How To Make An Aquarius Man Regret Breaking Up With You

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The existence of the negative side in Aquarius man sometimes make the Aquarius become uncontrollable. It is proven when in the relationship, the Aquarius man sometimes decides the commitment caused by emotions. Below here are some of the negative of Aquarius man you should know.


1. The Mysterious Man

Although the Aquarius man has a good sense of humor, it is undeniable that Aquarius is a figure who is good at hiding his feelings. Could be he smiled to cover up his sadness. Who knows?

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2. A Brave Man

a brave man

Aquarius men will dare to fight anyone who dares to harass his justice. Including you, his beloved.

3. Have A Bad Temper

The Aquarius man does have a bad temper, it's very noticeable when he hears you talking roughly to him.

4. He Often Thinks Negatively

Aquarius men often think negatively about something that has not even happened. However, sometimes the thought becomes a reality. Aquarius man does have a lot of plans in his mind.

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5. A Rebel

Aquarius man is a natural rebel, he will refuse, do the opposite and he will make you upset. Though you are his lover. So, you must be ready to lose this man.

6. The Real Fear

What is the big fear for Aquarius? It is being alone in his life. He can not afford to lose someone in his life.

7. The Point Of View

Aquarius's point of view is very different, they know from any side. They can also see up from an unexpected angle.

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8. Easy To Get Carried Away

Despite his bad temper, he actually has a soft heart. For example, you commented negatively on him, at that moment, his mood became very wrecked.

Signs That An Aquarius Man Wants To Break Up With You

What are the real signs that an Aquarius man wants to break up with you? Below here are the signs that an Aquarius man wants to end the relationship with you. Let's check these out!

1. Likes To Find Excuses

likes to find excuses

When you want to take her to dinner, he refuses. When you ask him to come home together from the office he also refuses for various reasons. You know what sweetheart? Actually, he is out of respect for you.

2. It Is Not Responding To Any Calls

It's almost midnight, and you're very worried about him. From morning till night your call is not responded. You know he is tired of you because you are the possessive woman.

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3. Lying

This is not the nature of Aquarius, yup they are honest people. But why could he lie so easily? It is easy, it is because he does not want you to know what is the reason behind all that.

4. Busy Himself

In a day he can work up to tens of hours, unnaturally indeed. But here is what he can do to forget you. He is so busy with himself now.

5. Bored

When he says, "I'm tired of you" it means he wants to break up with you. This is one of the signals given to break his relationship.

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6. He Likes To Spend His Time Alone

He looks more spent time for himself, he looks happy and that he shows it in front of you. "Hey, I do not need you now!"

7. Revenge

The worst thing Aquarius man might do if he broke up with his lover. He will take revenge for what happened to him in the past. So, be careful.

How To Make An Aquarius Man Regret Breaking Up With You

Aquarius man is known for his temperamental stance, and he often regretted the decision he made himself. Below are tips on how to make an Aquarius man regret breaking up with you. So, pay close attention and do it immediately, ladies.

1. Calm Down

calm down

The first thing you do, calm yourself and try to take a deep breath. Write this in your mind that this will be fine. Yo are will be alright without him.

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2. Reflect Yourself

Reflect yourself by pampering yourself, such as through body treatments. With these, you can relax and you can think positive again.

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3. Do Not Show Your Sadness

Notice this, never to show your sadness in any social media. He is still watching you. Do you regret having broken up with him? You better not write or upload anything to your social media. 

4. Prove The Change In You

Prove yourself that you can be a strong woman even without him. You are a tough woman.

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5. Achieve Your Dreams

Maybe this is the time for you to reach all the dreams you want to achieve. If you are talented in singing, why do not you join the singing contest? You will be famous in the future.

6. Be Successful Woman

Finish your college study, and be a successful worker or businesswoman. It will show that without him you can also stand up without her help.

7. Show That You Are Happy Without It

Show me a photo or video when you are with your friends, you are entitled to happy even without him.

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8. Look For Another Male Friend

look for another male friend

Maybe it's time for you to be friends with another man, do not be in a hurry just let it go. Believe that there must be a man who really loves you.

9. Improve Self-Quality

Improve your self-qualities by learning, getting closer to God, or you can also follow social events. With this, you will know that without him many useful things you can do.

10. Change Your Appearance

You can change your appearance slightly to make it look fresh. Try to find a choice of hairstyle and clothes that suits you. For you who have a fat body, it's time for you to change the pattern of life to be healthier. So, immediately to leave junk food and do some exercise. He will surely regret seeing your significant change.

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Hopefully, 25 ways on how to make an Aquarius man regret breaking up with you can be useful and can give lessons to your ex Aquarius man. That actually breaking up with a woman like you is the wrong decision. You must show that you are a very precious woman. He will regret it soon.

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