Why Would Your Ex Unfollow You On Instagram? Find It Out Here!

Last updated on June 1, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Has your ex unfollowed you on Instagram? 

Are you wondering why they would do such a petty and hurtful thing?

Are you feeling hurt? Are you looking for answers? 

If so, you're in the right place. 

In a way, this might be more painful than the actual break-up, since it may be read as a signal that he/she never wants to see or hear from you ever again in any context.

But that's not the only reason this happens. Some aren't as petty and hurtful as you may think. 

Read on for a full list of reasons why your ex would unfollow you on Instagram.

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Some people might tell you that Instagram isn't a big deal, but it's what this move to unfollow you represents about her feelings towards seeing you in the future. So, it makes sense you want to get to the bottom of it.

Scroll down for the full list of possible explanations.


Reasons Why Your Ex Unfollowed You On Instagram

1. You Look Even More Annoying For Him

Hmm ... why is that? Why would your ex unfollow you on Instagram? one of the reasons you can look so annoying. Not fun anymore and disgusting for him. But why? πŸ™ the reason is girls, maybe because you have looked good or not worried anymore, depending on how you broke up when it used to be, but the reason you are annoying to him could be because you become more beautiful now .. πŸ™‚

2. He Wants To Forget You

he wants to forget you

Somehow he seems to really hate you. No, girl. The reason may be because he can be very loving you but you should split up πŸ™ back again because it depends on how you separated.

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3. Already Has A New Lover

Whether you or he who has been the first move on. all it could be him to unfollow you. If he already has a new lover, do not rule out if he will unfollow you with the reason "I already have a lover now .. goodbye, rose" .. hihihi. or it could be because you already have a new girl lover .. he does not want to get sadder because of seeing your photos with a new lover who always posts in your Instagram sadness can be crying, away or disappear. 

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Well maybe by the way he unfollows you on Instagram because he wants to stay away and completely disappear from your life. Why would your ex unfollow you on Instagram? You know what.

4. He Wants Less Number Of Following

It's not weird anymore, girl, if your ex unfollows you on Instagram for this reason. hmm ... why? maybe he again wants less or less to follow him to be considered more followers than following. Actually this cunning thinking, yes, but girl, you own who know your ex like what. So do not be disappointed if you are unfollowing just for this cheap reason yes πŸ™

5. Does Not Want To Know More About You

I guess you guys do not break up well? usually, this reason is there that once when you broke up did not agree with one party. then how does the girl face this? easy girls.... be patient enough and say "never mind". 

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6. Assumes That It's Better To Be Friends In The Real World

Not a few who suddenly make friends on social media when starting dating. hmm ... are you so girl? but if it is like this at first, then the ending that will happen is when you break up, there will be a "unfollow friend", what ??? no matter the girl, all there really is, if you guys better get to know each other first directly better. Then just know to date and breaking up in social media. 

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More Tips To Keep The Friendship Going With Ex-Boyfriend

more tips to keep the friendship going with ex boyfriend

1. Keep Communication

Keeping communication is very important when your relationship and ex-boyfriend keep through like friends.

2. Be Nice And Natural

You are basically no longer lovers. But good relations do not break. 

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3. Do Not Bring Up The Past

By not leveraging the past you will be able to easily accept the fact that you are no longer together.

4. Accept The Existence Of An Ex-Boyfriend Who Has A New Lover

Breaking up is a condition that has been thought together thoroughly. So it's not good if you do not like his new lover with the reason you still love.

5. Don't Suddenly Act Arrogant

There is not a few who think that if it is broken then they have to quickly move away and choose to suddenly act arrogant. Don't do that, girl.

6. Do Not Look Away From Him

With the presence of you who have broken up usually unconsciously, you or he will back off regularly. But it should not be done.

Signs That He Does Not Like Your Existence

1. He Is Always Silent When Meeting You

he is always silent when meeting you

Not as it used to be, after breaking up he seemed to be often silent and ignore you. In fact this fact came because maybe he did not want to break up with you and have been crying all day for you. With a feeling of heaviness and disappointment he finally had to release your presence by his side. So silence is the way he is to deal with you.

2. Talk To You But Do Not Care About Your Feelings

This is what makes us feel good about sadness. Someone who has always understood us turned out to have turned 180 degrees just overnight or a few days after breaking up. But with him like this, in fact he did not want to release you from his side but he did the wrong way and even make us sad.

3. Not Contact You Again Not Even Greet You On The Street

In this way it is clear that he does not like you anymore. so do not be sad, look for someone else better. Because the attitude of your ex-girlfriend like that could be actually he did not love you at that time. Do not be sad yes because all must have good intentions for you and never give up to keep up the spirit and live this life with a smile.

4. Smile In Front Of You But Not Like Before

Ex-boyfriend like this you have to pay attention, because the actual sadness that has been buried by his sweet smile to you. You try to ask him about how his condition after you break up. Hope he does not cry.

The Bottom Line

Those are all of the tips and hints for you girls, so.. keep doing good to your ex-boyfriend and cheers your new boyfriend. You shouldn't care about why would your ex unfollow you on Instagram. Fighting girls, you can do it.

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