Heartbreaking Signs Of Unhealthy Long Distance Relationship

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People said that lovers hasn't meet the real trial for their love if they haven't been in a long distanced relationship. To deal with the situation is not easy because anything can happen while you are away. Some said that a long distance relationship has no future, but for some others they take it as the opportunity to grow and make their love stronger.

There are many Ways to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship with Your Boyfriend, but as the time goes by you're unable to deny that he has changed. Probably it's the start of many Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship with Boyfriend. Check out all the heartbroken signs below that prove your relationship is on the edge.


1. You Don't Have Plans For The Future

you don't have plans for the future

As you are now risking yourself in a long distance relationship, you should have a clear vision of where you want to take this in the future. Though you are now geographically separated, you must be wanting to be united someday. But if you stopped thinking about this, maybe you should stop seeing them too.

2. No Intense Communication

An intense communication is required as the Ways to Show Love in a Long Distance Relationship. Intense doesn't mean you have to check every hour, but a scheduled communication like Skype-ing at night. Until you arrive at the day where calling them is no longer your priority.

3. You Get Suspicious Easily

Once you become suspicious to them that's when love is no longer exist. You always feel insecure of what he may does behind you just because he hasn't read the message you sent 3 hours ago. You end up trying to find the Signs He's Cheating in a Long Distance Relationship while in fact he's not.

4. You Have No Effort To Meet Them

At the beginning of the long distanced, you diligently save your money to buy ticket to meet him. As the time pass by, you feel like you don't have to do it anymore and you spend money easier now without thinking whether you can meet them or not. It's a sad Signs That He is Falling Out of Love with You.

5. No More Intimacy

no more intimacy

When you finally get to meet each other, all the feeling must be accumulated and you will be feeling excited in the moment. But in fact their hugs feel no longer warm and their kisses are no longer passionate. There's something big seems to be missing and you can't find each other.

More Unhealthy Signs In A Long Distance Relationship

Here are more signs to know about unhealthy long distance relationship.

  1. You get jealous whenever they are having a good time, thinking "How could you have fun without me?" In fact they're just socializing with their friends.
  2. You avoid to talk about your relationship and talking about other things instead when everyone is asking you.
  3. You afraid of the fact that you're not only physically separated but also psychologically driven apart too.
  4. You have someone to lean on but you feel like you're alone.They are no longer show their support to you. 
  5. Both of you can no longer share about your concern. Because you don't get to see each other often your mind feels distanced somehow.
  6. You start to realize that your expectations to them is not real and feeling insecure about the future.
  7. No more romantic surprises on birthdays or anniversary. They used to call you in the middle of the night but now he text in the morning after.
  8. One of you fall in love with other person. Yes, it could happen to you too when you feel lonely and empty.
  9. You can stop all the negative thoughts in your head. You always think that he did something wrong and you don't know about it at all.
  10. One of you start to tell lies and try to cover something up so that they don't know anything.
  11. Your phone talk get shorter and shorter and eventually there are no more calls. As well as texts, you no longer exchange texts with them.
  12. Since they have new friends, their behavior changes. Now they have new hobbies and interest that doesn't suit him at all.

How To Make It Work

how to make it work

Long distance relationship is indeed different that regular relationship. As you don't get to see each other everyday so you have to make extra effort to work on it.

  1. Don't be possessive. You can't always know his activity 24/7. Give him some faith and call them when they're not busy. They don't like when you cage him from far away.
  2. A Good Opportunity. Being long distanced is actually a test for both of your love. See this as an opportunity to grow and make your bond and love even stronger.
  3. Set the Basic Rules. You may find insecure and so do they. Create a rule while you are away from each other like how many times you should call each other and at what time you cannot be reach. These things should be made clear beforehand.
  4. Be Creative. Don't be a monotone person who says "Good Night" and "Good Morning" in the same way everyday. Be more creative by sending your just wake up photo or a romantic voicemail.
  5. Avoid Source of Problem. You know that hang out together with your opposite sex friend many cause problem in you relationship. For any reason, just don't do it.

Those are all about the signs of an unhealthy long distance relationship. The most important thing in a long distance relationship is to have faith in each other. Try not to be suspicious over little things and causing fight out of it. It will only make the situation worse and hard to be handled.

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