Ways To Maintain A Long Distance Relationship With Your Boyfriend

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There are many couples who go through a long distance relationship with their partners. It can be unpredictable at times. For some people, it may end up in a break up. But if you're thinking of a serious long term relationship with your boyfriend then it's time to get serious.

Below are some of the ways that you can maintain a healthy relationship with your boyfriend even though the two of you are far apart:


1. Prepare Yourself

Ways to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship with Your Boyfriend - Even right before you jump into a long distance relationship, think through it carefully. You need to prepare yourself for the responsibilities that come with it. Later on, you might realize that you’ve made the right and possibly the wrong choice. You still have to face whatever the outcome you’re going to get. Don’t turn a blind eye to your boyfriend. You have to understand his traits, all his strengths and his flaws.

2. Be Committed

be committed

You need to be committed in the relationship. Make a promise to yourself and to your boyfriend that you will always be loyal. During difficult times, don’t try to find some other guy to comfort you. In case you’re committed in marrying him, you must be willing to fight through any problems that will come into your way. These are some of the ways to stay connected in a long distance relationship to help you.

3. Accept His Flaws

Everybody has their own flaws, even you. Remember that you can’t be selfish in a long distance relationship. It will only make things harder. You need to work through your boyfriend’s flaws. They will show every once in a while and the way you deal with them will make a huge difference in the relationship.

4. Talk It Out

Always talk to your boyfriend about something that bothers you. Don’t turn it into fights that will make you want to break up with him. It’s important to have an open communication in this kind of relationship. You will have to be honest about the good and the bad. Keeping things to yourself will only build resentment and anger. They can ruin your relationship.

5. Be A Good Listener

Be there for your boyfriend when he needs you. Listen to him talk about anything. He might need someone to listen to him rant, being goofy or even a serious conversation. Being a good listener to your boyfriend is a form of support and also love. He will appreciate you for spending a few minutes of your time to listen to him. Here are more ways to show love in a long distance relationship.

6. It’s Not About Give And Take, But Give And Give

This particular way to maintain a long distance relationship with your boyfriend might not be easy. When things get tough, you might be tempted to think what your boyfriend has done to make you happy. This will only make you scrutinise his flaws and become even more upset with him. Remember that the best thing to do in this long distance relationship is to keep giving. So start thinking about what you can do to make your boyfriend happy.

7. Save The Romance

Restrain yourself from becoming too romantic with your boyfriend. Being overly sweet might make the long distance relationship become a bit boring and stale. You can still do it every now and then but don’t do it too much. Save the romantic affection for when you finally get to see him. You may want to know all the reasons for your boyfriend to break up with you.

8. Do Fun Activities

do fun activities

To avoid making the relationship become too boring, do fun things when you meet your boyfriend. Go hiking, volunteer or take a class that interests you both. Using the time you have with him by doing positive things will also lift up your mood. You’ll have a new outlook on your relationship.

9. Don’t See Each Other Too Often

This can be a double edged sword. When you talk to him with videos too often, you might miss him too much. You’ll be sad and angry at why things have to be this way. But at the same time, seeing him will ease your longing. The key here is moderation. Keep things at a balance, see him when you really need to and you’ll be okay.

10. Trust Each Other

Trust will help build a solid foundation for your relationship. What even is a relationship if there’s no trust? It’s difficult to know whether your boyfriend is telling the truth when you’re so far away. But you need to trust him and believe that everything he’s telling you is honest. Trust will give you a peace of mind. It will also reduce fights between the two of you. These signs he's cheating in a long distance relationship might be handy.

11. Don’t Cheat

Avoid the temptation to cheat. You already have a boyfriend so there’s no need to be having a special connection with someone else. You may think that it’s okay to hang out a lot with your guy friend but think of how your boyfriend might feel. He might become jealous, insecure and sad knowing that you’re close with someone else. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a guy friend. You just need to limit yourself so it doesn’t grow into something more. Also read on the ways to get over jealousy issues in a relationship

12. Have Faith

When you’re trying to maintain a long distance relationship with your boyfriend, you need to have faith. If you’re religious then pray for the best. If you’re not then hope that everything will turn out okay and the universe will work in your favour.

Thus, the greatest ways to maintain a long distance relationship with your boyfriend is you two love each other. If you don't, you can't hang like that.

Reasons For Long Distance Break Ups

reasons for long distance break ups

Here are some of the most common reasons for couples to break up over a long distance relationship:

  1. Unfaithfulness.
  2. Parents disagreements.
  3. Being selfish
  4. Being too busy.
  5. Lack of communication.
  6. Frequent fights.
  7. Different life goals.
  8. Impatience.
  9. Falling out of love.
  10. Lying.

Hopefully, these tips will help you in keeping up a good relationship with your boyfriend. Long distance relationship can work out if a couple is willing to put in the effort. Relying on love won't be enough if both people are not committed.

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