That Moment When I Don’t Feel Any Excitement When I’m With My Boyfriend Anymore But I Don’t Feel Like Letting Him Go

Last updated on June 16, 2022 by Michelle Devani

How was your reaction, when you first got your brand new phone? I would imagine you would be happy. Of course, I mean who wouldn’t be, with those special features, a huge storage base to store your wonderful memories, game booster and many more.

However, at some point that happiness would vanish. You seldom use the phone anymore and find other new phones.

It goes with your significant other that you're not too excited to see but doesn’t have the heart to let go.

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Here are some reasons as to why you have this unsettling feeling:

1. They Are Just Not Committed

they are just not committed

In a relationship, there should be a certain goal. Both you and your partner must be committed to this relationship. That is the purpose of you being together. You and your partner need to sit together and discuss whether they are committed in this relationship.

2. Boredom

A relationship doesn’t last long in some cases, you might get attracted to your partner but as times goes by the attraction slowly fades away. Its more on the human side than physical contact in this case.

By this I mean, the characteristic you know how to handle him when most upset or sad. Basically, you are bored with his either behavior or attitude, you know him all too well.

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3. You Have Lost Interest

In relationships, its quite common to ask about your boyfriends' life like their work, family or friends. To show that you have an interest in what your boyfriend's activities are.

On the other hand, if you stop asking, it's a sign that you don’t want to know what he's been doing lately. This is a result of an argument of arrogant. Think about characteristic of a healthy and an unhealthy relationship.

4. Avoiding Your Partner

It's alright to have alone time. You need some space from your significant other, doing activities you haven't had the chance to do. But to avoid completely from your partner is another issue. By avoiding him it will cause more problems.

5. Avoiding Text Messages

avoiding text messages

They say that when you trust your partner, you would text back. To indicate that they are fine and well. But if you ignore their text, it will show you are avoiding his text.

6. No Respect

One of the keys in a healthy relationship is to have respect towards one another. Respect is the foundation of a relation, you show trust to one another. But if your partner, shows sign of not respecting you as an individual. It's a red alert.

7. Don’t Want You In The Future Plan

Maybe he is willing to talk about future plans. If he does there is a high chance that you are not included in the plan. So if you have been dreaming of having a wedding better think again. By not cooperate, it's to no surprise that you would feel downhearted.

To summarize, there are many factors as to why you feel less excited about seeing your partner yet you can't let him go. Do not worry too much surely there will be away.

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