is only need to be heard. Many relationship fail because they don't listen well. This is something that never happen to a nurse. They are excellent listener.

10. They Treat the Elders Well

Nurse can be good with all people, including elders. They treat them with passion and patience. They will be good to your parents and grandparents as well.

More Reasons to Marry a Nurse

  1. Nurses are pretty smart as they had to take several tests before passing as a nurse.
  2. No need to be insecure about your body as they have seen people with various types of body. They won't judge you by it.
  3. They got a uniform. Is there anything sexier than seeing your lover in their uniform?
  4. You will miss the all the time as nurses have a long working hours.
  5. You will aware of medical and health issues, thanks to the update your nurse lover always brings up.
  6. They are selfless. As the part of their job, the other's interest comes first than theirs.
  7. They can deal with gross and dirty things. You can always depend on them and it makes them independent as well.
  8. They can give you a good massage as massaging is the part of their training.
  9. They are caretaker by nature and very, very reliable as partner. You can even trust your life to them.
  10. Their feeling and concern to you are genuine. Instead of 100%, they give you 101%.
  11. No such thing as panic attack for them. They can handle even the worst situations very well. Just like the Reasons Why You Should Date an Engineer.
  12. Don't worry of the cardiac arrest. You know what the best part of dating a nurse? They can do the CPR.
  13. They can understand you perfectly and they are not the type to start a fight.
  14. They're not a selfish person, and it's the quality everyone looks for in a relationship.
  15. You don't need to worry about the financial things since nurses make a pretty good of fortune.
  16. They are tough person and they don't know what giving up means.
  17. They are good in hiding their feeling. Even when they're broken inside, you'll never see them not smiling.
  18. They don't need to be hardly appreciated. All they want form their partner is a simple thank you to make their day.
  19. You will never find them following you around as their own schedule is tight enough.
  20. Dating a nurse is like dating a celebrity since you don't get to see them often. They're busier with their jobs.
  21. They are reliable in any situation. From being your personal counselor to your caretaker.
  22. They can make a good parents in the future, especially woman nurses. From taking care of your children's health to caring them with love, nobody knows it better than the nurse.

Have you been convinced enough after reading the best reasons to date a nurse? Everyone will be affected by their occupations, so does nurses. They can deal with serious matters and different kind of people.

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