Signs Your Boyfriend Regrets Breaking Up With You

Last updated on May 31, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Break ups are the hardest thing in the world to face. The prospect of ending a once blooming relationship must be hard. But what if there is more to that?

People say regret comes later and it can sometimes be true in terms of break up. Your ex boyfriend might miss you again. Here are the hopeful signs your boyfriend regrets breaking up with you:


1. He Asks How You Are Doing Often

Because he still likes you, he still ask about how you are doing which is one of the signs like the Signs A Sagittarius Man Has A Crush On You But Shy To Say It.

2. Texting You For A Long Time

It is not one of the Signs You are Ready for a New Relationship when you guys still text with each other affectionately. It really means he wants to go back and make things better.

3. Still Wanting To Call You

still wanting to call you

His number one reason is that he miss hearing your voice. Who says that if they are already over you?

4. Stalk You On Social Media

Social media stalker means that they are someone that cares about your life so much or still curious about it. Right now, it is your ex.

5. Doesn't Block You In Social Media

The real sign that someone doesn’t regret their choice in breaking up is they block that person. The opposite sign is showing in your ex.

6. Reminding You Of The Good Times

Occasionaly, he still reminds you fo the good times you’ve had together because he wants to know that the love is real until now.

7. Still Looking At You With Puppy Eyes

He doesn’t avoid your gaze, in fact he looks straight at you with that puppy eyes of his that means he still wants you.

8. Drunk Texting Or Calling You

Truth often comes out when someone is drunk. All of the secrets of what he feels will come out through text or voicemail when he is wasted.

9. Doing A Rebound Relationship

You know it’s a rebound relationship if it doesn’t last long and there is no Signs A Man is Emotionally Connected to You.

10. Talking About The Time Of The Breakup Still

He still pick at old wounds by talking about the time of the break up and how things could’ve changed. 

11. Crafting Stories Where He Is Not The Bad Guy In The Relationship

Denial is what he will resort to when he is under such a big regret.

12. Asking About Your Availibility

asking about your availability

It’s not what a normal ex does when he still ask if you are single or not. He secretely hopes he can come back to you.

13. Wanting To Hang Out With You Again

Missing the days where the love is real is shown by his perpetual invitation for a simple hang out.

14. Still Romantically Complimenting You

He still says that you are beautiful, out of this world,and more sweet talking that means he is not over you.

15. Haven't Have Any Serious Relationship

The real signs your boyfriend regrets breaking up with you is that he doesn’t have any serious or good relationship after you.

16. Talking To Everyone About How Good You Are

Everyone can know that he is still hooked on you when he still talks about how good you are. 

17. Doing Crazy Things To Get Your Attention

Crazy things will be done so that he can get your attention and win your heart again.

18. Still Sending You Gifts

Gifts is one of the Signs to Know if Your Ex Boyfriend Still Loves You.

19. Still Apologizing After All This Time

Apologies will be done all the time because he wish to turn back the time.

20. Trying To Wreck Your New Relationship

Everytime you have a new relatiosnhip, he will wreck it in hopes that you get back to him.

21. Asking If He Matters To You

This question will be asked because he is scared that you have forgotten him.

More Ways To Know That He Is Still Hooked On You

more ways to know that he is still hooked on you

You know that he is still so deeply hooked on you when he does most of this sign after the breakup of your relationship;

1. Dropping Hints On Social Media

You will see him posting things that hints that he is still stuck on you.

2. You Heard From His Friends

Friends of his will tell you that he is a wreck after the break up.

3. Admitting That He Still Cares About You

A time will come when he is honest about his feelings.

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4. Always Worried About You

Worrying is a sign of a lingering love towards you.

5. Always Jealous If The Good Thing That Happens In Your Life

He hates it if you are happy without him.

6. Still Wanting To Be A Part Of Your Life

He desperately still wants to be a part of your life.

7. Wanting To Protect You Until Now

Love is shown by his desire to protect you. 

Tips On How To Handle His Late Regret

Having him regretting things and dragging you to the past can be exhausting you mentally. Here are the healthy way to deal with those late regrets that is tearing your heart apart;

1. Talk To Him About It

Does he really feel that way? You never know for sure unless you talk to him about it.

2. Reevaluate What You Need Now

Do you really need him in your life right now? Make sure of your feelings first before making destructive actions.

3. Take Care Of Yourself

take care of yourself

This can be a draining period of your life, so you need to take care of yourself first.

4. Make Actionable Plans On What You Want Right Now

Choose if you want him or not and make action based on that decision.

After a break up you are both still torn apart. But one might be more torn than the other, shown by the signs your boyfriend regrets breaking up with you. When this happen, you need to have a clear head unless you want things to go down a spiral again. With that said, you need to follow the tips we have provided above. Good luck and stay strong, warrior!

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