How Do You Know When A Virgo Man Has Lost Interest? (13 Ways To Find Out)

Last updated on June 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

When it comes to relationships with Virgo guys, how it starts is just as important as its maintenance, and that’s because these men are straightforward humans. 

If you have been dating a Virgo man for a while now, you will know that he is calm, blunt, and almost a perfectionist in everything he does. He does not give up easily, yet, he always has difficulty coping with deal breakers in relationships.

In other words, while a Virgo man commits to whosoever he chooses as a partner, if he feels you are disconnected, dishonest, or too intense for his liking, he might want to withdraw from the relationship. However, the process of withdrawing may not always be straightforward.

The period where a Virgo man is analyzing his next step is when you may start to notice signs of his lost interest. The signs can be confusing because people under this star sign are not talkers, making it hard to understand what goes in their minds. 

So, how do you know when a Virgo man has lost interest? Keep reading as I reveal the signs in this article.


13 Ways To Know When A Virgo Man Has Lost Interest

1. He brings up old issues

Does it seem like your boyfriend has just recently come across a pandora box of nothing good from the past? When a Virgo man starts revisiting old issues, he is analyzing your relationship to reconfirm if it is worth his time and energy.

Remember, these men are thinkers, so it is expected that he re-examines his relationship before deciding on a break-up. When he revisits issues from the past, he wants to validate his desire to end the relationship.

2. He criticizes you

he criticizes you

It is not unusual for a Virgo man to be critical; after all, they are perfectionists who prefer to see everything go according to plan. However, unlike the early days in your relationship where his criticisms were constructive to make you a better person, they belittle you this time. It may even feel like he is pulling at the strings of your insecurities because he says hurtful words.

One thing is sure, he no longer wants to be in the relationship, and he wants to fault you by making you see all the ways that you are imperfect for him. On the other hand, he probably wants you to feel bad enough to a point where you decide to end the relationship yourself and relieve him of the confrontation.

3. He is reluctant to reconcile

In the past, when you had issues, there was the willingness to talk and thrash things out by both parties, but now, it feels different. He snaps at you more frequently and never tries to resolve conflicts.

It is no secret that this star sign knows how to hold onto a grudge. When he is out of love with you, these grudges tend to go on forever without any hopes of reconciliation. At this point, your man is nursing this grudge to validate his reasons for wanting the relationship to end. 

So, if you feel like you have been the only one always trying to make amends lately, then this is one of the signs a Virgo man has lost interest.

4. He withdraws from sex

While Virgos are not fiery lovers in the bedroom like their Leo counterparts, they tend to be good listeners who care about their partner’s feelings and pleasure. So although sex is not a big deal to them, they understand its importance to your relationship. 

That’s why he needs to have an emotional connection with his partner when having sex because it makes the act more enjoyable for both of them.

Therefore, when a Virgo man holds back on sex, it signals a lack of emotional connection. These signs can vary from his hesitation in having sex to him not initiating it. 

5. He flakes on date plans

Male Virgos are cool-headed, and they do not like to cause a scene. They may decide to cancel a date or not show up because he wants to communicate with you his lack of interest without a confrontation.

Some guys prefer if a girl is the one who ends things with them; perhaps, it makes them feel less guilty. As such, he will be on the hunt for reasons to make you hate him. He wants you to be upset and decide to end things. They sometimes use this tactic to push a girl they do not like away, and we can all agree that not showing up for a date is one sure way to trigger a person.

6. He does not try to help you

he does not try to help you

In many ways, the male Virgo is a problem solver. He likes to rally around how to get things working correctly in a pleasing way to him. At the start of your relationship, you may have noticed these signs, and that may be what attracted you to him, but now he seems different. 

When a Virgo guy loses interest, he quits trying to help you. All those little things like running you a bath, going shopping, or proofreading your work presentation are now acts of the past.

7. He is cold and insensitive

The ruling planet for Virgo is Mercury, and this planet, in the astrological sense, is all about communication. This can be a contributing factor to why Virgo men are critical and tend to be honest about what’s on their minds. 

When they are in love, this attribute is endearing because all that comes to his mind are feelings of affection and love. However, when he has lost interest in you, his words turn cold and insensitive.

In other words, when there is no love, the Virgo guy is free to say whatever he wants, irrespective of how it makes you feel. 

8. He stops talking about the future with you

Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo are regarded as earth signs because they share similarities in how connected they are to their senses and their practicability when it comes to life decisions. As such, Virgos are not the type to rush into relationships without considering the possibility of having a future with that person. 

When you are dating a guy of this star sign, he will bring up discussions about the future, and he may want to know your opinions on these things. However, when he is no longer interested, these topics cease. That’s because the relationship is over in his mind, and he no longer sees you in his future.

