What Is The Best Thing To Do When A Virgo Man Is Distant? (6 Tips That Will Grab His Attention!)

Last updated on June 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Is your Virgo boyfriend acting distant?

Do you have no idea why?

Are you wondering if it’s something to do with his sign? 

Well, keep reading because this guide is likely to have all the answers. It features 5 tried-and-tested ideas for what you can do when a Virgo man begins to act distant.

It’s a must-read for anyone dating a Virgo guy.  

But before I reveal them, it’s important for you to read through the following sentences with care and attention.

When your partner begins to act distant, it’s completely normal to fear the worst. 

Has something horrible happened at work? Is he seeing someone else? Did his ex-girlfriend get back in touch? 

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With that said, scroll down for my list of ideas for what to do in this situation.

If you’ve managed to bag a Virgo man then congratulations. Virgo men are handsome, perfectionist types with a sensitive soul and a cracking sense of humor. However, they can be demanding on their partners. 

A Virgo man has high standards and is critical of others. Sometimes this means that he comes across as aloof and cold. He is shy and slow to open up his heart.

So, if you have hurt his feelings it is quite possible that your Virgo guy has shut down and won’t talk to you.

The trouble is, it is hard to know what to do when a Virgo man is distant. It helps to understand him better.


Character Traits Of A Virgo Man

character traits of a virgo man

Positive Traits

Broadminded, practical, honest, intelligent, analyzer, organized, loyal, dedicated.

Negative Traits

Fussy, judgemental, obsessive, critical, timid, overly serious.

1. Well-Presented

You can always tell a Virgo guy by the way he is dressed. He’s the one with the crisp shirt, the polished shoes, and the divine smell. Virgos, take grooming to the next level. They are clean freaks when it comes to presenting themselves and their homes. Nothing will be out of place.

2. Practical

You would expect someone with such a preference for cleanliness to hate getting their hands dirty, but this is not the case. Virgos are practical and love taking things apart and building things. Virgos make great mechanics, carpenters, computer scientists, anything where attention to detail is required. 

3. Down To Earth

Virgos may have a thing for precision and presentation, but that doesn’t mean these guys are snobby types. You won’t meet a more down-to-earth man than Virgo (well perhaps Capricorn or Taurus). Virgos may not have the raw sensuality of Taurus or the grounded aura of Capricorn, but there’s an innocent peace about them that is appealing. 

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4. Reliable And Loyal

You can always rely on a Virgo man. These guys are the epitome of stability and security. In marriage, they take their vows seriously. Virgos don’t cheat on their partners and for them, ‘in sickness and in health’ means that. They are loyal to those they love and cherish.

5. Organized

Everything in its place and a place for everything’ should have been invented for Virgo. It sums up this Zodiac sign beautifully. Not only do Virgo men keep a tight rein on their finances, but they are also organized at work and in the home. Be warned, lateness is an anathema to them, they don’t understand the way some people are always late, they won’t tolerate it. 

6. Sociable

Virgos love a party. They love hanging out with people. It doesn’t matter whether it is with family members, work colleagues, or friends. The more, the merrier. They may not be an attention-hogger like Gemini, but they’ll be in the thick of things, make no mistake. You’ll see Virgo mixing up tunes or drinks and getting the party started. 

7. Cool And Aloof 

cool and aloof

On the other hand, Virgo men do not wear their emotional hearts on their sleeves. You won’t see this guy breaking down in public over a messy break-up. Virgos frown on PDAs and appear cold and emotionless in public. They don’t like seeing someone else being emotional either. Their private lives are just that - private. 

8. Obsessive And Controlling

Because Virgos are particular, they hold themselves to high standards. Unfortunately, they expect everyone else to have the same high standards as they do. As a result, the smallest details can become an obsession and be blown out of proportion. It is not unusual for Virgos to become controlling over the tiniest matters. 

9. Critical

It is this obsessive and controlling nature that turns Virgo into a critical person. As they are highly demanding of themselves, they want everything to be just right. A Virgo man won’t be able to relax until everything is exactly how he wants it. He’ll think he’s doing you a favor by critiquing you. 

Now you know more about what makes Virgo man tick, what should you do if he’s acting distant? 

What Is The Best Thing To Do When A Virgo Man Is Distant?

