Virgo Man Broke Up with Me, Will He Come Back to Me?

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The Virgo roams on Earth with the maiden as its symbol based on Astraea, virgin goddess of justice, innocence, purity, and precision. Therefore, when you see a Virgo man, you will find that he isn't a player. He's not one to jump into the ocean to save you from drowning, he first needs to know that you're worth his time and effort.

When a Virgo man suddenly creates some distance between you, there may be several reasons as to why he's pulling away from you. It's important to note that when in a relationship with a Virgo man, he's looking for someone who can be his life mate, his soulmate, someone who can be by his side. He needs someone who will gladly be devoted and loyal to him and be his life companion.

Before we ask the question "Virgo man broke up with me, will he come back to me?", we first need to look at the two possible scenarios that broke off the relationship.

  1. He Left You

    It is not easy for a Virgo man to just break off the relationship. He is loyal, so unless the issue was serious and there were some things between you that couldn't be resolved, then he wouldn't have left. If this is the scenario and you want him back, it is important that you reevaluate yourself. Maybe it was something you said or did that offended him, or maybe he didn't feel like you contribute enough to the relationship (here are some things to say to a Virgo man to ensure that he feels loved and cared for.) Either way, think about the reasons why he might have left you.

  2. You Left Him

    The Virgo man is not possessive or jealous, so if you left him for someone else he may understand as long as you are honest with him. If you left him because you cheated on him, it may be a sharp needle to prick. He can't manage disloyalty, so understand where you're coming from if this is your situation and you want him back.

After the breakup, it's just as important to understand how he feels. Don't be selfish; think about how he feels regardless of the two situations above.

In the process of the relationship going downhill or things starting to go wrong, there are several things that may happen: he anticipates a negative outcome and analyses the relationship from different perspectives; he worries about the relationship; finally, he wants to reassure himself that he did everything he could to make the relationship work. Last of all, he wants to make sure that he doesn't repeat the same mistakes again.

When trying to get him back, ensure that you are in your best mental and emotional state. Let out any anger and frustration you had for him before you see him. You need to talk to him with a clear mind and voice, otherwise he won't settle. Apologizing is always the first step, then explain just why you're apologizing.

It doesn't just take words to convince a Virgo man to get back together with you. It's not the same as trying to make a Virgo man fall in love with you, because you need to show him that you've grown as a person and improved yourself, that you've changed and that you're now ready for the relationship.

He's not someone you can rush, so you can't make the clock go faster nor can you force him to get back together with you. He needs to take some time to evaluate things, so you need to be patient. (And for your own sake, don't wallow around constantly asking, "will he come back to me?" Let him take his time, and for once let time do the healing.)

If all efforts don't work out though, then it's time that you move on. It's most likely that he has too especially considering the fact that he likes to avoid messy confrontations, so he might just disappear from your life almost immediately.

However, remember that amongst all your efforts in getting him back, being true to yourself is the most important. To him, respect is the important part of a person and it's one of the things that attracts him.

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