How To Know if A Guy Is Interested In You Through WhatsApp, Tips and Tricks

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It might be sound usual if someone asked you on how to know if a guy is interested in you through WhatsApp. Well, it is absolutely a common thing. Since currently people is not only communicating face to face, but they prefer to express something including signs your hookup has feelings for you through application such as WhatsApp. Therefore, in case you also curious, check out below some interesting way on how to know if a guy is interested in you through WhatsApp.

Sign That A Guy Is Interested in You Through WhatsApp

There area several specific signs to show that a guy is interested in you through WhatsApp. Therefore, check below signs to make you sure that it is happen.

1. Always Texting First

If he had crush on you or interested to know you further, usually he will text you first. This is because he so curious on what you do, where you are and many more. Everything about you are become important in his mind. Even he might be thinking on how to tell your crush you want to be more than friends. Therefore, he will always texting you first rather than waiting you to texting him. At the time he thinking of you, he can't avoid him self to not asking your news.

2. Reply in Full Phrase

If someone is interesting with you, he will prefer to reply in full phrase rather than short sentence. A short sentence can be meaning that someone is feeling annoyed or not interesting at all. Therefore, the opposite is the different acts. This might be something that people never think. But, it is a true express of someone on whether he is interesting on something or not. So pay attention carefully in this matter when chatting with your crush in WhatsApp.

3. Feeling Hesitate

Another signs of his interesting is if he feel hesitate to you. This kind of feeling mainly happen to shy guy and person who expect for polite ways to express his interesting. Therefore, any sentence that shows his hesitate might be a good sign on his interesting to you.

4. Takes Much Time To Choose His Reply

You might often see that someone is reading and typing, but takes a long time to send the reply. If this happen while you're chatting with him in WhatsApp, then it is absolutely he feel interesting with you. Any guy who feel crush on someone will be carefully texting his crush to make sure there is nothing offense or making his opposite feeling angry.

5. He Keeps Compliment You

This last signs might be meaning two things, first, it is his bad habit. Or second, he do that in honestly because everything he see about you is only good, sweet, excellent, and so on! Therefore, he loves to compliment you all the time through texting. A little bit funny, but it is true, he's fall in to you! This is the way he express on how to get your crushs attention through social media!

Tips to Make A Guy Interested in You Through WhatsApp

If you positively feel that this guy is crush on you and you also interest to have a further relationship with him, then there are several tips and tricks to make this goes better. Take a look at below tips and recommendation to make a guy interested in you through WhatsApp.

  • If he ask for serious question, than answer it truly. Do not lie or hide your feeling. Otherwise he might thinking that you're not interesting with him.
  • Try to lust him a bit, if he is in, then it can pretty sure he crush on you. You can ask him for more and have a date later on. This is also usually works if you want to get knowing how to hook up with someone you don't know.
  • Make sure to have the same perception. Therefore, the best might be asked him at the end whether he serious with you or not. It will be better than you have to suspect his mind and thinking about you.

Those all some signs and tips on how to know if a guy is interested in you through WhatsApp. Therefore, make sure to understand and check whether truly he crush on you or just doing a little "ways to flirt with a girl you just met". By having a positive signs that he is looking for more serious relationship with you, then it will be your right time to go further and get intens with him. Lets have it a try and prove it.

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