How To Deal With A Girl Who Is Mad At You?

Last updated on June 6, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Woman is complicated sometimes. Sometimes, she can takes things seriously without even we realized it. This is why there is a stereotypes where woman is more sensitive when it comes to feelings compare to man who uses logical thinking to decide something.

Both woman and man get confused when their girlfriends get mad at them without they even know what was happening to her. Maybe another woman can understand her girlfriend who gets mad because she is a woman as well.

But then, maybe the condition of how to deal with a girl who is mad at you can be more complicated for man. Because man and woman kind of have the different way of thinking. They are physically different and of course, the way they response or decide something will also be different.

This is somehow shape the preference or behavior of someone. Because man and woman are different, we will need to know how long should you know someone before dating them. However, if you find out your girlfriends get mad at you, here are some tips that you can try.


1. Leave Her Alone

Position yourself in her condition. What do you want to do when you get mad or confused by not knowing what you feel? Of course you don't want other people disturbing you.

So, the first thing that you need to do is to leave her alone for awhile. Why? Because there are some benefits of being alone for your physical and mental health. She will be able to take sometime to calm herself down and by then she will be more mentally stable.

2. Set Aside Your Ego

set aside your ego

There are some people who are so sensitive. So, when someone get mad or not in a good mood, these sensitive people can just get mad to that person back.

Do remember that you can't do this. You need to return the balance back. This is how to solve misunderstandings between friends. Set aside your ego, try to calm yourself down and know that by showing your ego, it will not solve the problem, you will not even help her with it.

3. Offer Yourself To Listen To Her

The next tip on how to deal with a girl who is mad at you is to offer yourself to listen to her. You can ask her what happened and listen to her until she feels better.

However, you can't offer yourself to listen to her once she still get mad. Offer yourself once you think that she gets better and calm herself down. By offering yourself to listen to her story, you help her to lighten the emotional burden that she feels.

4. Apologize

After you listened to her story, you can ask for an apology. There are some ways to apologize to a Gemini that you can try to do. After you ask what happened and listened to her story, you can start to know what things that made her mad. What you can do next is to ask for an apology. Whether the caused of her got mad was you or not you, just ask for an apology.

Saying an apology such as "I'm sorry that thing happened to you", will somehow show that you care for her. And it will be harder to get mad to someone who is actually care about you. So you can try this tip.

5. Shower Her With Love

shower her with love

There are some ways on how to get a Libra woman’s attention to make her forget her problem for awhile. And to help her to forgive you, you can start shower her with love. Make her feels that she is loved by you.

This kind of feelings will make someone feel save and protected. And when she feels save and protected you can start building trust with her. By then, both of you will be opened to each other.

There are some ways on how to deal with a girl who is mad at you that you can try. The most important thing when you were in this condition is by trying to put yourself in her shoes. Try to understand what she feels. And don't do something that you hate when someone is trying to help you when you get mad.

Because why would you try to do something that you hate in order to make her feel better or forgive the mistake you did? Of course it will be better for you to know the ways on how to make and keep your Gemini woman happy and interested.

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