How To Make A Virgo Woman Obsessed With You (3+ Attractive Ways)

Last updated on April 8, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Do you have an intense crush on a Virgo woman? Do you dream of a wonderful future together with her? 

Would you love it if she has similarly strong feelings about you? 

Do you want to know how to make him desperate to get to know you on a deeper level? 

The good news is: there are specific personality traits that Virgo women tend to adore in men. I have listed these in the guide below. 

But, first, I need to make something very clear to you.

There is something that women need when they are being courted by men and this is subtlety.

When a man makes his intentions too obvious, it kills the flame of attraction inside a woman stone dead. 

The thrill of the chase dies - and is replaced with fear of being made to look too easy

That’s why I want to share with you this online guide on Stealth Attraction. This guide was created by a group of the most experienced dating coaches out there today.

I’ve been lucky enough to have seen the whole course - and I can confirm that this is how women want to be approached.

Of course, if you’re looking for Virgo-specific tips, keep reading. You’ll find my list of four attributes that drive women crazy below.


4 Ways To Make A Virgo Woman Obsessed With You

1. Attract Her By Setting Goals And Dreaming In Color

attract her by setting goals and dreaming in color

If you truly want to make Virgo woman obsessed with you, then dream in color. Virgo woman is a go-getter and she wants her potential partner to be one as well. Virgo woman wants to know that you are striving for your goals and pushing your limits. She just cannot help, but be obsessed with someone who is dreaming of big things and working hard towards their goals.

However, if you are faking your dreams, she will be quick to see it and you will not win her over but drive her away instead. So, make sure you have real dreams and goals. Be real with her, as real as it could get, because Virgo woman is going to analyze everything about you.

2. Seduce A Virgo Woman

Seducing a Virgo woman sexually is not an option for you, because it is more difficult to engage her in a sexual attraction than it is to other women in the zodiac. It will cost you a lot of time and never-ending patience before she opens up herself and trusts you with that piece of herself.

Try seducing her with little things like a romantic dinner, or buy her favorite flowers on a random day to show her that you are thinking of her. If you want to speak closely to her heart, try to write her a romantic poem or something elegant to show your feeling for her and that you really care for her.

Also, to seduce a Virgo woman, you must make yourself all the more vulnerable; because she wants to know whether or not she can trust you and that your love is real.

3. Appeal To Her Dry Sense Of Humor

appeal to her dry sense of humor

Virgo woman hates all kinds of excess and deceits. Less is more when you are trying to win her heart and make her like you back. Do not give her lots of exaggerating compliments, which she will likely to find it shallow and insincere.

A few words of honest opinion or appreciation will suffice to let her know that you are attracted to her, and although she may brusquely defy them with a self-deprecating humor, deep down there she will be thrilled that you find her attractive.

She has the ability to respond well to humor, but dirty jokes and belly laughs are not really her cup of tea. Virgo woman has a great sense of humor and can be very sarcastic in a highly comical way. You can make her laugh by appealing to her dry wit and you will massively boost your chances of winning her heart.

4. Use Your Common Sense

Always try to stay cool and collected and never swear no matter how difficult the situation is. Virgo woman tends to feel uncomfortable with sudden outbursts and find the use of dirty language offensive.

Do not unload your emotional baggage onto her, for it might scare her away for all we know. Instead, show her you have a sensible head on your shoulders and can deal with your issues in a calm and logical way.

Virgo woman is impressed by intelligence and common sense rather than good looks, because she takes a somewhat old-fashioned approach when it comes to dating.

The Bottom Line

So, that is how to make a Virgo woman obsessed with you. Are you ready to try it?

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