Ways To Make Your Ex Miss You After Breakup And Regret It

Last updated on June 1, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Breaking up is never easy on anyone. When the cut is fresh, you want things to be back like it used to be, when you guys are still in a relationship together. You can do that by putting your own effort.

Making your ex miss you after a break up can be a way to get back together or just a way to trick him. Either way, it is really worth a try. That is why you need to know the proven and effective ways to make your ex miss you after breakup;


1. Do Not Block Them

Blocking him won’t get you anywhere and it actually stops them from ever missing you again.

2. Do Not Post Bad Things About It Online

Posting bad information that mocks him or the relationship will just make them realize that they are better off without you.

3. Do Not Lie About The Break Up

Lying about the break up is a really immature thing to do and it shows that you have the When Your Girlfriend Is Psycho.

4. Do Not Beg To Get Them Back

do not beg to get them back

Begging will only make you look weak and it makes their ego high.

5. Do Not Constantly Communicate With Them

Although you really want to do that right now, this is the thing that you should not do if you want them to miss you.

6. Give Them Some Space

Like the proverbs says, absence makes the heart grows fonder. You should do that too.

7. Do Not Be Quick To Reply To Their Effort

If they do any effort to get you back by texting or flirting, do not be quick to reply to it because you are showing desperation.

8. Evaluate Yourself

Personally, the first step you should do is to evaluate yourself and see if there is room for improvement.

9. Start A Mental Growth Journey

Based on the Reasons You Should Know and Love Yourself Before You Love Someone Else, you need to know yourself before going on with your life.

10. Start A Physical Make Over

Get new clothes and more physical things to make your life better. But this isn’t your priority.

11. Start To Hang Out In Healthier Friendship

Surrounding yourself with better friends is the ultimate make over for your life plus it makes you happy.

12. Work To Get Your Dream

work to get your dream

Being focused to get your dream will turn your life around to a better state.

13. Take Things Slow

Remember to breathe and take things slow to get a clearer mindset and perspective on life.

14. Be With A Great Person In Your Romantic Relationship

Choose wisely in who you would let in to your heart again because this is the most important proven and effective ways to make your ex miss you after breakup.

15. Start To Know How To Love Genuinely

This is important to make your life a lot better. 

16. Say Yes To Meeting Again

Meeting again is a great way to make them miss you even more.

17. Don’t Be Too Emotional When With Them

Being a little bit distant emotionally when with them shows that you are no longer desperate for them.

18. Show Maturity When With Them

Being mature is the ultimate mental makeover that will make your ex show the Signs That Someone is In Love With You Secretly all over again.

19. Go To Places They Love With New People

This is a Simple and Sneaky Ways to Get Your Ex Curious about You Again.

20. Be Sure Of The Steps You Take In Your Life

If you are reckless, you will make a fool out of yourself and will make you have a bad image.

Ways To Be Better To Make Them Want You Again

ways to be better to make them want you again

To make them want you again, all you have to do is these simple ways to be better as a person so that your ex will see you in a new light:

1. Don’t Do The Same Mistake

Doing the same mistakes shows that you have not grown at all and it stops them from missing you again.

2. Never Bring Up The Dark Past With Them Again

Bringing up the past shows that you never got over it.

3. Still Be Kind To Them

Being kind to them makes them miss your affection even more. 

4. Do Not Be Too Available To Them

Being a bit busy when interacting with them makes them want to spend more time with you.

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5. Try To Move On From The Relationship

Do the Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship to make them want you back more and more.

6. Do Things You Both Used To Do With Someone Better

Knowing that you are happy without them will kill them in their heart.

7. Show Your Transformation In Social Media

Social media is an easy way to show your transformation for your ex’s easy access.

Signs That Your Ex Misses You

signs that your ex misses you

With enough effort, your ex will stop being ignorant and they will focus their gaze on you again.

Here are the signs that they badly misses you again;

1. Try To Hit You up Multiple Times

Because of their feelings, they try to text you or call you multiple times.

2. Saying That They Miss You

They say this in social media, to other people, or to you personally.

3. Trying To Make You Jealous

Because they want you back, they try to make you jealous to see if you’ll react.

4. Trying To Apologize To You All Over Again

This apology comes from the hope that you’ll come crawling back to her.

If you think that controlling your ex’s emotion is a tricky effort, you need to try these proven and effective ways to make your ex miss you after breakup. They are easy, simple, and absolutely effective. It will make them show the signs that they miss you and want you back in no time.

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