24 Creepy Signs Your Boyfriend Is Just Not Into You Anymore

Last updated on May 29, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Having a boyfriend is surely a wonderful thing. You will feel swooned and swept off your feet most of your relationship with him?

The signs that the spark is gone is sometimes hidden by our blind faith and love towards our boyfriend. But it is definitely there. You need to know these signs so you can take precautions and steps to make it stop. Here are the horrifying signs your boyfriend is just not into you anymore;


1. He Chooses His Friends

He suddenly shows the signs that he chooses his friends over you. This is mainly because he wants to avoid you at all cost and friendship gives the comfort of a presence he never got to feel in your relationship with him.

2. He Stop Asking About You

When he stops asking about your day or things surrounding you, that means he loses all interest to make you happy and to know you which is the base of attraction.

3. Short Answers Is All You Get

short answers is all you get

You only get short answers to the questions you ask because he has no drive to talk to you and keeping the conversation going.

4. He Is Irritated When He See You

Whenever he sees you he scoffs or gets irritated by your mere presence. You know that when a person does this that means they clearly dislike you and he is showing the Signs a Guy is Breaking Up With You.

5. He Needs To Have A Lot Of Space Away From You

Suddenly he demands space from you for a long time. In that time he starts building a new life separate from you which is a sad thing to witness,

6. When Things Gets Rough, He Leaves

Rough episodes in a relationship always happen in a relationship and couples usually try to make things better. When he has no interest in you anymore he doesn't try to do it.

7. He Is Happier When He Is With Other People

Whenever he is with other people he laughs more, smiles more, and has a genuinely good time. But whenever he is with you all of that is suddenly gone.

8. He Have His Eyes On Other Girls

Other girls seem to attract him more. You can see that he started to flirt with other girls. This is actually the Signs He is a Player.

9. Start To Craft Lies

He starts being dishonest about almost everything so that he can get out of your grasp. A good relationship should not be built on lies

10. Never Wanting To Talk About The Relationship

Talks about relationships are always avoided by him because he doesn’t want to make things better. Even if you insist, he will start to get defensive. 

11. Always Threatening to Leave

Whenever things get a little bit rough, he starts to threaten to leave the relationship. Sometimes when this happens too often, you just need to let go.

12. Intentionally Making Problems

He starts making up problems you know you will get upset about because he wants the relationship to fall soon and fast.

13. Blaming It All On You

The blame is all on you because he no longer respects you, loves you, and wants you to make the happiest girl on earth.

More Ways To Know If Boyfriend Still Love You Or Nah

more ways to know if boyfriend still loves you or nah

Sometimes seeing that the spark is slowly gone will hurt you so bad, but you need to know this so you stop being blindsided. Here are the sure ways to know the signs your boyfriend is just not into you anymore;

1. Keeping A Physical Distance From You

He starts keeping a physical distance because he finds no benefit in physical intimacy. In some moments, he even feels repulsed when touching you.

2. Stop Trying To Be Romantic

No more surprise dates or romantic moves, this is because he has lost all romantic interest in you.

3. Stop Trying To Make You Laugh

Making you happy is not his number one priority anymore which is why he stops trying to make you laugh.

4. Always Complaining

Every little aspect of the relationship seems to never satisfy him anymore. He always criticizes and complains about the relationship which leaves you thinking that he doesn’t want to be in this relationship at all.

5. Using Your Weakness Against You

He knows you, including your weakness. He used to protect it out of respect but now that all is lost, he starts intentionally pushing your buttons. 

Tips On What To Do When He Starts Losing Interest

Now that you know that the relationship is one-sided, you need to know the next step you need to do. That is why we give you the tips on what to do when he starts losing interest

1. Know What You Want

Know if you want to continue the relationship or break things off. If you still love him and believe in the relationship, find the ways to Ways to Get Him Back After A Breakup. if you feel like you are not cherished anymore and it damages your self-love, then it is best to go.

2. Ask Him To Talk To You

Demand him to sit down and talk to you about the current situation. Ask a lot of questions to gain clarity.

3. Try To Change

Now that you know the problem, try to change for the better. Patch up mistakes in the relationship or yourself.

4. Move On

move on

Sometimes it is best to move on from the situation or the relationship altogether. To do that you need to know the Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship.

The sure signs your boyfriend is just not into you anymore its surely hurtful. But to know the problem and work to make it go away, you need to know what you are dealing with first. That is why it helps to know the signs that are sometimes hidden. After that, you can decide which tips on what to do when he starts losing interest you need to do.

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