My Ex-Boyfriend Dumped Me by Text Message, What Should I Do?

Last updated on April 9, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Did your ex-boyfriend just dump you by text message? That must hurt because there is just something especially indifferent about being dumped by the casual medium of the text message.

You are probably thinking whether or not your ex-boyfriend even has the courage to talk to you face to face. There may be an impulse to reply right away with a furious text message tirade that starts to overwhelm you. However, hold those fingers and stop for a moment to take a breath.

You need to take some time to really assess what you feel for your ex-boyfriend and whether or not you are better off without him. If you do feel that he is the one for you, do not worry, there are a lot of methods that can be used for getting back together and if he is not the one for you, after a period of recovering, you will be feeling like a million dollars again.

In this article, I will help show you every step of the way to survive this heartrending and frustrating situation.

Figure Out the Reason

There are a lot of reasons that could push someone to break up with their ex-partner in a manner that is as cold as being dumped by text message. Personality plays a big role in this, for example, some people are more introverted or have no idea how to handle conflict, some are afraid of hurting their partners, and others are simply up for the easy way out.

More often than not, those that have been dumped by text message are left without a specific explanation of what went sideways or at the very least, left wanting more of a closure. In this case, you have to lessen your energy on trying to rationalize the whole situation where you were dumped. Instead, focus more on the reasons that made him pull away from the relationship.

Make sure you understand why the break-up occurred for a variety of reasons starting from getting closure, to knowing what to improve in the future. If you learn that a couple of your actions led to this break-up, you will know which aspects of yourself need a little bit of change.

Another thing to do is to question yourself if your ex-boyfriend had some communication issues because you would not want to end up in a similar circumstance in the future. That is why acknowledging warning signs is beneficial.

Give Him Space

If your ex-boyfriend has given you closure for his decision to dump by text message, then it is about time you stop reaching out to him and to even stop all casual conversation altogether. Checking in with him from now and then before you have fully recovered will only give you further pain and suffering because you will be constantly being reminded of your failed relationship.

It would be undoubtedly difficult not to reach out and ask for a second chance. However, you really need to maintain self-discipline, self-respect, and self-value. Never give your ex-boyfriend the satisfaction to know that you are still into him despite the fact that they have dumped you by text message.

The quickest way to move on will be for you to go forward while focusing on your well-being and to find activities that enable you to stay positive. I suggest you take some time to pick up a hobby that brings you joy, spend time with your family and friends, focus more on your professional projects, work out at the gym, and harness those endorphins.

Create a Safe Heaven

Remember that it is not about your ex-boyfriend. It is more about you. You need to create a safe heaven which is a necessary space to once again get yourself together without being contaminated by the negativity that surrounds him.

Sometimes, people fail to realize that separation should be all about themselves in a positive manner, not about their ex-partners. Switching the focus from him to you is a total game changer.

Although times like this are tremendously challenging, it is actually a good opportunity to evaluate changes that you would like to apply to your own life. The less time you spend observing your ex-boyfriend’s photos and figuring out his whereabouts on social media, the more time you will spend focusing on nurturing yourself and turning this situation into an opportunity.

It may take a bit of time for you to realize that the break-up you suffer could actually be a blessing in disguise and a rare chance to find a better and more compatible partner.

Also, know that you are not entirely to blame and that you can go forward while knowing all too well that your soulmate is most probably waiting for you in your future.

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