7 Easy Ways to Make Your Ex Jealous and Want You Back Again

Last updated on February 2, 2024 by Michelle Devani

In relationship with some one, there is meeting, process and separation/break up. In love relationship, break up is not always good and sweet. Sometimes, we will be forced to break up because she/he wants it or sometimes, we feel so tired of toxic love so we end up the relationship.

People that run into break up love relationship, will feel different taste of their life. He/She who always fill our life before they are gone. So that, many people miss and want go back to that time, the time we our ex filled up our life and get the second chance just to stay beside them. But also, It just gives hurt in our hear that creates hate for our ex. Therefore, we often want our ex to regret about what they do or just want it all back.

Ways to Make Your Ex Jealous and Want You Back Again 

Then, How to make our ex feel regret and so sorry about for break our heart and feel that you are the right person that can’t be replaced with the other? How to make our ex just be jealous for our life that looks better after break? Here seven things that you should do and dont do, each steps is so relateble with the others. So, dont miss one step.

  1. First stage is calm down, this is not the end of your life

When you break up with your ex, just calm down, don’t be panic, don’t be depressed or deep in your regret. Everyone will shock in their post break, moreover if they love in the deep with their ex and their ex leave them. I am sure that your ex will feel the same with you, they are flustered that is it really right thing to do ?

So calm down! Just keep your head and your heart be cool. Keep strong your self! Be sure that everything gonna be okay. Although, he/she leave you, you can pass your day as well as you can. Lets go far away from deep sad feeling. Read: Reasons Why is Your Ex Texting You When She Broke Up with You

  1. Dont stalk your ex information in sosial media, moreover getting contact from your ex

Here's the easy ways to make your ex jealous and want you back again. Be stalker just make you feel so deep in your break up moment and getting hard to move on. Moreover, if you see that your ex is seen happier with the other. So stop, dont do that! Close your info from your ex life! Read: What Does It Mean When an Ex Drunk Texts You?

  1. Dont show that you are in broken heart because your ex

Some people show that their in sad zone after break up, show that in social media or tell other people. You better dont do that. It just show that you really really in trouble because he/she leave you. Come on! You don’t deserve to feel it. Keep your states update about your joyful life, you look better, you look happier, you look free after you separate with your ex. Just make your ex feel the same in main actor in Happier MV by Ed Sheeran J. Read: Ways to Deal with Your Ex Moving on with Someone Else

  1. Be careful to share your feeling 

Share your feel with the others will relieve your sad or just boost your cheer. But just choose the people that really trusted. Make sure, that your friend listen your feel but keep quiet. Don’t get your ex know your feel from your share friends. Read: Ways to Make Your Ex Miss You after Breakup and They Regret It.

  1. Get the new you, let people and your ex know your happiness

Then, the best thing you must show to your ex is you are happy after the breakup. Let world see that you are the awesome and happier than ever. Get new yourself, get awesome hairstyle that match with you, go to the gym and get your body fresh , healthy and sexier, upgrade your clothe style, you are free now, let people and your ex interest to you. And let see how your ex miss the important thing, he/she has done the worst thing ever to break up with you. 

  1. When you meet your ex randomly, just don’t get perturbed

Well the new phase is begun, when you randomly meet your ex. But just relax, feel that you meet a friend (ordinary friend) after long time ago. If both of you notice your meet, just say hello or just give your ex your sweet smile. Then continue your activity but keep show you are better now. But if your ex just take you a chit chat so do it, but always remember don’t get initiate. Just give your ex free and warm chat that make your ex feel comfortable. Read: Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship

  1. Advance stage, Time to start communication after long silent communication

There are many ways to make your ex jealous and want you back again. You have enjoyed your life, you are happier now and you have met your ex. Then, keep to communicate if your ex start to communicate with you. Don't forget that you just like friend now, just start from beginning like you get your ex to be yours on the past.

Show the entertain communication but don’t initate the deep communication, let your ex begin. Interact casually first, and be stunning in your apperance that here you are, you are so interesting and worth for him/her.

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