How to Tell Your Crush You Like Him Without Saying the Sacred Three Words

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When we’re talking about having a crush, we’re also talking about the notorious three sacred words, “I like you”. Sure, we want him to know how we feel about him. Like Julia Roberts once said, “If you love someone, you say it right then, out loud. Otherwise, the moment just passes you by” is easier to be said than to be done.

How to Tell Your Crush You Like Him Without Saying the Sacred Three Words

How can you tell your crush about your feeling if a simple “hi” from him makes your heart skip a beat? Sure you want to let him know how you feel, but being way too blunt might push them away and embarrass yourself. Here are the tips to let your crush know your feeling without actually saying the sacred three words.

  1. Spend quality time together

How to tell your crush you like him without saying the sacred three words? Either you’re hanging out in groups or you’re meeting him face-to-face, make sure to invent any excuse to spend quality time together just the two of you.

Maybe you can ask him to come over to help you with a project and find the perfect moment to sneak in the hints. For more hints, you can click this link: How to Make Your Crush Happy When She is Sad

  1. Body language

Instead of accidentaly slipping your tongue or rambling in front of your crush, it is better to find another way to give him the hints of what you feel about him. Displaying open and friendly body language is famously the most effective one.

There are several gestures that imply openness and attractiveness:

  • Lean in while talking.
  • Not an ear-to-ear grin, but a small genuine smile. You don’t want to look creepy, do you?
  • Follow the smile with a quick glance for 1-2 seconds, then look to another side. If you stare at him for too long, you might creep him out. This gesture is highly recommended if you’re happen to be in the same room.
  • Laugh at his jokes. Give a genuine (lady like) laugh. I have a cousin with a unique sense of humor. For me, he’s dead funny, but unfortunately the girls he had a crush on didn’t feel the same. Until one day, he found a girl with the same sense of humor, the only person that found him funny. The end of the story? They were eventually getting married. Laughing at his jokes will form a great bond and boost his confidence. That’s why it works well!
  • Mimic his body language.
  • Touch your face and hair while talking to him. Not excessively, tho.
  • If you’re standing or sitting near your crush, make sure that both of your feet pointed directly at him. This particular gesture shows that you’re attracted to him.

That's how to tell your crush you like him without saying the sacred three words. Read: How to Make Your Crush Regret Rejecting You

  1. Dress up

By dressing up, you make a good impression. It also boosts your confidence because you look good and feel good about yourself. It shows that you put some thought on how you look in front of him. But don’t dress like someone you’re definitely not, highlight your uniqueness, express yourself and be comfortable with what you’re wearing. Men find that confident women are sexy!

In addition, according to a study conducted by Kayser, Elliot, and Feltman (2010), women who wore red clothe are considered more attractive than those who wore clothe in other colors. A red dress will definitely mesmerize your crush and he can’t take his eyes from you all night. Read: Cute Text Messages to Send Your Crush to Keep Them Interested

  1. Give Compliment

Give compliment on his looks, smell, achievements or ability on doing something. It will boost their confidence and make them feel good about themselves. Even the most confident person needs compliment sometimes. Remind him how good he is and show him the qualities that you like from him. Make sure you give genuine compliment, not the fake one. Read: Signs Your Crush Likes You Through Texting

  1. Ask questions

Asking questions shows that you have genuine interest in him. You can ask about pets, hobbies, interest, friends or activities. But don’t ask too many because it makes him feel uncomfortable, as if you’re investigating him.

Tell him a little about yourself too and do active listening when he’s giving answers. Maintain your eye contact, give short response and nod to show him that you’re paying attention to his answer. Yeah, that's How to tell your crush you like him without saying the sacred three words. Read: Adorable Ways on How to Get Your Crush to Love You Right Away

  1. Immediate text response

Reply his text back right away! It shows that you’re interested in him and you put it as your priority. If you’re in the middle of conversation and the person you’ve been talking to stop replying for several hours, you’ll start to put down your phone and do something else. You don’t want him to do the same, right?

  1. Remember what he said

Maybe you feel butterflies in your stomach every time you initiate a conversation with him. That’s fine. But remember to still focus on what he says. Make it as your mission. To jot down every little details (in your mind, of course), and use it as a conversation starter on another occasion.

By doing so, you are proving that you were paying attention to what he has said. It is flattering to know that someone pay attention to what you’re saying. 

  1. Take a part in his interest

Okay, you have jotted down the list of his interests, favorite places, favorite songs, etc. What’s next? Learn the topic especially if you know nothing about it. If he likes video games, maybe you can search for the latest high-rated RPG game and recommend him to play it.

  1. Small gift

Pay attention to something he has mentioned before and get that thing that he wants or need (a book/cd/video game) or maybe you can get more creative by making mix tapes of his favorite songs. Add cute notes along with the gift and left it on his desk or locker.

However, this works best with someone you’re friends with. If you’re still complete strangers, it might be too much for him and push him away instead.

  1. Do him a favor

If your crush is having a hard time with something, help him out in getting it done. But you have to know your boundaries. Don’t do something that you aren’t capable doing or do things opposed to your wants or values. He might have recognized your feelings toward him and take you for granted.

How’s that? It’s not that scary to drop some hints to your crush, right? As long as you can keep it subtle and smooth, he’ll fall for you at the end of the day.

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