Should I Stay with My Boyfriend Even Though He Lies to Me All the Time?

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Lying may not hurt someone physically, but lying can cause trust issue to someone who is being lied to. They may constantly wonder How to Know When People are Lying to You, because of the trust issue. Besides, lying can also lead a relationship to an end. Many relationship, even a relationship that has runs for a long time, has ended because of lying.

Lying is like a spider's web, once people lie, they will lie again to cover their first lie or they will lie again because they do not want to face the consequences of telling the truth. When your boyfriend lies to you all the time, you can never feel secure and comfortable in a relationship.

Whenever he says something to you, you always wondering whether he is telling a truth or lie to you again? It is impossible to have a commitment to someone who cannot be trust and at some point you will wonder "should I stay with my boyfriend is he lies to me all the time?"

It is not wrong if you believe you cannot go on this relationship anymore because of his lies. Communication may be one of the important thing in a relationship, but HONEST communication is more important. It is quite useless if he cannot say truthful words.

However, before you decide to put an end in your relationship, try to analyze the reason why he is lying to you first. Is it because you will get mad if he tells the truth? Or is it because he hides something big, such as cheating? If you are suspicious with your boyfriend and believes that he is cheating on you, especially on messenger, you can try to check his Whatsapp and according to my research, here are some tips to Find Out if Your Boyfriend is Cheating on Whatsapp.

Therefore, rather than being too suspicious, try to find out first. Then, after you analyze his reason, try to talk to him about his bad habit. Discuss with him and try to find a solution together. Make sure that he understands this, truth is way better than his sugar coated lies.

You may also wonder, why men tends to lie to their girlfriend and here are some reasons why man lies:

1. They do not want unnecessary drama

Should I stay with my boyfriend even though he lies to me all the time? Your boyfriend knows that if he tells you the truth, you will get angry and him. He does not want a fight between you and him. He realized that by telling you a sweet lie he can avoid a drama, then why should he tells the truth? Man is simple and he also wants things to run easily.

That is why he lies because he does not want to cause drama. This reason may add a fuel to you decision to stay with your boyfriend even though he lies to you all the time, because it sounds like he does not to give some efforts to this relationship.

2. They do not want to hurt your feeling

His truth may hurt your feeling, especially if he has been lying to hide a big mistake that he made, such as cheating. Besides that, if you are type of girl who can get hurt and cry easily, he will lie to avoid feeling guilty by making you cry.

You may think that he is such a coward and weak man if he do that and yes, lying is such a coward action. However, your boyfriend will choose a way out with less tears.

3. They get used to lie

Once someone lies to cover his mistakes and it works, they will lie again and again. At some point, they will lie all the time to cover his mistakes and protect their image. It is the same with your boyfriend, once he lies and it works, he will lie again to avoid your anger.

If this habit is getting worse, you may wonder whether he is telling a truth or not and also wonder if he still loves you the same. Scientifically, there are Signs Your Boyfriends is Not Into You Anymore that will help you to find out the truth about his feeling. 'Should I stay with my boyfriend even though he lies to me all the time?' You got the reasons, girl!

Your decision to stay with your boyfriend even though he lies all the time is yours alone. However, ask yourself, do you want to continue this relationship even though he lies to you all the time? Do you want to keep a relationship without any trust in it? Or importantly, can you forgive him if he lies to you again? If you feel that enough is enough, then do what you have to do. Trust you mind, your heart, and do not hesitate.

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