Fastest Ways To Get Over A Relationship Break Up

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You just broke up with someone. It doesn’t matter if you never truly loved them, splitting up with some you’ve spent so much time with is painful, heartbreaking, and confusing. Right now all you want to do is curl up in bed and cry about what a cruel world you’re living in. That your partner was selfish and mean to leave you after all that they have promised. Well, that is certainly not the right way to get over a relationship breakup.


These Are Twelve Ways To Get Over A Relationship Break Up

This is what you should do instead.

1. Reflect On The Relationship As It Was

No, don’t just focus on the good aspects and happy moments of the relationship. You should also think about all the things that made you unhappy. Once you have reflected on it, you might realize that the breakup happened for a reason after all. Maybe the separation was the best that could happen.

2. Embrace Your Emotions

Just like the Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship, you need to accept the pain that you’re feeling. Denying that you’re hurt and angry and sad won’t really help you feel better. Instead, your suppressed emotions will just build up and affect your daily lives negatively.

3. Don’t Immediately Agree To “Stay Friends”

We all know how hard it is not to say yes when your ex-partner offers to remain friends after the breakup. But sometimes immediately agreeing on it may not be the best idea. What you can do is say no or ask for some time to think about it. First read about the Reasons Why Lovers Can’t Be Friends. Once you know what being friends with an ex-lover might entail, then you can tell them your decision.

4. Surround Yourself With Positive Energy

surround yourself with positive energy

Research has shown that laughter and smiles are capable of cheering you up. So make sure to spend time with people who make you laugh and bring out the best in you instead of being around those who can only drag you down. Doing this will instantly make you feel better about yourself.

5. Spend Time Outside

As clichéd as this may seem, spending time outdoors and breathing fresh air really does help to clear the mind. Don’t let a breakup keep you locked up in your own room for days, refusing contact with your friends and family, as well as deprived of sunlight and the cool breeze.

6. Keep Busy

Another way for you to deal with a break up is by keeping yourself busy. You can choose to take up a new hobby, pick up a new lifestyle, or completely jam-pack your schedule. What's important is for your mind to be constantly occupied so that it leaves no room for other thoughts except your tasks.

7. Get Out And Meet People

Leave your home and interact with other people. Arrange meetups with old friends and have night outs to meet new people. Force yourself to talk to other people and you can expand your network while you’re at it, as this is a sure Ways to Make Yourself Happy After a Break-Up

8. Work On Improving Yourself

There is always time for self-improvement, and why not now? Instead of wasting time dwelling on the past, why not change your bad habits and create an entirely new you? Quit smoking, wake up early, or take up daily exercise, whatever you can do to better yourself!

9. Help Those In Need

It’s often proven that the happiest people are those who give to others, which means the more you offer to help other people, the happier you will feel. This will work especially well if you’re going through a breakup, as assisting others may be therapeutical to the mind. Besides, you’re also making the world a better place!

10. Get A Makeover

To move on from a breakup, some people suggest making changes in your life. Why not as well take it to mean literally? You can get a new haircut, dye your hair, or change your style. Perhaps this can put you in a new mindset that allows you to get over your heartbreak.

11. Stop Blaming Yourself

Finally, you need to stop blaming yourself for the end of the relationship. It takes two for a break up to happen. Stop regretting all the things you hadn’t done for your partner and all the wrong choices you had made. Remember that everything happens for a reason, so maybe the two of you are just not meant to last together. 

12. Work And Sweat It Out

work and sweat it out

Exercise is good for your health and it also enables you to express your inner emotions. Try sports like kickboxing or running, where you can channel your rage and sadness through your body. A lot of people find solace in working out as it often eases their minds from stress and mental burdens, including breakups.

More Tips To Move On After A Break-Up

The best ways to get over a relationship break up:

  1. Get Plenty of Sleep
  2. Take Care of Your Health and Eating Routine
  3. Cut All Forms of Contact
  4. Understand the Reasons for Your Boyfriend to Break Up With You
  5. Allow Yourself to Cry Out and Rage
  6. Jot Down Your Thoughts in a Journal
  7. Talk to Someone You Trust
  8. Remind Yourself of the Things You’re Grateful For
  9. Tell Yourself that You Want to Feel Happy
  10. Focus on the Future, Not the Past
  11. Know That You Will Find Someone Better

Well, these are just some of the best ways to get over a relationship break up that you can implement in your own lives. If you already know all the ways to move on, you'll understand that the end of your relationship may well be the beginning of a new journey for you. There might be a knight in shining armor or a charming woman waiting for a true love –that’s you, somewhere out there. What are you waiting for? Don’t dwell on the past relationship anymore!

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