27 Best Ways to Breakup with Your Girlfriend for No Reason

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Have you ever felt the breakup? Or are you planning to decide on your beloved? What are some reasons for making you decide a love? There is the best way to break up with your beloved for no reason. However, you need to understand first what is the reason for you wanting to do a farewell to your beloved.

1. Focus on studying

You can use this excuse to decide your beloved. Education is paramount for the future. If you plan to study abroad this reason will be enough to separate you from her.

2. Pursuing a career

Read this is you want to know the best ways to breakup with your girlfriend for no reason. Some men may prefer to arrange a career first rather than to get married. The focus is the key to your success in pursuing a career. Just tell her, "I have to focus on the future of my career".

3. Arranged with others

Well, maybe this also includes a strong reason to leave your beloved. To sacrifice love for the matchmaking planned by parents. If you are a dutiful child to parents you would not be able to oppose, would you?

4. Feel bored

Bored, have you got tired of her? Want to decide yourself? Try to respond to it well even if you want to end this relationship.

5. Not suitable

The most striking differences will make you and him uncomfortable to continue the relationship. Especially with communication that will rarely increase the distance between you and him.

6. Relationship between families

There aren't a few couples through the courtship for years. Dating with a long span of time will definitely involve both sides of the family. If one family does not like your partner, surely they force you to break this relationship. So hurt, isn't?

7. Say it Honestly

Honest sometimes painful, but if you have high guts then declare. Express your heart and tell honestly what makes you and she should break up. If this is the best, then do it. Here is the Ways to Break Up with Your Girlfriend Without Hurting Her Feelings

The best ways to breakup with your girlfriend for no reason is by telling her the truth.


Signs You are No Longer in Love with Her

There are not only with the reasons, some of these signs are also often you have to do to end your relationship with her. Let's check it out.

1. Did not answer the call

Every time you call, your calls are always not answered. And when the beginning of dating he always answered even waiting for your phone. Well, be careful girls if you find this habit often against in your guy.

2. There is a space

Communication both of you still working, but when you are together it feels like not together. He is more distant and it is like there is a space both of you. He may be next to you but his mind is not.

3. Ignore you

Have you ever asked for help against him but you are ignored? This is a sign that he does not care about you anymore. Moreover he is busy with playing his phone instead of listening to you.

4. Arguing over

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On Saturday, your boyfriend promised to pick you up at 8 o'clock. But in fact, he is late and you are fighting great. This trivial quarrel is unimportant. Maybe it's time for you to think about this relationship again. 

5. Do not care

When sick, usually visit or when you have a problem he will try to help you. However, in fact he is no longer cares about you. Then what do you expect again with him?

6. Easy to get angry

Every time you make a little mistake, your boyfriend is angry. Repeatedly like that and such. Just leave him alone. Honestly, he does not know what he should do to break up this relationship with you.

7. Not serious

The dream of every couple is about the future, getting married. But if your partner is not serious about responding to this, it's a sign he has no plan to live with you in the future. Do not push him, think carefully.

8. Many reasons

"Tomorrow, we go to a music festival, okay darling." Then he replied, "I can not. I am busy, I have a lot of work to do. So, busy, busy and busy is a sign he wants to get away from you with a variety of reasons that he makes.

9. Spend time with himself

Honey, accompany me to go to the cinema, huh? There's a good movie. Then he refused and told you to go alone. He prefers to spend time alone than with you. It's obvious he does not want to be with you anymore.

10. Social media status

In an early relationship, he changed the status of a single to be in a relationship with you. However, after a long time and unknowingly he has changed it back to the single status. So, what is this? The Ways to Leave An Emotionally Abusive Relationship

Love Tips Before Breaking Up

Thus, you may find the best ways to breakup with your girlfriend for no reason, but think about your decision clearly!

1. Think carefully

Prepare your mental and physical before do this break up with your girlfriend. Be calm, and think carefully whether this action is best for both of you or not.

2. Find the right time and place

For make she is not too hurt, you have to think also to find the right time and place. You can not  break up with her in a crowded place, right? To break up a relationship in such a place will make your girlfriend depressed.

3. Meet him directly

If you have been looking for the right time and place, try to meet her directly. Doing face-to-face like this shows that you are the man who is responsible and able to risk that will happen later.

4. Talk honestly

After meeting her, tell her honestly. Make her understand the meaning of your heart. And make it clear what you want to say if you have to cry then cry. At this moment you must say it sincerely.

5. A polite expression

Your relationship begins with kindness, so end with kindness as well. Though you want to end this relationship. You still have to express it with good and polite words. With polite and gentle words, she will surely understand perfectly about the breakup of your relationship. 

6. Take control of your emotions

In order for you to break up the relationship well, it would be nice you have to control your emotions well. Shouting or saying in a loud tone will not get you done.

7. Listen to her

After you say everything, you must also listen to her heart. If she is angry, upset, disappointed or offends you with harsh words you should just leave it alone.

8. Say sorry and thank you

Finally, say these two magic words, "Sorry" and "Thank You". Sorry for maybe you made mistakes in your relationship with her. Say "thank you" too even though your relationship ends you can still be a good friend.

That's some best ways to break up with your girlfriend for no reason, so do the steps above so that she is not too depressed with the bitter reality they will face.

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