My Girlfriend Gets Angry When I Hang Out with My Friend and His Girlfriend, How Do I Approach That?

Last updated on April 8, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Everything won't always go smoothly, in this case, in a relationship. You won't be able to please your partner every single time, because every person could make some mistakes, right? At least, you just to have to know how to make her happy in your own way.

But sometimes, a thing that you like to do can make your girlfriend very angry. Hanging up with your friends can be one of you and your girlfriend's problem. And it could be worse if she knows that your friends also bring his girlfriend.

There are some reasons why your girlfriend hate it when you hang out with your friend and his girlfriend that you must know.

  1. She is kinda jealous

It is natural for every girl, when they see their significant other spend more time with other people, moreover there are girls in the group. Even they will totally forget that it is almost impossible that those girls will take your attention. Maybe you also want to know ways to know if your friend is jealous of you.

2. She rarely, or maybe never meet your friend

Maybe she just only don't know whom you are hanging out with, so she feels worried about you. Try to ask her to join your group sometimes, and ask her again what did she feel after associating with your friends.

3. Your friend's girlfriend, or even you, act too friendly

Being a friendly person is good, but get to know your limit is a must. Sometimes how you show your friendliness to a girl could be wrong, and other people will see it more like a flirting. You have to know the signs of a girl flirting to another man.

4. She tries to control you, and it's not good

She already knows your friends, even you make friends with them longer than your relationship with her.

But if she always told you to stop hanging out with your friends without telling any reason, maybe you have to consider breaking up. Show some ways to break up with your girlfriend without hurting her feeling.

It's not like your girlfriend always wants to control you, the biggest possible answer may be caused by jealousy. Being insecure is normal, but being over jealous is a matter. Here are some signs that your girlfriend has some jealousy issues.

  • She always feels insecure about your relationship
  • You are not allowed to talk about another woman
  • She always stalks you, mainly in social media
  • She often accused you of flirting to other women
  • You can't go anywhere without her permission

Even she is your girlfriend, being extremely possessive is quite annoying for everyone. You have to know ways to make your girlfriend trust you more.

  1. Be confident, trust yourself first

There are many ways to make a girl fall deeply in love with you, and one of them shows that you are reliable. If you want to make other people trust you, you have to show that you are the right person to be trusted.

As she found that you are the right one, she will be more opened and your relationship will be better.

2. Don't forget to trust her back

If you show a faith to a woman in a relationship, it is possible to her for trusting you more and more. Give her a chance to being trusted, and see what will you gain.

3. Be open minded, communicate openly

Everyone do mistakes in their past. If you ever do wrong things in your past, don't be afraid to tell it to her. There are many reasons why you need to express your point of view in a relationship. Ask her for some advice and views, build a relationship with no barrier of secrets.

4. Don't only use words, use actions

An action values more than a thousand words. Show her that you are reliable. Share your life with her, spend your time more with her, and show her love and care that she needs.

The last thing, be honest and faithful. Every single lie will break every ton of honesty that you had made before. Never expect your significant other will trust you more if you show yourself as an untrustable.

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