7 Hurtful Signs Capricorn Man Is Not Interested with You

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Getting close to someone might force you to have some tricks. Because not everyone would be easy to be invited as a friend as lack of trust and their certain character. One of them was Capricorn man ought to be considered as the typical of men would be hard to be asked for being friends.

Some people called them as a mysterious person and having their own mind different with any other people around them. It is not easy to get close to Capricorn man as their character might not suit with your character or conversely. But how to know that Capricorn man doesn’t interest with you after you have tried to get in touch and being close with him.


Signs Capricorn Man Is Not Interested With You

These are the way to know few signs showing that Capricorn man does not interest with you:

1. He Does Not Open Up With You

As knowing the main characteristic of Capricorn man which are being mysterious, thus he does not want to share anything a lot to you and instead he keep it by its own way. The main reason of acting like this because he has no trust toward you as has no interest with you. In a relationship sharing is really essential thing should be done in between.

2. He Does Not Care To You

he does not care to you

The second thing would be the consideration of knowing that he is not interested with you is about careless. Obviously, he will not care about you and might only notice you as his other friends instead of the special one. 

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3. Taking Space Between You And Him

This might be happened unless you do not force him to get close to you as he may not feel comfort beside you. Everyone can say that this would be the best way to show and let you know that you are not his interest and instead he want you to left him away or he will leave you later on.

4. He Does Not Notice About Your Attendance

Caring is the main point for knowing that he does love you or not.  The Capricorn man is somewhat tricky to be friends with other because he has no trust to everyone yet to certain people. That’s why caring is the hardest to do for him unless he loves that woman.

The word “care” ought to be the important to indicate his feeling to you. If he loves and cares to you, he will try to find out where you are, and of course he will become the first man to notice and realize your attendance in a group. Thus, when he does not notice about it, obviously he doesn’t care to you. You can see this way by asking him toward your attendance in a certain group with him, whether he remembered this or not.

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5. Treat You As A Friend

What's more signs Capricorn man is not interested with you? Obviously this could be the sign for you to know that he does not interest with you and love you somehow. By treating you as a friend this should be consideration that he is literally a good man because he does not make such matter to become the problem between you and him by running away from you and regarding as his enemy since he does not want you somehow.

This terms indicated that he feels more comfort with you by being only friend not more. You may not feel this way at glance unless you clearly give your gaze toward him, to his attitude and his acts to another woman whether he treats you different than other or instead he did this in the same way he does to another friends especially women.

Because somehow the one’s who has special feeling to someone cannot see this way clearly. Thus to dealing with this matter is you should think in objective way and ignore your feeling for a while you take attention to his acts in a group. Confidence is the common feeling for everyone in this world and might be the essential thing should be embraced by the one’s.

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Yet somehow you should take this feeling in the right way, for instance if you love someone especially in this case for the Capricorn man, you may feel confidence and supposed that he like you back by getting his attention which may be the same attention given to another friends especially woman.

In this case we don’t talk about the playboy who supposed to share his love and attention to women not only a woman. Instead we talk about the general attention given to another woman which might be not only woman but also his another friends. Indeed, this must be the worst signs Capricorn man is not interested with you. 

6. Saying To You That He Does Not Love You

saying to you that he does not love you

No one would say that he put his interest to you if he says that he does not love you. Saying such confession supposed to be the clearest sign you should know better. You cannot deny anything about this sign anymore.  Read: Why Taurus and Capricorn Are Compatible in Love

7. Try To Speak With You As Little As He Can

If your conversation with him is not really important for him, he might not responds you more. This terms may be happened as the way to make space between both you as the only thing supposed to be implied would be the the essential thing for instance about the task that you get from your English class.

The Capricorn man could be described as a cool man sometimes since he will not say too much yet he might be the good person to keep his own secret and of course can be trusted. Restricting the conversation might be the sign that he doesn’t want any private conversation which might make him to not feeling comfort as there is no any trust between both you. 

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In the relationship you cannot force someone to love you back, as we know that the one’s feeling cannot be controlled by us. Additionally you should know and believe that everyone will meet their own soulmate who is supposed to be better and the best for them.

The way he shows you that he is not interested with you might be the sign that he is not the best for you and conversely you are not the best for him. That’s why you should take such matter to be your experience to face another problem in the future.

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