7 Things to Do After Breaking up With Your Boyfriend

Last updated on April 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Breaking up, bidding farewell to the guy with whom you once were close and truly in love with.

The agony is there for you and it's real. Often it seems as if you're absolutely powerless and you're never going to get through the pain.

The main things to keep in mind are that people are there for you and at the end there's still a hope and ways to help you get there.

You need to acknowledge that it feels difficult to resolve a break-up, but it's just about time

Here are few things to do after breaking up with your boyfriend.

1. Understand that you are going to feel loss.

The very first thing to do is to consider the complexity of break-ups. Be gentle with yourself; what you are experiencing is completely normal.

It's important to note that your body is going to be in a state of shock at first. There's no longer the guy you used to chatting with, hugging, picking fights.

At this phase you might even had the thought of how do I stop thinking about my ex.

The absence will feel vulnerable and scary, because from a medical point of view, you are no longer receiving your supplements from your partner for dopamine and oxytocin.

Your body craves the chemical cure, but it doesn't get it because it's in a constant shocked state.

2. Cut all the contact.

Actually, this is the first principle you ought to obey after breaking up, no matter how much it drives you crazy inside for keep shouting, "I am feeling so depressed because I miss my ex-boyfriend" all the time.

However, bide your time and don't write, phone, chat or reach in person. Perhaps you can take them off your Twitter or some other social media while doing so.

It doesn't have to be lasting, but when you're open to some negative or, on the other hand, sweet expressions, it's best not to hear a voice in your head.

The probability of re-entering a relationship after it didn't succeed is high.

Often, you could end up in a war of words that trigger more harm and fear.

For real, breaking communication before it's done sets you on a smoother path to recovery.

3. Vent out your emotions.

Cry, weep your heart out, shout and scream. As long as it doesn't harm you or someone else, look for ways to comfort yourself and let go of the discomfort you can feel.

If people politely and humorously advise you that all break-ups are tough, it's because they are.

Don't take this aspect of the healing phase away from you, or inside you it will intensify and eventually rot away.

Obviously, you would have certain bad feelings no matter how easy or complicated the separation was.

Instead of wondering how long does it take to get over a 7 month long relationship, uphold your emotions and realize that the more you let them out, they will become less painful. This helps drive them away!

4. Find yourself.

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Odds are, you have lost a part of yourself in the relationship. Now is your time to find yourself again, and it can be enjoyable.

It is one of the best aspects about the break up, so keep that on board. You may be letting go of a passion that you used to enjoy to do.

At dinner, you can eat salad and oatmeal bits, if you want it. There are a lot of personal aspects that made you different, all you have to do is find them again and get back the sensation.

However, you may have evolved in the relationship that means you'll be able to learn new things about you.

The path to find yourself is daunting, and most of us don't really have time to sit down and think about what we really want.

It can be a long trip but since it is worth it, you should take your time to do so.

5. Discover new things and have fun.

Once you're able to have some real fun again, get your friends together and head out.

Go party, go traveling, ride a roller coaster. Do something underneath which will make you smile, laugh and feel good.

Be unpredictable, and be crazy. Enjoy life now.

6. Understand the art of being single.

Don't jump too fast into another relationship assuming you're fine, or maybe you are playing a scenario in your head about "I broke up with my boyfriend, but I still want him".

It is probably one of the best things to do after breaking up with your boyfriend.

You may think it's the most effective real fix out there but, at the very same time, you never get over your ex completely.

In the long term, you haven't really gotten over your ex and you'll have two ex's to get over before the next relationship ends. Only prolong the unavoidable pain.

7. Have a mindful life.

So, at this phase you've probably had the answer for a question: how did you get over your worst breakup?.

You even had understood the importance of remaining single for a time being. Then, what's next?

It's important to cultivate a mindful life slowly and steadily so your mind can remain calm and collected no matter what life has to offer you.

Being conscious means listening more to yourself and knowing yourself. Most significantly, consider what you should feel good for.

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