22 Aries Woman Weakness And Personality To Figure Out

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Born between March 21 – April 19, an Aries woman is depicted as the ram. Her element is fire which perfectly describes her personality. The fire that she has deep in herself can burn her brighter or burn her out.


Aries Woman Weakness And Personality

It’s a good thing for an Aries woman to know her strengths but knowing her weakness can be powerful too. It can help her realize the things that she needs to work on. Some of her most common weaknesses are listed down below:

1. Impatient

An Aries woman weakness and personality include being impatient. Whatever it is that they want, they must have it. Whatever it is they want to happen, it must happen. An Aries woman wants things instantly because they don’t want to be bothered by it for too long.

2. Moody

It’s almost a normal occurrence when an Aries woman becomes moody. Her feelings quickly changes. It’s not an odd thing to see her calm and then angry the next minute. This can be bothersome at first and might turn into a huge problem in a relationship.

Anyone who is currently in a relationship with an Aries woman must understand her weakness and tolerate it. Learn all the great Ways to Get an Aries Attention. It would be better to help her deal with her moodiness in a positive way.

3. Easily Angered

easily angered

Anyone can become angry when something goes wrong. So does an Aries woman. However, she’s easily angered by the smallest thing. This weakness of hers is made worse by the fact that she’s moody. When an Aries woman is angry, she is not afraid to show it to people as she is carried away by her emotion.

4. Impulsive

An Aries woman can get very impulsive. It can either be good or bad for her. But most of the time, her impulsiveness is the result of her wanting a momentary satisfaction. It may also serve as some sort of release for her feelings.

5. Aggressive

Many women are often described as sensitive and passive. That’s not true in the case of an Aries woman. She’s the opposite of all that because she is aggressive. She’s impatient to get what she wants so she has to be aggressive to achieve it. To the Aries woman, your determination for achievements is the Reasons why You Don't Need a Man.

6. Selfish

Selfishness is also a part of the Aries woman weakness and personality. It’s in her nature to be like that. Other may see this weakness in display when an Aries woman is determined to get something that she wants. As she has strong desires that must be fulfilled, she won’t care much about anyone else except herself. 

7. Harsh

An Aries woman can be harsh with her words and her actions. She tends to say her opinion without sugarcoating them. This can be perceived as being too harsh by other people. However, an Aries woman believes that it’s better to go straight to the point rather than beating around the bush.

As for actions, she believes that certain actions must be taken even though it may not be liked by a lot of people. They are needed because she believes the outcome that they will give will be worth it.

8. Stubborn

It’s hard to change the mind of an Aries woman. To many people, it may seem like a bad idea. But an Aries woman believes what she wants to believe and other people’s opinions don’t matter. She is stubborn in a lot of things and her ego fuels this particular weakness of hers.

9. Hurt Other People

Due to the overall personality of the Aries woman, she tends to hurt other people. It may be unintentional because she doesn’t really think through her words and her actions. As she spends less time caring about the effect of all that to the people around her, she will hurt them in the long run. Here's How to Not Get Played by a Woman, especially by an Aries woman.

10. Hurt Herself

The Aries woman is vulnerable to feeling low or depressed. Despite the strong-minded persona she displays, she does face a lot of dark days. Unfortunately, she bottles it up instead of expressing her feelings in a positive way. All those negative energy hurt her internally which may cause some explosive anger. 

11. Arrogant


Being arrogant could come from the fact that an Aries is seriously determined in her goals and her lack of attention to the people around her. This makes her have a strong will to appear tough in front of everyone. She likes to show off her ability in the hope that it will help her move in the right direction.

12. Controlling

Another Aries woman weakness and personality is having the full control of everything. It’s her way of not letting anything go outside of her plan. She is controlling because she hates it when things don’t go according to her way.

To other people, she can be very restrictive. But to an Aries woman, being controlling is a good thing even though it might create enemies or make her lose her friends. This weakness of an Aries woman could be one of the Signs She's Not Worth Your Time.

More Aries Woman Weakness and Personality

Here are some more of her weaknesses that you should know about.

  1. Gets overly jealous in relationships or business issues.
  2. Acts childish and throw tantrums when things go wrong.
  3. Pushy to other people.
  4. Likes to establish dominance over people.
  5. Can be quite possessive of the people she loves. Here are some more Signs of Possessive Girl that you might not know about.
  6. Easily feels pressured due to her own determination.
  7. Cannot face certain criticisms as they might break her down.
  8. Tends to be unpredictable at times.
  9. Dismisses other people’s suggestions without giving them a chance.
  10. Risks the chance of making bad decisions.

So those are an Aries woman weakness and personality. If an Aries woman doesn’t know how to handle all her weaknesses then they will become her greatest obstacles in her lives. She needs to keep working at becoming better in managing her weaknesses to improve the quality of her life.

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