How Do You Know When A Virgo Man Has Lost Interest

by Michelle Devani

Some people say that starting a new relationship is easier than keeping onto a relationship. Especially, when you have a boyfriend who is tend to speak less like a Virgo man who love to do things practically.

A Virgo man sometimes can be a cool and aloof person who speak less in a normal occasion. Even some people cannot guess what's on his mind because he rarely speaks his heart. So, it's very difficult to guess when a Virgo man fell in love with someone, hardly to guess when he has lost interest in his partner.

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How Do We Know When A Virgo Man Has Lost Interest In His Partner?

1. Over-analyze his relationship

 The first sign you might find when a Virgo man has lost interest in you is when he become too analytic about his relationship with you. A Virgo man will start to criticize you about how is your communication's approach with him and he will start to investigate all of the activity patterns in his relationship with you.

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2. He will become a critical person, especially about your weaknesses and flaws

 As he began to overly analyze about your relationship with him, he also began to criticize about your fault in front of him. When he find you do wrong about something, he will begin to criticize you about your fault and the worst case, he might compare you with another lady who can do better at those things than you.

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3. Ignoring you 

ignoring you

 One thing you must start to keep your guard is when he begin to ignore you. When he start to speak less with you or rarely smile for you, even stop returning your calls, you have to stay on alert. Because it might be one of his ways to start ignoring you. Even if a Virgo man is a blunt person who tend to speak less, you must stay on guard when he start doing those things because it might be a sign he began to lost interest in you.

4. He will directly show the signs 

When a Virgo man truly in love with someone, he will do everything to make that person happy. How busy he is, he will still spare his time for his loved one. But, when a Virgo man really lost interest in you, he will directly show it in front of you. He may directly tell you that he has lost interest in you, as a Virgo man loves to do everything practical.

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Well, that's how do you know when a Virgo man has lost interest!

The Reasons Why A Virgo Man Might Has Lost Interest in You

Sometimes, being in a relationship make your day become wonderful and amazing because you felt being loved by your girlfriend or boyfriend. But in another times, you might be feel that it was a horrible day when your relationship goes wrong. And the worst case is you don't even know why it happened?

Signs your Virgo man has lost interest in you:

1. There is a lot contradiction between you and him 

Do you believe if couples can build up their relationship because they share a lot of interests together? Yeah, some people might say yes but some people might say no. Like you and your Virgo man, even if you two shares a lot of interests, sometimes you might find some contradiction. Such as your favorite colour is different from his, or your hobby. Those are common things. But for a Virgo man, contradiction might means that his relationship with you is not working out. This may become one of the reasons why he has lost interest in you.

2. Overly Insecure and Jealous 

Sometimes, a Virgo man doesn't know how to express his feeling for his beloved ones. When you dress so beautifully, maybe he didn't show any expression out of ordinary but in his heart, he felt very proud of you because you are his girlfriend. And so like this, when he felt jealous for man around you. He might tell you directly and want you to keep a distance from them. But, sometimes, he just silently endure it and slowly began to distance his self from you. Then little by little he begin to lost his interest in you because the distance is growing bigger and bigger between you and him.

How To Make A Virgo Man Chase Us Back Again

These are some things you can do to make his heart back to your hug again:

1. Be Yourself 

Surely we hope our girlfriend or boyfriend can be true to us, so do a Virgo man. He doesn't like to be fooled or engaged in a game of mind. When a Virgo man is really interested in someone, he will collect all information about that person and then see your personality. So, be yourself to show him that you are his best choice.

2. Be an Active Person 

Don't wait for him to express his feeling for you, because maybe he keep his feeling in his heart. You must be an active ones to show your love. Make him realize that you need him in your life. You must make him feel confident to stand by your side not just waiting for his confession.

3. Show your feelings for him but don't force him 

show your feelings for him but don't force him

A Virgo man sometimes can be a blunt person but sometimes he is a cold and difficult person. So, if you want him to chase you back again, make it obvious that you still love him. Give him reasons to be with you. He responds any good ideas because he is a practical person.

Hopefully, those all can help you to recover your relationship with a Virgo man, all about the how do you know when a Virgo man has lost interest. Wish you luck and have a nice day!

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