Clever Ways To Get A Girl To Hold Your Hand

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Holding hands is one of the best ways to show affection. We can let our partner knows how much we want them by doing it. However, you may be nervous if it is your first time to try holding a girl's hand.

It actually doesn't matter whether it is your girlfriend, crush, or someone you only know for days, you should try to hold their hand to make a move whatever the reason.

Here Are Clever Ways To Get A Girl To Hold Your Hand

But before starting to hold their hand, you obviously don't want to turn it into an awkward situation like How to Hug Someone Without Making It Awkward especially when you tend to be really nervous. That's why, you need to know the clever ways.

So, to help you getting through this, here are clever ways to get a girl to hold your hand.

1. Making Your Approach

First of all, you have to make a move if you want to holding her want. Don't rush it and take it slow. You can start it by making an eye contact then you can put yourself at ease.

2. Get Closer

Here are clever ways to get a girl to hold your hand. Place down your hand when you are sitting next to her. That's the more reason you should get closer every time you are walking together.

3. Carefully Make Contact

If your girl crush is the shy one, you have to be more careful when you make a move. They usually nervous at the beginning even though they want it as much as you do.

Therefore, carefully when you are trying to approach and hold her hand. To learn it more, check this to help you Signs A Woman Likes You but Is Shy.

4. Be As Relaxed As Possible

Here are clever ways to get a girl to hold your hand. We know everyone might be nervous at the first try. However, you need to be as relaxed as possible so it won't lead you to an awkward scenario.

5. Do An Effective Maneuver

do an effective maneuver

The effective maneuver is you grab her hand by sliding your hand beneath her finger. Just do it slowly especially it is such a bold move when you are sitting.

6. Move Your Hand Intimately

Here are clever ways to get a girl to hold your hand. If you prolong the time you'll eventually lose you chance to do this. Therefore, go on and start to move you hand intimately right into her hand.

7. Make It Looks Like A Coincidence

It is also clever way you can try. You may want to make it looks like a coincidence such as when you want to grab your drink but grab her hand instead. Simple yet cute though!

8. Do It While Walking

Here are clever ways to get a girl to hold your hand. When you're both walking side to side, make sure you let her know that it is safe to be around you.

To give more reassurance, you can also do it by holding her hand. So clever!

9. Kiss Her Hand

If you want to make it a bit cheesy, you may want to kiss her hand before or when you're already holding her. It would make her giggling a little.

10. Casually Accept The Rejection

Here are clever ways to get a girl to hold your hand. You have to learn the situation which is knowing how to take a break. If you don't, you might get a rejection and even worst it becomes an awkward situation.

If you happen to meet this kind of situation, try to be relaxed and casually accept the rejection. You can also make a joke to break the ice.

When To Hold Her Hand

when to hold her hand

Here are the right time when to hold her hand.

1. First Date

Some of the first date when smoothly when you complete it with holding the hand. But, you also need to read the situation first whether it is good or not to make a move. Check also Signs Your Hookup Has Feelings for You.

2. After Leaving The Restaurant

You can try to hold your girl crush after leaving the restaurant. Try it and you'll see!

3. Strolling At The Park

Going the park while holding hand is a perfect kind of date everyone wants.

4. Crossing The Road

You can show her that you are able to keep her safe by holding her hand such as when you're crossing the road.

More Tips To Start Holding Her Hand

more tips to start holding her hand

Here are more tips to start holding her hand. You should learn this too Things You Should Know Before Dating an INFJ.

1. She Is Comfortable

Before you start holding her hand, make sure that she is comfortable.

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2. Gentle Pinching The Hand Hold

It would give her the sensation when you're holding her hand.

3. Massage Her Hand

Give a little massage at the hand hold will surely make her at ease.

4. Read The Situation

Don't forget to also read the situation to know whether it is the right time to hold her hand or not yet.

5. Don't Rush It

Even though you want it so much, avoid start to hold her hand at rush.

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