How to Deal with a Girl Giving You The Silent Treatment?

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Every emotional reaction that someone shows you is the response toward something. When someone is sad, of course there were something that made him sad. He won't feel sad with no reason. Even when someone is choosing to keep silent all day long, it is because there were something that made him or her choose to be that way.

However, someone who can't really deal with his or her emotion until other people can see it clearly, surely that person has a problem. There are some similarity on how to deal with a girl who is mad at you and how to deal with a girl giving you the silent treatment. Both problem, will need your understanding to solve it even though someone who is giving you silent treatment does not always mean that she gets mad at you. So, here are some little tips.


1. Give her a space to calm herself down

give her a space to calm herself down

No matter how long you have been knowing someone, you can't really predict or knowing what that person has been through. Because, you don't live with her and you can't read her mind obviously because you are not a mind reader.

Everybody has their own story that they won't tell to anyone. And everybody has their own battle that you don't know. Rather than being an annoying person by keep asking her what happened, it will be better for you to give her a space to calm herself down.

When you give someone her personal space, she will be able to calm herself down without any disturbance from other people. She will heal better and knowing how to heal herself if something bad happen. There are some benefits of being alone for your physical and mental health. And those reason justify the action of you giving her a space for herself for awhile.

2. Try to communicate to her

Before the problem gets bigger, or you feel like you did something wrong to her, it will be better for you to try to talk to her. This is the only way on how to solve misunderstandings between friends, which is to talk to her directly.

Maybe, one of the reason why she gives you silent treatment is because there were a misunderstanding between you two. Even if there is no, it is still a good thing to try to talk to her, so you will be able to find the best communication way to talk to her. 

3. Say an apology

say an apology.jpg

Another thing that you can do on how to deal with a girl giving you the silent treatment is by say an apology to her. Say it, that you feel sorry about thing that you did to her. Say it, that you feel sorry knowing that she feels bad or sad for now.

Whether it was your fault or not your fault, saying sorry to her will eventually shows that you care about her. And when you say an apology and she replies back with an apology, you will need to know what to say to a girl when she says sorry. And remember to set aside your ego. Because ego won't solve anything but make it worse.

4. Spend more time together

Honestly, knowing that there is someone who gives you a silent treatment already shown that you don't know much about the person. Because if you know the person that well, then there is no need to search on how to do when she gives you a silent treatment. But, there is a way for you to help you not to be into the same situation as now. To prevent the same thing happen to you where she gives you silent treatment, you will need to spend more time together with her. Even though you will not be able to read her mind by the more you spend time with her, you can predict what happened until she treats you that way. The silent treatment that she gave you can be a form on her own thoughts of why does my boyfriend don't want to spend time with me anymore for example.

Giving her a silent treatment back as a way on how to deal with a girl giving you the silent treatment, won't work. Because, by doing so you are showing you ego. And the key to any relationship is understanding. Think twice before you decided to do something. And make sure that you put yourself in someone's shoes before you react, to avoid any misunderstanding.

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