Simple And Sneaky Ways To Get Your Ex Curious About You Again

Last updated on May 2, 2024 by Michelle Devani

The first step to total attraction is curiosity. When you curious about someone, you start to dig out information about them and even fall in love with them in the process. Do you want to ignite this curiosity in someone’s heart?

We fall back in love with our ex all the time. There comes a time when we also want them back into our life. The perfect way to do it is to make them want to know more about you. Do it with the sneaky ways to get your ex curious about you again;


1. Reappear In Their Life

The first step to tweaking their interest towards you is to simply show your self or say ‘hi’ and make small talks.

2. Do A Makeover To A Better Life

Start to make efforts to make your life better without talking much about it towards your ex.

3. Revamp Your Social Media

revamp your social media

Your social media shouldn’t be too open until it seems like a diary, make it more neat and beautiful.

4. Pretend To Lose Their Contact

Don’t actually lose their contact but sometimes avoid contacting them to make them curious about what is happening.

5. Pretend That You Are Busy

This is a great trick to make new questions about what you do in your life to resurface.

6. Don’t Be Too Available For Them

Being too available is a thing that will lower the interest of someone because you never give them the chance to miss you.

7. Don’t Give Out Every Information That They Ask You

Being mysterious about information you keep actually pays off based on the Reasons Why Being Mysterious Works to Attract Men.

8. Be With Someone Else

Doing the Ways on How to Make the Girl You're Jealous of Jealous of You Back like this one helps stimulate their curiosity towards you more and more.

9. Post Secretive Details About Your Dating Life

These details should be short but a little revealing. This could be your date’s initial, photo, or a short memory about them.

10. Make Some Mysterious Eye Contact

make some mysterious eye contact

Eyes are windows to the soul and it can draw someone in. To do that you need to make short glances with a mysterious aura.

11. Be Secretive About Your Dating Life When Asked

Not being open about it to anyone makes your ex even more intrigued about the state of your relationship right now.

12. Learn A Lot About Them

Learning things about them that they didn’t tell you is a sneaky ways to get your ex curious about you again.

13. Start Talking To Them

Talking to them in general can help you get to know them better to help your attempt to be mysterious.

14. Avoid Talking About A Certain Topic

Stopping someone from asking about a certain topic tweaks anyone’s interest, especially your ex’s.

15. Be Calm

Calmness speaks a lot about who you are but it is a way to keep your secrets inside too.

16. Private Your Account

An easy way to make them curious is done in the social media lane which is making your account private for a few close people.

17. Don’t Show Too Much Emotion

don't show too much attention

Another way to make them curious is to not react overly or too quickly. This keeps them wondering what are you really thinking or feeling deep down. 

18. Ask Questions

Do the asking so that you know more about them.

19. Do The Listening

Being the one who listens stops you from spilling out too many information that completely ruins your mysterious aura.

20. Be Charming To Make Them Happy

When people show the Signs She is Into Me , they Ways to Flirt Without Coming On Too Strong more likely to want to know more about you.

Tips To Tingle Their Curiosity

To make someone want to get to know you better, you need to do some quick and simple steps. Check it out in these tips to tingle your ex’s curiousity:

1. Flirt A Little

Doing the Ways to Flirt Without Coming On Too Strong helps at making them more interested towards you.

2. Don’t Be Too Desperate To Get Their Attention

Being desperate makes you look like you have the When Your Girlfriend Is Psycho.

3. Clean Up Your Behavior

Doing a revamp from the inside attracts everyone because you are having a self growth.

4. Set Some Boundaries

Setting some limitation is one way to make people more curious about exploring you.

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5. Do Not Stick To A Pattern

Being unpredictable clearly make your ex sit on the edge of their seat. 

6. Make Sure That They Still Like You

None of this attempt will work if they hate you because then, they will only ignore you.

7. Learn More New Things

learn more new things

Being smarter helps at making people curious.

Signs That They Want To Know More About You

With all that effort, it is impossible not to find anyone curious about what is happening in your life. If you are not sure that it is happening, check if they have these signs that they want to know more about you;

1. They Are More Eager To Talk To You

Because they are intrigued of what is it that you keep inside, they are more eager to talk to you to make all that information spill out.

2. They Know More Things About You Without You Talking

A person who is curious will do their own detective work and it makes them know more about you.

3. They Continually Ask About Something

The simple sign of curiosity is when they ask you about something a lot to know what you are hiding.

You might want to turn the life of your ex around. In that case, what you need to do is to make them curious and even obsessed to get to know more about you with the sneaky ways to get your ex curious about you again. Then you will successfully see that they do want to know more about you!

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