Why My Ex Boyfriend Unfriended Me On Facebook (10 Possible Reasons)

Last updated on May 2, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Has your ex-boyfriend unfriended you on Facebook?

Has this left you feeling hurt and confused?

Can you not stop wondering why they would do that?

Perhaps you'd agreed to remain in each other's lives, even if it wasn't as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Well, the good news is: there are a number of reasons why your ex might have taken this step, and they're not all because he never wants to hear from you again.

In this guide, I present the most common reasons why your ex-boyfriend might have decided to unfriend you on Facebook.

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With that said, let's now take a look at my list of the most possible reasons why you two are no longer Facebook friends.


10 Reasons Why My Ex Boyfriend Unfriended Me On Facebook

There are no way he clicked the unfriend tab out of boredom. Some of these things could make good reasons...

1. You Keep Updating Your Status Like... Endlessly

It could be that he feels annoyed by your chains of endless status update everyday. Yes, it can annoyance too when someone makes too much update on social media like they live in it. Especially when you signalling him in your status.

2. You Share Your Post Breakup Sadness

you share your post breakup sadness

Who don’t get sad after break up? But sharing it in a Facebook seems to much. What will others think about you? What will others think about your boyfriend? Keep the sadness all by yourself and share only to those who you trust. You’re not the one who need to get over it.

3. You Throw Some Shade To Him

This is bad. Really, really bad. Whether you end the relationship in a good term or not, or whether he was at fault, you shouldn’t shade him publicly. Of course it makes him sick and he doesn’t want to be friends with you anymore.

4. Too Much Drama On Your Facebook

Men hates drama. For example you play victim in any situation you’re in, complaining about this and that, causing fight with others and you do it all on Facebook. Do you know that there are many Reasons Why You Should Quit Social Media?

5. Or You Just Look Too Happy?

You look happy recently and it’s too much for him. Maybe he still sad over the break up and seeing you happy makes him hurt even more? It could be the answer why my ex boyfriend unfriended me on Facebook. What a good Ways to Make Your Ex Jealous and Want You Back.

6. You've Been Stalking Him All The Time

Nobody wanted to be stalk. And you know perfectly well that stalking your ex is like the biggest crime. You never forget to leave your trace in every single update he makes. Maybe he doesn’t hate you but it makes him uncomfortable. Especially when he has dated someone new.

7. You Leave Many "Trash" To His Timeline

Whether you do it on purpose or not, the first person you need to avoid to send anything is him. You give him many game updates, event invitations, group invitations, quizzes, and etc to his timeline.

8. He's Jealous Over Your New Beau

When was the time he remove you? If it happen after you publicly tell you date someone new, maybe he become jealous over him. I mean, maybe he hasn’t move on and he still loves you but you see someone else already.

9. You Give Him The Negative Vibes

Wondering why he unfriended you? Maybe your feeds has many negativities. You keep complaining about this and that, sharing sadness and unfortunate things online, etc. Not just your ex boyfriend, maybe many others will be unfriended you as well.

10. You Turn Your Facebook Into A Diary

Facebook is not an online diary nor a personal blog so you must not treat it like that. If you want to share about your daily activities, go write on a blog or keep a diary.

What To Do When He Unfriended You

what to do when he unfriended you

He is your ex, he is in the past, and you should live in the future. So what if he unfriended you? Don’t overthink it and do these things instead...

1. Take It As A Good Thing

Now that he is no longer your friend on Facebook, it should be easier to get over him. You don’t have to deal with him anymore and can focus more to your life without having to know what he’s been up to.

2. It Helps You Move On

If you haven’t fully move on from him, then it’s better. You don’t realize that you show the Signs You Haven’t Moved On from Your Ex yet by wishing his names to pop every time you go online.

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3. Take Some Time Off Of Facebook

When the fact you’re being unfriended by him is too much to you, since you still love him or what, then retire from Facebook for the time being. Live in your real world and interact with real people. There’s always silver linings in every cloud, so take this as an opportunity to rebuild the new life.

4. No Need To Ask Him Why!

So you’re curious? Of course! But do you need to ask him why? NO! What will he take you for? You will only embarrassed yourself if he doesn’t think as a big matter just like you do.

5. Don't Add Him Back Right Away

It could be his Ways to Tell Your Ex to Stop Contacting You, so there’s no need to add him back right away. Do it some time far in the future. Years, for better. When everything has settled and none of you has anything left for each other.

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