What is The Best Thing to Do When a Virgo Man is Distant? (He’ll Love You More)

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When you find someone in your class, in your office, or campus, and he caught your attention, then probably what you should do next is not flirt with him. Instead, you gotta ask him when was he born. If only this kind of question is not being seen as awkward, though.

Why should this be the actual question you ask to someone who catch your attention? Because his zodiac might contribute some sorts of character and tendencies into him. For example, a Virgo man.

Now you might only need to flirt and respond to his efforts, but then later on you might need to think of what is the best thing to do when a virgo man is distant? This man might act in a way that you have no idea how to deal with. If you’re a proud girlfriend of a virgo man, you might find these tips handy :

1. Show him you care

A Virgo man might seem distant, especially when he’s upset or disagree with something. He usually think that walking away and leaving so distance in between is the best way to solve a quarrel. They didn’t realize that it’s the worst way ever.

When he’s being like this, try to put aside your personal feeling for a while. No, this doesn’t mean you’re losing to him. You need to show him that even if he’s walking away, you still care about him. Show a little affection, showing how you’re concerned about him. What not to do to a Virgo man ? Ignoring him that he feels so insignificant for you.

2. Give him some time  

What is the best thing to do when a virgo man is distant? Showing you care doesn’t always have to mean that you’re sending him messages 24/7, sticking right beside him when he wants to have some me time. If he’s mad at you for some reason and he clearly has told you he want to have some time for himself, then you should be considerate. What is the best thing to do when a virgo man is distant?

Give him space. needs his space to think and settle down. You don’t need to worry, he will get back to you if he really loves you. That’s one of his way of showing the signs a Virgo man has a crush on you. Of course you shouldn’t give him way too much time either.

This will not be good for too much distance will leave both with a lot of unhealthy assumptions. Give him just enough time before you come to him again.

3. Communicate

Virgo man loves to solve a problems thoroughly. He’ll feel uneasy about an unsolved problem, especially between him and his loved ones. Talk, communicate in an efficient way with him. Ask and listen carefully to what he has to say to you.

Try to understand his heart, then let him know what you’re feeling, in a clear and proper way that he can accept. Don’t skip out on solving problem, for it will ad more distance between you both.Is your Virgo man playing mind games with you?

Talk about it and make it solved. You might even need to know how to react when Virgo man ignores you so that it won’t last that long.

4. Spoil him

This man loves romance. He’s deadly romantic, but he would want a girl who can also be romantic to him. Affection, caring, touch are important and essential for him to sustain in a relationship.

It might be something simple such as giving him back massage when he’s tired, but it will mean a lot to him. Don’t forget to show those little attention to keep the spark going.

5. Don’t put too much pressure

A Virgo man is quite sensitive. They can stress out when they’re being pinned against the wall. You need to communicate when there’s any problem between you two, that’s true. But, you need to make sure you’re not pressing him all the way that he’ll grow even more distant from you. 

What is the best thing to do when a virgo man is distant? You can’t seem to understand  the reasons why Virgo man pulling away from you, but you really want to stop all the drama. The best thing out of the best is to do anything with your heart, let your sincere love touch his heart and he’ll get it.

He’ll get how much you love and appreciate him, and he’ll do the same thing to you. When he’s loved enough, he’ll give back just enough to sweep you off your feet, girls.