What To Do When Your Girlfriend Breaks Up With You And You Want Her Back?

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Breaking up while you still madly in love (or at least you think so) with her is the hardest thing you could have ever going through. However, when she insists on breaking up, what else can you do but to forcefully agree with her? Nope, it's not the end of the world yet. You can always win her back if you know how to do it properly. But still, in the early stage of breaking up you will feel yourself lost and not knowing what to do.


What To Do When Your Girlfriend Breaks Up With You And You Want Her Back

Just cross your finger that she wouldn't anyone so fast, so that you don't need to do the hard Ways to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back from Another Guy, which makes your chance lower as well. Before everything, you need to deal with the break up first. So what to do when your girlfriend breaks up with you and you want her back? Find the answer.

1. Ask For An Explanation

ask for an explanation

Don't play dumb, but if you don't really know why she wants to break up, ask her. It might involves some screaming, crying, and other tiring drama but it's always worth to hear her. You might as well never realize these things all along.

2. Apologize To Her

When you don't know what to do when your girlfriend breaks up with you and you want her back, just apologize. Even though when you did nothing wrong and not knowing what to do, apologize will serve you right. She will be softened by it!

3. Make Up For Your Mistake

Go low and admit that you did make mistakes. Ask her for a second chance to make up for it. If you got lucky, or if she's not really want the break up, she will give it to you. Make the most of it and never, ever repeat the same mistakes again.

4. Do Not Blame Her, But Don't Take The Blame Either

Calm down yourself and don't let it got carried away when she's starting to get emotional. Don't put all the blame on her, but don't take the blame for the things you don't responsible for as well. Maturely take this as a process you have to go through, and make sure lessons learned.

5. Just Let Her Be

So she want to break up? Then let her be. If you're really sure that you have been good to her all along, it won't take long before she regret she did. Let her try to live without you for once and she'll notice the difference, of how much you meant to her all those times.

Signs She Wants To Break Up

signs she wants to break up

Carefully read the signs when she wants to break up with you as listed below:

1. It Becomes Hard To Reach Her

She has been missing your calls for the thousandth time? Not replying your message over various reasons? Could it be real? Don't you think something's wrong? Well, your heart is telling you the truth. It's the initial state of breaking up, man.

2. She Changes Her Priorities

Did things just end like that? No. There are reasons behind her sudden disappearance. She simply changes her priorities, and looks like you're not in the top list anymore. It's bitter but it's the truth.

3. She Has No Passion Over You

When you finally see her, she's not interested in you, literally. She's not showing any passion to you. She doesn't hug you, kiss you, and barely touch you. She looks completely like not missing you at all.

4. She Looks Happy In Her Own World

Of course you are happy when she is, but it's hurt to see that she is happy without you. She seems so occupied with whatever she did and it's obvious that she's living in her own world.

5. You Lose Track Of Her Life

When did she buy that new bag? When did she got a haircut? You are no different with stranger, now that you lose track of her life. Everything become new since she doesn't share any update of her life with you anymore.

She may has hurt you, but you can't deny that you want her back. You're not ready to face the truth that you need to do the ways How to Move On from a Relationship When You are Still in Love.

How To Win Her Back

how to win her back

Here's the real deal. You want her back so you've got to win her back. Do this fail-safe tricks to welcome her to your life once more. But first, are you really sure that she won't turn you down? Before trying to win her back, you should see the Signs Your Ex Still Loves You But Won't Admit It. When things are positive, here are how to win her back:

1. Give Her Her Own Space

Maybe she's just to be alone to thoroughly thinking about everything. In fact, probably you need the same thing as well. Everyone need to take a step back and see the bigger picture sometimes.

2. While You Focus On Your Life

Of course she is not the center of your universe, and don't make her one. You have to work on your life and not just thinking how to win her back all day. Find some Ways to Make Yourself Happy After a Break Up too.

3. Let Her Know You Have Changed

What's the point of becoming a better man when she doesn't notice it? You surely have changed for better, and don't let her miss the best part of it. Show her. Doing something extreme like thinking of Things to Say to Make Her Feel Bad is not bad, you know.

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