1. Get A Make-Over

Virgos take care of their appearance so it makes sense that you should too. You will not register on their radar in slouchy lounge joggers with messed-up bed hair. But Virgo guys are possibly the only men in the Zodiac that notice when their partners get a new haircut. 

Why not try something new and adventurous? Get a different style rather than going for the same old trim at the stylists. Ask for a personal shopper when you pick out your new outfit and sit at the makeup counter this time. Get those beauty tips from the experts. Then go home and dazzle.

2. Keep Calm And Don’t Make A Scene

Virgos of both sexes hate emotional dramas. Yes, it can be tempting to send that drunk text at 4 in the morning begging him to call you. It might make you feel better, but he will mentally cross you off his potential partner list for good.

While Virgos do appreciate honesty, they prefer it delivered in a calm and measured way. Remember, this guy is practical, not prone to excessive bursts of emotion. So bide your time and be patient. 

3. Be Respectful And Polite

Virgo is an earth sign and as such, is rooted in tradition. Good manners hold great sway with this star sign. Virgos are judgemental and critical remember? Saying thank-you to the waiter and punctuality are all small details he’ll pay attention to. 

All these little things are signs that let him know you respect people and have good manners. He likes that. It will spark his interest. He’ll begin remembering why he was attracted to you in the first place. 

4. Give Him Space To Take The Lead

give him space to take the lead

There are Zodiac signs that want to take a traditional role within relationships. Earth signs certainly do. Earth signs such as Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus feel comfortable in conventional partnerships. What this means is that even if a Virgo man is distant, he will still want to make the first move. 

I know it is hard waiting for a guy to contact you, after all, this is the 21-century, but your patience will pay off in the end. Allow him the space he needs to miss you. Let him feel like the man of the relationship and let him come to you. 

5. Show Him You Are A Trustworthy Partner

Virgo men are not cheaters, they don’t tend to have affairs, they pride themselves on being honest and to the point. They expect their partner to show the same qualities. This doesn’t just mean being honest when you speak directly to him.

You have to take into account the fact that Virgo man is an observant person. He will be watching you on social media, making mental notes of comments from your friends, and checking in with your family. 

Act as if he is with you at all times and don’t do anything you wouldn’t do if he wasn’t there. And forget playing mind games with him. He doesn’t understand them, he certainly isn’t interested in joining in. 

6. Make The Home A Sanctuary

Virgos love their home comforts. For a Virgo man, there is nothing better than coming home to a beautiful home, with no clutter, one that is sparkling clean where he can relax. 

Throw in a delicious home-cooked meal he is smitten and yours forever. It may sound like something from a Stepford Wives film, but this is what turns him on. So get out your duster and furniture spray and start thinking about the way you can turn your home into a place of peace and calm. 


How do you know when a Virgo man has lost interest?

Virgo man will stop taking an interest in your appearance or how your home is presented. He won’t care anymore because he’s losing interest in you. Remember, appearance matters to him. He may go the other way and become critical over the smallest detail. His aloof nature will turn to nastiness and cruelty. 

How do you make a Virgo man miss you?

Give him space to miss you. Virgos are traditionalists, but they do like to analyze a situation before they make a decision. Make sure you look your best, be trustworthy when not together, and honest about your feelings without being too emotional. 

Why do Virgos push you away?

Virgos are shy by nature and seem aloof to those who are not used to them. Highly protective, they’ll push you away if they think they might get hurt. For a Virgo, it is better not to have loved than to have loved and been hurt. 

Do Virgos move on quickly?

Earth signs such as Virgo don’t move on quickly because they take so long in opening up to the right person in the first place. When a relationship does end, it takes them a long time to grieve and get over a broken heart. 

How do Virgos act when hurt?

Virgos will turn cold and nasty when they are hurt. They’ll lash out delivering a cruel criticism, or they will give you the silent treatment. Virgos are not as stubborn as other Earth signs such as Taurus, but once they have made up their mind, it is game over.

To Conclude

Virgo man can be the best thing that’s ever happened to you. This clean-cut guy with traditional values just wants an old-fashioned relationship. On the other hand, when he is distant it can feel as if dating a Virgo is like being in a relationship with a block of ice. It’s at times like these you need to know what to do. 

I hope this article has helped you if your Virgo man is distant from you. Please feel free to share this article if you enjoyed it. 

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