My Girlfriend Wants Me to Read Her Mind, But How?

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It said that you shouldn't believe the "I'm okay" phrase from a girl like Things to Know Before Dating a Highly Sensitive Person. Your girlfriend might say it with a flat face but you'll never know deep down inside her mind.

Yes, that's the whole point. They actually try to ask for you to read their mind which is definitely impossible since you don't have a superpower or whatever.

We somehow consider it as a normal act from the human being called woman since they are all mysterious and we never predict what they could do.

Here are my girlfriend wants me to read her mind

You'll meet this kind of situation especially when you were arguing with her. Or, for scariest possibly reason, it is when she just wants you to do read her mind and whenever you can't guess it right problems will come after.

Actually, it isn't some unsolvable case for you to be freaking of. My girlfriend wants me to read her mind, you said, here are how to do about it. Check also Things You Need to Know Before Dating a Weird Person.

1. Ask What She's Thinking

It seems out of question and you would look such an idiot to her like she literally asks you to read her mind, why would you ask again what she wants?

Therefore, you need to do it to the chance she slips something out so you don't have to work so hard.

2. Get a Bit Sneaky

Even though she may not telling you anything, you shouldn't give up easily and try something else. You can be a little bit 'cheating' in this read mind game by asking someone that know her best.

Ask her best friend about what she wants since your girlfriend may tell one or two thing to them.

3. Read Her Body Language

Don't just sitting here and asking my girlfriend wants me to read her mind but what should you do.

You can assume what's on her mind by reading her body language. It shows what she wants right in front of you if you mastered the technique of it.

4. Generalized the Statements

Instead of worrying what might happen if you can't read her mind, you can try to just let a common statement to say.

For example, who knows maybe she is craving for a dinner date then you may want to say that even though the details might not as the perfect as she imagine you'd to know but whatever you nailed it.

5. Ask for a Clue

She won't tell you anything about what's on her mind. Still, it's too early to give up.

You can ask her for a bit clue even though she still won't tell you a single thing.

6. Give Her Attention

Asking my girlfriend wants me to read her mind and how about it won't do anything good if you just do nothing.

Sometimes, girl does that so she'll get what she really wants at the moment such as she wants you to be more affectionate. Then, just give the attention she needs or you may want to learn about Ways to Get a Girl to Hold Your Hand.

7. Listen to Her Tone

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 You'll know something by listening to her tone when she asks you to read her mind. Put your ears! 

8. Carefully Read Her Mood

 You might get into a trouble if you can't read the mood. Therefore, watch her carefully, does she in a good mood or vice versa?

It is safe for you not to just bluff out something unimportant and unrelated to what she really wants. Learn too about Ways to Get Your Arm Around a Girl.

9. Her Dress Leads the Answer

You can also find a clue by the way she dress. Maybe she wants you to invite her to go somewhere that match her clothes today.

10. Remember the Word She Used

My girlfriend wants me to read her mind, you said. It isn't that hard actually if you hear every single thing she said and the word she used.

Signs You Did Read Her Mind

Here are signs when she's asking you to read her mind and you did it.

1. She Is Smiling

 After you tell her what might it is that be on her mind, she is smiling. It means that you hit the bulls.

2. She Stop Her Silence

 She now starts talking to you because the past couple minutes she has been silence especially when you don't know yet what she was thinking.

3. She Is Sighing

Either you are too long when guessing or she is giving up ask you for read her mind, she is sighing now instead of angry with you. Well, at least it's good for you.

4. She Isn't Mad

She is usually going to mad if you don't guess it right. This time probably your answer hits the bull.

5. She Wants You to Do It

Now you already know what she's thinking. Then, don't just sitting right here because you have to do it. That's the point she wants you to read her mind.

More Tips to Read Your Girlfriend Mind

Here are more tips before you try to read your girlfriend mind. Learn this too How to Hug Someone Without Making It Awkward.

1. Take It Seriously

Even though it is something useless (at least for you), you should take it seriously if you don't want her to get mad.

2. Don't Joke Around

Never try to joke around if she is asking you so because she is deadly serious.

3. Don't Be Clueless

Avoid to become clueless because even though she asks you to read her mind, the clues are everywhere around her.

4. Remember What Day Is Today

When it is too hard for you, just try to remember what day it is because you might get some clue.

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