Why Does My Boyfriend Want Me To Sit On His Lap?

Last updated on June 6, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Do you realize on what kind of thing that you can do in the name of love? It is crazy to look back and realize everything that we could have done for love. Love drives anyone who falls in love crazy. Even the little things in our life can be affected by love. We tend to smile out of nowhere when we think of our loved ones.

You may also found out that your partner does some silly things only to comfort you or to make you smile. If you are wondering why does my boyfriend want me to sit on his lap? Maybe this is one of the reason. And when it happens, you don't need to look for some ways on how to make him go crazy in love with you, because he already fall for you, hard.


1. He Wants To Get Closer Physically And Emotionally With You

he wants to get closer physically and emotionally with you

You do know some ways to get closer to your crush. Somehow, this tactic that you have is fading by the time goes by when you are in a relationship with someone.

When someone who is in a relationship realize that the relationship quality is getting low and he wants to save the relationship, he might do some silly things to make you happy. Such as showing that they want to get attention from you by asking you to sit in his lap.

2. He Wants To Cuddle

Aside from the cute romantic questions to ask your boyfriend, there are other ways that someone can do in order to get more attention from their loved ones.

Or simply to express how much you love someone. When your boyfriend ask you to sit on his lap, it can also means that he wants to cuddle. He wants to be pampered and just cuddle. Sounds cute isn't it?

3. He Wants To Pamper You

Do you realize that during the woman's period, most men somehow confused and not knowing what to do. Maybe, one of the reasons on why he asks you to sit on his lap is to pamper you.

He already knows on what should a boyfriend do when his girlfriend is on her period, and to make sure that you will not experience a huge difference of emotion or mood swing.

By, hoping that by pampering you, you will by then feel comfortable and able to go through your period comfortably. However, if you want to take a look more, this is a simple perfect romantic position, if someone want to pamper their loved ones.

Signs That Your Boyfriend Really Loves You

Somehow, not all girls will think that why does my boyfriend want me to sit on his lap, is a good and positive question that popped up into their thoughts. Some of them may also think that they boyfriend asked her to do so just because he has lust and not really lover her. Oh well, if you think that way too. Here are some additional tips for you, so you can see whether he really loves you or not.

1. He Will Always Make Time For You

he will always make time for you

The first sign is that he will always make time for you. He has chosen you as one of his priority. And he does not want to not seeing you at all. By making time for you,  he can spends the time to get to know you better. 

2. He Will Try To Make You Smile

Second sign is, he will try to make you smile or even laugh. When you fall in love with someone or loving someone such as your family and friends, you surely want to make them feel happy when you are around. So, when you tell a guy you miss him and he says thanks you will know what it means.

3. He Will Listen And Forgive You

Lastly, someone who loves you will always want to listen to you. Any kind of problem that you have, he will listen and trying to help you by calming yourself down.

Besides, he will also forgive you If you made any mistakes. Because he knows that in a relationship, both of you need to help each other to solve a problem, so it won't go bigger and ruin the relationship. Basically, both of you will learn together on how to solve misunderstanding between boyfriend girlfriend.

So, it is not a bad answer after all about the question of, why does my boyfriend want me to sit on his lap? Besides, you already know how to see whether he loves you or not.

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