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9. He shuts you out emotionally

A cold shoulder and shutting you out emotionally has to be one of the most apparent signs a Virgo man has lost interest in a relationship. Let’s face it, Virgos are not easy to penetrate through emotionally because they guard their hearts at all times. 

They build walls around themselves that can easily discourage anyone from approaching. However, because he was in love with you, he let down these walls and let you into his world.

Well, now that his interest is somewhere else, you can rest assured that his walls will come back up. By retreating into his shell, he gives off the signal that he no longer feels a connection with you.

10. He becomes passive-aggressive

We all know Virgos do not have a problem communicating how they feel, and even when they do not have the right words to express how they feel, they resolve to use actions. 

When he has lost interest in you, he might start to get passive-aggressive. In situations like this, he might not know why he is acting that way. He just knows that he is unhappy, and since he can’t point out the root of his unhappiness, he sulks. 

So, when you ask questions or try to start a conversation, he gives you the silent treatment or brief responses like ‘whatever.’ This behavior can be challenging and frustrating to handle. 

11. He gets controlling

Virgo is a zodiac sign that always wants to be in control. So, when a Virgo guy is in a bad place, his first instinct is to devise ways to control the situation. This sign stands out significantly if he feels trapped in the relationship. He knows he has lost interest but does not see the way out.

You will notice that your man may start to monitor your movement, calls, and everything you do, but this is not out of love. He just wants to be in control of what’s happening to him. At this point, your relationship may start to feel toxic.

12. He doesn't care about your opinions

he doesn't care about your opinions

When you love someone, you naturally care about their opinion, especially when it concerns them and their future. Besides, Virgo men are infamous when it comes to pleasing their partners. So, if your man is not asking you for your opinions on things, it means he has lost interest.

In the same vein, he might also stop giving his opinion on the things that concern you. What is happening here is that he sees both of you as individuals instead of being a couple. So, it doesn’t matter to him what life choices you may choose to make, and neither does he want you to dictate what he should be doing with his life.

13. He tells you directly

One piece of advice I always tell my friends who are dating Virgos is that you have to believe almost everything they tell you, especially if it concerns the heart’s matters. You see, Virgos do not like to play games or mess around with emotions. They love stability and will do anything to ensure that they are always in control, and one way to do so is by telling people exactly how they feel.

As Virgo's girlfriend, he will want to be open and honest with you by telling you in plain words that he is no longer interested. If your man chooses this path, it can be a good thing because it gives you room to work on yourself and your relationship.


How do you make a Virgo man regret losing you?

If you want a Virgo man to miss you, you will need to start from his heart and emotions. The Virgo man is not superficial, so he may not care much about how hot or sexy you look. Instead, you should focus on ways to remind him of the beautiful moments you shared. 

Make sure that whenever you speak, you can stimulate him mentally and form a connection. The idea is to make him realize how much positivity you bring into his life.

How do you know when a Virgo man is done with you?

A Virgo man does not trust easily, and neither does he allow people into his world. However, when he is in a relationship, he slowly starts to open up because of the emotional connection. So when a Virgo man is done with you, he will want to crawl back into his shell and withdraw from you. Other clues include him being passive-aggressive, insensitive, and holding grudges for too long.

Why is my Virgo man pulling away?

A Virgo man will pull away from a relationship if he senses a lack of connection. For this zodiac sign, a connection is essential, so they care so much about emotional intimacy. Another reason why he might pull away is distrust. When a Virgo man gets a hint of distrust, he immediately starts to build a wall around himself and slowly loses interest in the relationship.

Will a Virgo man miss you?

There’s no sure way to know if a Virgo man will miss you. However, the possibilities depend significantly on your positive contributions to his life. If you were able to calm him on stormy days, were supportive, and made him believe in himself, then he is more likely to miss you. 

Furthermore, if you could earn his trust and the relationship did not end due to mistrust, he will miss having you around. You see, he doesn’t trust easily, and you were that one person he trusted.

What does a Virgo man find attractive?

Virgo males like to be problem solvers, and as such, they are attracted to women who make them feel needful. Also, a smart, intelligent woman is eye candy to Virgo men. They want a girlfriend who can engage them in interesting conversations about different topics, from poetry and art to politics and football.

In A Nutshell

The Virgo man is calculative and intentional in his ways. He likes to ensure he is making the right decision, which is why he takes time to analyze the situation before breaking up with you. So, while it may be challenging to know if a Virgo man has lost interest, your ability to read the signs early can help you fix things before it is too late. 

I hope you enjoyed reading through this list. If yes, please share, and don’t forget to leave a comment behind. I am always happy to hear from you.

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