Ways On How To Make Your Crush Happy When She is Sad

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Doing a relationship with our girlfriend is not just for happy things. But sometimes, we may face some problems within. So we must directly handle up that problem to show our care and responsibility toward our girlfriend.


How To Make Your Crush Happy When She Is Sad

This is to make our girlfriend be happier when we face those problems, we can also do something based on the tips below, as follows:

1. Build Your Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is an essential part of our relationship to show that we are a good person who is more confident about what we do. If we are confident, we make our girl or befriend be happier because she will see us as a stronger person than her by focusing on the problem that we face. Self-confident also give us more focusing on our girlfriend, so she will be more safety and more loved.

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2. Make A Joke

make a joke

The sign how our girlfriend be happier with us is by making her to laugh. This will amuse her to make her be relaxed. So we must make her be more comfortable with us by doing a joke. This joke must be respectful joke; it means the joke does not hurt her heart or personality.

But we have to be careful, if we talk or discuss about serious thing, we do not need to make joke. We must discuss it seriously as you can. 

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3. Avoid Talking Too Much About Ex-Boyfriend

If we talk about ex her boyfriend, she will be annoyed because she will feel that she is at second person. Talking too much about ex-friend will lead to trouble relationship. We must forgive all of her past with her boyfriend. So this will make her be more peaceful with us and be happier with us. 

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4. Don’t Show Too Much Disagreement With Her

If we talk everything with our girlfriend, we must build our respect toward her opinions. So by showing many disagreements with her, that will guide to trouble relationship. Different opinion in discussing is something that is proper. But we must create good situation by respecting her opinion when she talk up about her opinion. 

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5. Don’t Be Dominant When We Are With Her

Asking them to accompany us to do activity together is something which make she be happier. However, we must be careful that we do not need to be dominant in terms of talking, sharing, joking, and other. We must give the space to show her natural habit and style. We do not need to handle up all of the problems by ourselves, let we and our girlfriend solve those problems together. 

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6. Apologize Her Faults

Building up happy and better relationships is by apologizing our girlfriend’s fault. This is to make her be happier. However, sometime we need strength to her fault if she does that again and again. We must act that this is wrong, and provide what is right by doing directly. This is a job as the guy to show our strength and as the supporter for our girlfriends.

7. Be Loyal With Her

Whenever she faces difficulties, we must accompany her and give her a support. This makes she will be happier because there is always person who support her to solve her difficulties. She will know that she chooses the right person as her couple. Our loyal to our girl friend will provide her to build and to strength her personality in life.

8. Give Her A Gift

After we face some problems with her, she can solve it by our supporting; we can give them a gift to show that she is right person. However, the gift depends on your ability to have it. Don’t too expensive but it can be simple thing which is more valuable.

Before giving the gift, we must make it as secret thing, so it will surprise her when we show and give it. We can also give the gift in the special moments; it depends on your sense to give it.

9. Enjoy The Daily Activity With Her

We must enjoy our daily activity with her because she will be partner in our whole life. we can accept all of her weaknesses and strengths. Just accept those things as a gift from God and as the special thing within her. 

10. Ask Her To Travel Around Together

ask her to travel around the world together

When we face some difficulties, one of the ways to make our mind be relaxed is by travelling around. This is also happening to our relationship. If we see our girlfriend face problem, we can ask her to travel around. We can do that by shopping to mall, going to the beach, mountain, etc.

11. Keep A Smile

Smile will make us be healthy. We can also do that all persons including our girl friends. This will make her be more enjoyable and happier with us forever. But you do not need to be over laughing, this will make your image at the front of her will be bad. Just be natural person.

12. Believe Her

We must put our belief to her; this is to help her be happier and is not bridle. We give her to her own daily activity. We also ask her what she does every day. To make this happen, we give her spare time to spend. By introducing the positive thing to her, it means introducing the positive gratitude to her as couple.

Those tips above are the tips when we want to make couple be happier. We can do all of those things when we see our girlfriend sad. The important point is that be yourself, as the proverb says “you do not need to be other person; it already has taken by other”.

Build up your positive life is to make your relationship with your girlfriend be happier. The great thing for your girlfriend is to make her be safe, comfortable and happy if she is together with us. Enjoy the tips, and do not forget to pray to God for better your future relationship.

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