How To Make Your Boyfriend Want To Hang Out With You For The Rest Of Life

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Love is not just finding someone you love and let love work alone. It is about how you maintain and build it through your relationship. A relationship itself should be build like you plant a tree, you should plant it, watering and giving a fertilizer to make it alive. One of the way to build it is by having quality time together with your partner. But sometimes your boyfriend does not have enough time because he is always busy with his work or activities.

It is good to understand him and give him a space to do his routinize, while it is also important to maintain your relationship right? To keep your relationship grow, then you should know making a quality time with you since you know he is busy. Here are some tips for you to make your boyfriend aware to hangout with you:


1. Arranging The Schedule

arranging the schedule

How to make your boyfriend want to hang out with you? First of all you have to arrange date, time and place that you can spend your time together with your boyfriend. You can choose weekend or holiday when both of you have a free time. You need to talk and discuss together about you both own schedule and the time that you both choose. But do not force him to have a time meanwhile he cannot come, it will make you feel upset.

You can ask him when he has some free time to hangout together. If he really cares, he will make a time for you to be his priority no matter how busy he is at work. When you have decided the date, time and place make sure that both of you have a commitment not to break the promise. If somebody cannot come at that day, he will change the date to replace it.

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2. Having A Certain Plan

you have chosen the date, then you need to arrange the activities that you want to hangout together. If you choose to hangout to some places, you can have a schedule what will you do both there. For example, if you want to hangout to the shopping center you or your boyfriend will buy something, watching the movie or having dinner together. You do not want to waste your time just to shopping or doing nothing, do you?

Therefore you need to make a plan what activities do want to do with your boyfriend there. You can find some references or ask your boyfriend opinion. Let him know the schedule and what kind activities you both want to spend. He might have another plan or suggestion to be added to your activity plans, and that will be a great idea for you both to have fun together. You can start with the simple activities when it is the first time you hangout with your boyfriend, then next time you can try another different activities. That's how to make your boyfriend want to hang out with you all the time.

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3. Find An Interesting Event

find an interesting event

Avoiding the boredom, you can be creative to have any information about the trending event in your town. But firstly you need to know about your boyfriend’s hobbies or interest. Moreover you can find some activities that you can enjoy doing it together. If you like shopping while he hates it and you dislikes going to the concert while he loves it, then you can make an agreement.

You will accompany him to the concert, and he will accompany you to go shopping. Try some different activities until you both find the enjoyable activities that you can do together. You cannot force him to like what you like, so you can approach him to know what he really likes and dislikes. If you have found the activities, makes him feel comfortable to hangout with you. Make sure that he enjoys the time that you create for both of you. 

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4. Asking Him

How to make your boyfriend want to hang out with you? You can ask your boyfriend if you want to hangout together and have a quality time. Maybe today is not the right time to hangout with him, but you can rearrange again the schedule tomorrow or the next day. Be patient. He will set a time and make a priority for you to hangout together. Be positive when you were with him and say that you need to hangout with him more often.

If your boyfriend refused it without any good reason, you might think that your boyfriend is not interested on what you would do together. It is time for you to talk to him about your relationship. Let him tell you about what happened and you both can discuss together. 

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5. Try To Make Him Enjoy And Comfortable

try to make him enjoy and comfortable

If you have arranged the activities to go shopping while he dislikes it, you can try to make him comfortable. Your boyfriend might be bored or lazy to go shopping, but you need to create the interesting situation. You can talk the light conversation and have fun together.

Ask him what activities that he can tolerate, and what he cannot. You can explain and talk about how you feel when you hangout with him, then takes turn to your boyfriend to explain how he feels about it. you can show to your boyfriend that you are comfortable to hangout with him. Stay positive and fun when you both are having a time together. Do not be so serious. You can have a quality time with him, so do not be stress, have fun and enjoy it.

Those are some tips to make your boyfriend want to hangout with you. Do not make any expectation when you ask him for the first experience. When he is willing to hangout with you, keep going. But if you have found out that he refused it for several times, it is the right time for you to check and ask him. If you have spent to much time for begging him to hangout with you, so leave him. You might be in his friend zone. 

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Do not try to force by asking him to much, you can have some time to make him think. But if you are important to him, you will be his first priority to spend his time together with you.

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