25 Ways to Get a Guy to Text You First (No. 11 Hardest)

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Men used to be the one who take the lead in a relationship. It was as if the continuity of the relationship rely on him, and women only should wait and see. But it's not like that anymore. Even women could make a move to a guy they interest in. Some men doesn't mind when the women is taking the initiative, but some are not. Men are men, they don't like to be dominated in a relationship. Because once a woman takes the lead, she will be leading the relationship all the way.

Us women have to be traditional sometime and let him decide. After the first meeting, left nothing but your number and wait for him to text you first. However, it's worrying in some ways because we never whether he would text or not. This is where the ways to get a guy text you first play an important part. Do things that listed below to get him text you first for sure.

1. Don't be Aggressive - As woman nowadays has more courage than they did in the past, they become very bold and having no shame in pursuing men. The worst is, they tend to force the man to like them, which is a big turn off for any man.

2. Be Confidence - Confidence is the best thing that make any man interested to chase you. The more he sees confidence in you, the more he think how amazing you are and he'd like to know you better. It's a signs she is a girlfriend material he wants to have.

3. The Push and Pull - Don't be a woman that is easy to get. Men has this competitive nature and when sees you as something hard to win, he'll try harder to get you.

4. Keep Living Your Life - Letting him to text you first doesn't mean you have to wait for him all day long. Stay busy with your life, and don't see him too often. It's a Ways to Get Him to Miss You Like Crazy.

5. Don't Focused on Him - Even though you like him that much, don't make him the center of your universe. You still have a life and don't let him the new priority in it. Instead of making him happy, he will be not so fond of it.

6. Be Yourself - You don't have to fake anything just to get him text you first. Believe or not, even a guy can tell whether you are pretending or not. Let him fall for what you really are.

7. Be Mysterious - Don't give it all in one go, unless he'll have nothing to be curious about. Be mysterious and conceal yourself a little. It's also good Ways to Get a Gemini's Attention if he happened to be one.

8. Hold Your Desire - To text or call him first. Remember that once become the firsts, he will never start anything to you. You have to be the one who ask him for a meeting first, to call him first, and everything first. Just be patient and hold back.

9. Flirt Him - This is surely a thing any woman would do to get the attention from a guy she likes. Just make it natural and not too aggressive. You can try the sweetest Things to Say to Flirt with Your Crush.

10. Keep it Short - There will come a time where he contacts you often through texts, calls, or even ask for an appointment. Keep all the time with him short, so he would crave for more and want to meet you more.

11. Let Things Happen - This may be hard but worth to do. Try your best when you meet him, and now you just have to sit back and wait. Let things happen naturally on their own. Don't rush or force things out of impatience.

12. Don't be Clingy - Remember that you should never follow him around everywhere. Even when you do it without his knowledge, you should never. Be independent because it's also the Best Way to Get Aries Man if he is under that zodiac.

13. Make Him Jealous - But don't do it too much, or else he would run away. You can try his competitive nature by letting him know that he is not the only one. If he really has interest in you, he would do his best to win no matter what.

14. Keep Him to Chase You - Don't start everything. You are still in a flirting stage, so let him do everything first. Don't initiate a thing and let him the one who chase you.

15. Make Him Feel Happy - Be a woman he'd like to keep company. Make him feel fun and happy whenever he's with you.


Reasons Why He Text You First

  1. He is interested in you and want to know you more.
  2. There was an unfinished talk earlier and he wants to continue it through texts.
  3. He makes time to text you or luckily having spare time to text you.
  4. He wants to be in a more serious relationship with you.
  5. He felt fun and happy because of you.

Reasons Why He Doesn't Text You First

  1. He is busy, literally, of doing work, going out with his friends, playing a game, and doing something else.
  2. He is just not that into your text and feeling unnecessary to text or replying you.
  3. He is the type of not talking too much via text messages.
  4. You bombed him with number of messages and he got annoyed for sure.
  5. He is not interested in exchanging texts with you and telling you through the most polite way: not texting you first.

So those are the ways to get a guy text you first that you can do. Love and relationship are full of tricks and you should know how to play it well. Know the guy you are interested in, and if he is the traditional type, then let him take the lead. He likes these type of women much.

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