What To Say When Your Crush Calls You Cute And How To Act Normal Around Him

Last updated on June 9, 2024 by Michelle Devani

It’s so great to bond with a crush and whishper sweet things to each other. The key to taking the relationship to the next level is by responding to flirtation well. How do you do that?

Be careful, if you don’t respond well to your crush’s flirtation, they will think that you don’t want to be closer to them which is the opposite of what you want, right? That is why, you need to use what to say when your crush calls you cute and how to act normal:


When Your Crush Calls You Cute, How Do You Act Normal

when your crush calls you cute, how do you act normal
  1. Thank You, Sweet Heart
  2. How Sweet Of You,Honey
  3. You Are Too Good To Be True
  4. That’s So Nice Of You To Say
  5. Say Things to Say to Your Boyfriend to Make Him Realize You Love Him
  6. That Made My Day
  7. Thank You For Saying That To Me, Darling
  8. Use The Ways to Flirt Without Coming On Too Strong
  9. Really? You Think I Am Cute? Aww Thank You, Honey
  10. You’re Even Much More Cuter
  11. Oh, You Are So Dreamy
  12. You Always Have The Right Words To Say
  13. You Always Know How To Make Me Smile, Thank You.
  14. That Means A Lot For Me, You Know.
  15. That Made My Whole Week!
  16. Say The  Things to Say to Flirt with Your Crush
  17. You Always Know What To Say And When To Say It,Don’t You? And I Love It
  18. I’m So Lucky To Be With You Right Now
  19. You Always Know How To Make Me Blush
  20. You Are Too Precious
  21. Text Them The  Text That Will Make Him Smile for Hours
  22. You Are So Special, You Know That?
  23. Your Flirt Works On Me Everytime.
  24. Say That Again, I Love To Hear It From You.
  25. You’re The Cutest Bunny In The Whole Wide World
  26. Aww, Thank You Sweet Pea! I Just Want To Snuggle You Up Right Now.
  27. You’re My Favorite Person In The Whole Wide World
  28. You Always Know How To Make Me Laugh
  29. Oh, That Made My Knees Go Weak!
  30. To Hear It From Such A Handsome/ Pretty Guy/Girl Makes My Heart Flutters
  31. You Are The Cutest Guy/Girl In The Whole World
  32. You Are A Master In Flirtation, Aren’t You?
  33. You Make Me Blush So Easily!
  34. I Am So Grateful For You Right Now
  35. I Am The Luckiest (guy/girl) To Hear That From You
  36. You Are Too Good To Be True
  37. Did I Really Hear You Say That I’m Cute? You’re Too Sweet!
  38. That’s The Greatest Thing Someone Said To Me In A While
  39. You Are The Most Romantic Person I’ve Ever Known
  40. You’re Such A Keeper
  41. You Are Just Perfect

How To Act Normal

Hearing such a cute compliment from someone you have been crushing on for quite some time must have make you lose your balance, right? Which is why you need to apply these ways on how to act normal so that the flirtation may continue:

1. Smile At Your Crush

smile at your crush

The way to mask the nervousness is to simply smile a genuine and thankful smile. This is enough to make your crush know that you really appreciate the compliment that he/she gives.

2. Say The Words Above Without Stuttering

Now, the most important trick in saying all the words above is to make sure that it comes from the heart and you say it with confidence. If you stutter or seem like you are memorizing, your crush will know that something is wrong and the awkwardness will show.

3. Hug Your Crush

Hugging them tightly lets out all the nervousness that you have been keeping in the pit of your heart. It is also a great Physical Signs A Woman Likes You.

4. Don’t Deflect The Compliment

Don’t change the topic quickly. It shows that you are not comfortable with being complimented like that. Instead, try to engage with the compliment your crush just said.

5. Look Them In The Eye

In doing these steps, remember to look at your crush in the eye warmly.

6. Take It Slow

The mistake we make that makes the awkwardness show is by rushing things. What you should try instead is take a deep breath and do all the steps above slowly.

The next time your crush flirts with you and say “you’re such a cute guy/girl”, you already know what to say when your crush calls you cute and how to act normal. That way, everything will go smoothly and you’ll be even closer to your crush!

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