What Does It Mean When My Crush Friends Say My Crush Has A Girlfriend?

Last updated on May 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

So you've been crushing on a guy for some times. He's perfect and all, but you're shy and hasn't confessed your feelings yet. You're planning to do so in near future.

But something happened. You heard from his friends that he's finally has a girlfriend? What does the news means? What does it mean for you as a his secret crush? Don't worry, it's not the end of the world.

Here's what it's mean when his friends say he has a girlfriend:

1. It means what it is

Yes. It's as simple as it is. Sadly, your crush might really have a girlfriend and the news has finally reached out to you via his friends. And they're talking about it because that what's a circle of friends would do.

2. His friends doesn't think you're good enough for him

On a certain twist, there's a possibility that his friends think you're not a good gal for him. This applies if they know you have a crush of him.

This also applies in case you have not do good reputation among them, such as, you're a girl who likes to jump from one guy to another in a short time. It's normal for friends to protect each other.

This time, however, their concern is definitely not on your favor. If his friends are also your friends, it's one of the signs you need to let a friend go.

3. His friends like to gossip

Gossiping is what people do when they got nothing else to do. Your crush friends included, they want to discuss some juicy news which has not verified yet. Gossips spread fast, and in no time it reaches your ears.

4. It can be just a rumor

Since it's a topic for gossip, your crush having a girlfriend could be just a rumor. So don't be sad or jealous at an instant. It also means you should verify whether it's true or not.

There are many ways to find out whether he actually has a girlfriend or it's just a gossip. You can stalk your crush social media. Even you can ask him directly.

5. It means you should prepare for a heartbreak

Before you verify the news, you should be aware that you can possibly have a heartbreak. If the news about him were true, you can get hurt and heartbroken.

Make a mental preparation so you won't end up crying on your bed all day. Keep strong and prepared to hear the truth. You might already feel it before. You saw signs your crush is interested in someone else.

6. It means you can halt your plan about confessing

If you have been planning on confessing that you like him shortly before you learned about the news, then you can stop right away. It's not a good time to confess to your crush and ask him for a date. Because you know what's the outcome is (he will reject you since he has a girlfriend already).

But if you want to confess to get closure and to feel relieved, you can proceed with your initial plan. However, prepare for an awkward situation afterward. You might not want to see him in the eyes or end up avoiding him out of embarrassment.

7. It means you can move on

Learning that he has a girlfriend, it means you don't have any other options besides moving on from him. It's hard to get over someone you were never in a relationship with, but you know things are impossible with him now.

It doesn't make sense to crush on someone who's certainly unavailable. So try to meet new people, who know you will find the love of your life right away.

8. It means you can congratulate him

If you know him well and talk to him on a daily basis, knowing he's in a new relationship means you can congratulate him like a good friend you are.

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9. It means you should not stalk excessively

When you heard your crush has a girlfriend, it might be hard for you to not being curious about it. Especially about the girl, who is it the lucky girl who manages to get him as a boyfriend? You want to know her.

Thankfully you live in an era where information is easy to obtain. Your crush girlfriend is one click away on social media. Just type her name, or search her name among your crush follow list, and you're good to go.

Initially, stalking someone for your curiosity is perfectly okay. But you need to watch yourself out so you don't fall into stalking trap.

You might feel awful and jealous. You can't help to compare yourself to the girlfriend. Doing it too much would only give you heartache. So this is why you should not stalk excessively.

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