What Does It Mean When Your Crush Unfollows You On Instagram?

Last updated on August 10, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Instagram has come a long way. Of course you using it to follow someone you close, you adore, or you love and you begging for their follow back behind without you telling them about it. You have a crush on someone who unfollowed you on Instagram?

Okay, chill. It's not a big deal because you can't know somebody's heart or feelings based on a single act they do in Instagram. Here's the reason why your crush unfollows you on Instagram!

1. Your Crush Accidentally Unfollowed You Without He Notice It After That

What does it mean when your crush unfollows you on Instagram? Your crush is officially stalking at you! They're just looking to your profile and maybe they try to see who's you following or followers and BAM!

His side hand accidentally press the unfollowed button and they just to shy to follow again because you will know it and they prefer to not questioned it without follows you again.

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2. You're Too Noisy 

Now, on Instagram stories you can post whatever you want. You can sing, you can dance, you can cry, post some foodies, your trip or your daily activities like when you wake up you post it on Instagram stories and maybe your act is too annoying for people not just for your crush. 

3. You're A Spammer 

you're a spammer

You don't have a content on your Instagram, you just post all random things without thinking about other people if they see it or not. Or you post 10 pictures on Instagram in a day.

For example you post so many times in different time your selfie picture with the same looks but only different gestures. 

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4. Someone Told Your Crush To Unfollowed You 

Maybe you have a crush with someone who already have a boyfriend or girlfriend, and the boyfriend or girlfriend knows it that you have a crush like "Juliet loves Romeo" with their couple.

So, they get jealous of you, maybe. Because, if this the reason why your crush unfollowed you on Instagram, you need to be happy for this!

The Signs Of Your Crush On Social Media

The equivalent of an unfollow would be someone flat out saying, ‘I don’t want to hang out with you any more,’ which doesn’t often happen. When someone unfollowed you on Instagram, especially your crush. It have a bad and good sign for that. Usually, unfollowing someone isn’t tied to a strong emotion of dislike or hatred.

So, here's the sign why your crush unfollows you on Instagram! 

1. Your Crush Is Playing Hard To Get With You 

Your crush didn't know how to start a conversation with you. They think maybe it's a good things to unfollowed you on Instagram, so they have a chance to get a message from you directly asking the reason of this unfollowed things.

This sign that your crush take is too risky, because it maybe you don't notice it that they want you to directly message them. You will ended up your relationship with your crush even you not started yet. 

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2. Your Crush Is Jealous With You 

Your crush jealous looking you so close with someone else, because they have feelings for you and they think that they don't have a chance to get close with you, so they just let you go. Or maybe they really want to be a part of your life so badly, that they can't bear not being by your side. This is so sucks, but it's possible.

3. Your Crush Is Not Into You 

What does it mean when your crush unfollows you on Instagram? An unfollow can be seen as a form of rejection. Your crush is not into you, they just not into you and that's all. Maybe, they found your personality didn't match with them, or maybe they're just found that you annoyed them so much through Instagram. This means they don't like you at all.

What Should You Do If Your Crush Unfollow You

These are a few totally logical explanations as to why this was done. So find your chill and take an action! You don't need just stay sad all the time just because of this. Show them that you're not worth it to be unfollowed by them. So, here's the tips when your crush unfollows you on Instagram!

1. Stay Calm 

It’s hard not to blow up after your crush has unfollowed you, especially if they belong to the same school or group or work with you. But it could’ve been an honest mistake. The first step is to stay calm and acknowledge that they’ve unfollowed you and accept you might not know the whole story yet. You should ask them directly, if you really want to know why. 

2. Give Up And Move On 

give up and move on

There’s only one thing to do. It’s moving on. If you pursue your crush further they will go off and tell all their friends you’re a creep. You can not change the way people feel. That in no way means you did something wrong. They obviously hasn’t handled the situation in the best way but it’s what you have.

There’s no point in chasing people who don’t want you in their lives. So, let it go. Your crush unfollowed you for whatever reason, trying to change it probably won't help you at all. 

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3. Make An Impression On Your Crush In Person

Don’t rely your on Instagram, it's just a social media not a real life. Step up and make an impression on your crush in person or through their mutual friends.

Change your looks; a little more pretty than it has to be. Be the person everyone looks up and wants to hang out with. Make smart and intriguing comments on Instagram friend posts. But keep the brief. Subject matter should be something you know your crush is interested in.

4. Unfollow Your Crush Too

You probably would do nothing, because they're just a crush; someone you adore not you love or you can't live without. If your crush unfollowed you, then you unfollowed their too. It doesn’t affect how you go on about life.

You will do what you have always been doing such as your career, your blogs, your gaming, your life. Don't take it seriously because it’s such an extremely tiny part of life.

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