What To Do When Your Crush Blocks You On Facebook?

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On a fine morning, you open you Facebook and going to start stalking the recent activities of your crush. Much to your surprise, you are unable to access his Facebook profile at all. Turns out he blocks you out of nowhere. Leaving at loss and wonder why did he block you on Facebook? What did you probably have done wrong?


What To Do When Your Crush Blocks You On Facebook

Being blocked by your crush on Facebook sounds like he locked the door to his heart completely before you have the chance to try. Since you don't know what to do when your crush blocks you on Facebook, you start feeling lost and sad all of a sudden. Of course you can't let this pass just like that. Even though in the end he doesn't unblock you, at least you have dealt with it in a coll way and leave no regrets.

Here are what to do when your crush blocks you on Facebook:

1. Keep Yourself Calm

You must be feeling dumbfounded when you find out that he blocks you on Facebook. Don't let your emotion ride on you. Take a long, deep breath and fix your feeling. Calm yourself before thinking of what should you do next.

2. Don’t Block Him Back

Feeling hurt because he blocks you? Surely you do. But don't hit the block button back for him just because you're angry. The immature act only make things worse. Let it be and don't ever block him back.

3. Ask Him Right Away

ask him right away

Asking him right away why did he block you is not good either. Who on Earth you are to demand such thing? In the meantime, you're the one who like him, without knowing if he likes you back or not. Confronting him only makes you look ridiculous.

4. Reflect On Your Doings

Wondering about why he blocks you on Facebook, you better look up the reasons inside you. Just like when you're wondering What Does It Mean When Your Crush Unfollows You on Instagram, it may be you who makes him want to do it.

5. Look For The Possible Reasons

Think about it thoroughly. It could be you, but it could also be not you. It may be him, There are many possible reasons that cause him to blocks you from Facebook. No need to be sad and blame yourself.

6. Ask His Friends

It will be good if you happen to know some of his friends and pretty close to them. You can ask them about it and the might know the answer. If things doesn't get too seriously, they may tipped you about the Best Pick Up Lines for Your Crush That Will Make Him Smile.

7. Try To Get Close In The Real World

Have you only been stalking him online all this time that he thinks you are really a stalker, a dangerous one? If that is the case, you should get closer to him in the real world. Let him know you in person.

8. Ask For Advice From Your Friends

ask for advice from your friends

Sharing is caring. No better person in the world to share about it but your best friends. Tell them about your concern and ask what you better do. Don't keep it only for yourself.

9. Don’t Be Overly Sad

Him blocking you on Facebook doesn't mean the end of the world. There's no need to be overly sad. It makes you look needy and he end up loosing all his feeling that he barely has for you. It's Why Being Mysterious Works to Attract Man rather than making things look obvious.

10. Act Like Everything Is Fine

Smile like everything is fine. Don't show any signs that you're bothered by the fact he blocks you. Especially in front of him and his friends. Seeing you like that only makes him think he got the control.

Reasons He Blocks You On Facebook

In the middle of not knowing what to do when your crush blocks you on Facebook, here are some possible reasons that makes him doing so.

1. You Annoyed Him 

Have you ever think that he's actually annoyed by your behavior on Facebook especially? Maybe you're too much that makes him hit the block button for you.

2. You Tag Him Too Many Times 

Just because you want him recognize your feeling, doesn't mean you have to tag him in every each of your post. In fact, it's not How to Get Your Crush's Attention on Instagram since it's pretty annoying.

3. He's Tired Of Your Childish Updates

he's tired of your childish updates

Do you make you Facebook page your online diary? Where your all your feeling in it without holding it back? Maybe your crush is not the only one who blocks you.

4. You Have Been Spamming On His Page

Even though you stalk on him everyday, don't make it too obvious. Of course he blocks you if you spam on his page endlessly with likes, comments, shared links, or game invitation. For him, the Signs a Girl Likes You on Social Media is too much.

5. You Even Try To Reach His Family And Friends As Well

It's understandable how much you want to get close to him. But don't you think reaching out to his inner circle is too fast?

6. You Endlessly Send Him Messages

As if the timeline spamming is not enough, you spam him with messages, too. Just another annoying thing you do.

7. He Already Has A Girlfriend

Maybe this is why. Your existence sparks fire in his relationship so blocking you is the best decision. Not you fault, of course, if you don't know about this too.

No need to overthink about it girls. He's still a crush anyway. You don't know yet whether he's worth it or not. There are many better guys out there.

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