21 Signs A Pisces Has A Crush On You Secretly

Last updated on June 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Is there a Pisces in your life who you are desperately hoping to make a special connection with? 

Are you hesitating to make a move on this person, perhaps because you're unsure if they feel the same way about you?

Would you like to know the most obvious signs that a Pisces shows when they have a crush on someone? 

Well, you're in luck! There are a fair few giveaways that a Pisces will give away, and I will reveal 20 of them in the article below.

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Signs A Pisces Is Falling For You

Pisces is the most emotional of all the zodiac signs. A Pisces represents calm water in the zodiac sign so they are more prone to love. When a Pisces falls in love with you, they fall deep. They make you feel special and cherished.  

Understanding a Pisces most times could be very difficult because they live in two different worlds. The imaginary world where they just fantasize about you only in their head, and in the real world where they can’t summon up the courage to express their love for you. 

Maybe they are not vocal about their feelings? That shouldn’t make you conclude that they don’t fancy you, they may even be in love with you. Do you think they might just be flirting with you since you heard a Pisces is always calm, sweet, and emotional? 

Well then, you’d probably want to know the signs when a Pisces likes you. I have provided 21 signs below that could prove that there might be a Pisces who likes you.

21 Signs A Pisces Likes You

1. They Care About Your Opinion

they care about your opinion

If they are honestly interested in your opinion and what you think, it’s a sign that they like you. When they pay rapt attention to issues concerning you, then you’re not just any guy or girl to them. A Pisces can be inquisitive and also funny when comfortable with you, and it shows in how much feedback they are eager to receive.

2. They Trust You

When they tell you things about themselves that they don’t tell other people, they definitely feel something for you. A Pisces is quite intuitive, but they can also get carried away because of their need to be loved and accepted. So, try not to betray their trust in any way, it would really hurt them.

3. Extra Kindness

If a Pisces likes you, they make sure you feel cherished and admired. They could send you gifts from time to time or simply walk you home after work. It must not necessarily be a big or grand gift, it could be a small one that’s meaningful. That shows that they admire you. 

Pisces people are very compassionate, though they hide it sometimes because they think their heart is too large and their imaginations are too wild for this world.

4. They Stares At You

As a Pisces likes you, trust me, they will spend most of their waking hours thinking about you. You will always be in their mind and they will imagine what it will be like when they finally has you to themselves. So, they won’t stop staring at you every time they get the chance to, they are probably trying to memorize every detail. 

5. They Make Sacrifices For You

When a Pisces is loyal to you and also willing to do whatever you want, even if it’s hard for them, it’s a sign they love you. When they strive to see your needs actualized, they won’t mind making sacrifices for you because unlike the other zodiac signs, they want a telepathic connection and a soul mate. 

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In a way, they becomes your knights in shining armor. When they put in extra effort to build a connection with you, it’s because that Pisces likes you.

6. Quality Time

quality time

He will ask you out for dates, go shopping with you, or maybe take you to see a movie. That’s how you know a Pisces likes you. They won’t mind inconveniencing themselves just to make you happy and spend quality time with you, that’s just how big their heart is. 

Make sure you take note of how they are sharing their creative side and things they are passionate about on these dates so you’ll get to know them better.

7. They Understand You

When a Pisces knows every little detail about you; your schedule, your work, your passion, your birthday, and even your best days, then it’s one of the signs that they're interested in you. It has to be love because though the Pisces is a romantic, they won’t spend time with you if they don’t think it’s worth their time. 

When they understand your body language and gestures, it’s also a way to convey their love to you. Pisces are compassionate souls, they can stay in a conversation for hours. They will pay attention to you when you speak and will also listen to you, whilst offering a sincere shoulder to cry on.

8. They Will Do Romantic Things

Pisces are never scared to show their attraction, so they will do that through different ways. They could sing a love song to you or compose one themselves and ask you to listen to it. They can also play their favorite instrument for you, also compose a poem or write you a love letter

And some other zodiac sign wouldn’t even think about this. Although Pisces thinks twice before falling in love, they dive into it head first once the subject of their affection shows interest as well. They could also express their emotions by sending you things like movies, songs, videos, photographs to watch, listen to, and look through. 

9. Their Eyes Say It All

The eyes are the gateway to the soul they say. So when you look deep into their eyes, you will see what is in their heart. There is a difference between an ordinary glance and a soulful gaze. So, if you think a Pisces likes you, look into their eyes, the proof will stare right back at you. 

That’s because they let their eyes show what they feel. They might be sometimes scared of revealing too much emotion and being rejected, so they just express their feelings through signs and gestures and hope that you are picking up on them.

10. They Will Serve You

They will serve you

A Pisces that likes you will put in energy and time to please you. As they shows interest in you, they will put in all their vibes to see how you interact with that energy. Pisces really believe in true love and their expectations are high when it comes to issues of the heart. That’s why they won’t mind serving you and making you happy whenever they can.

11. They Surprise You

It must not be a big mind-blowing party with balloons, flowers, and cakes, or anything like that. It might not even be something expensive but it will surely be expressive. That’s the way Pisces guys operate. 

Their love for you shows more in their thoughtful actions, rather than grand gestures and gifts. They can just send you a random text to put a smile on your face or show up during your break time to make you happy and see you laugh. 

12. They Are Always Concerned About Your Welfare

'Are you sure you are okay?’, “will you be fine all by yourself?” “Have you eaten?”, “do you need anything?”. You would get questions like this from them because they worries about you. When a Pisces starts to worry about you, this could be one of the signs they like you. 

When you share your problems with each other, they feels it and expresses true compassion. When they tell you their issues, they are sincere about how they make them feel, because they're honestly trying to connect with you. 

13. They Flirt With You

Does this person flirt with you or are they shy? Either way, they will make deliberate efforts to get very close to you, compliment, and occasionally flirt with you. Whether it’s through the comments on your pictures or in person, they’ll do their best to make you feel special.  

14. They Will Put In The Effort To See You Happy

he will put in the effort to see you happy

Your laughter is important to them, so they won’t mind telling even the most cheesy jokes just to make you laugh. They may even research funny things online because when a Pisces likes you, they derive joy in seeing you happy. They will ask a lot of questions about what makes you happy and do everything possible to make it happen, just to see you happy.

15. They Act Bewildered

He flirts, laughs, teases you but also compliments you. They just do different things because they will do anything to stir your emotions. That’s one of the signs a Pisces likes you. However, if you want anything more than a friendship from them, don’t rush too soon because this zodiac sign likes to take their time.

16. They Go With The Flow

Pisces understand how to be one with others, so most times they just go with the flow. Although it’s sometimes difficult to decide what exactly to do. But then, going with the flow is a sign that follows affection, sensuality, and probably love. 

17. Your Jokes Are Funny

When a Pisces laughs at all your jokes, it’s a sign that they like you and in most cases, the laughter is sincere and real. You will notice how true it is from the happy look in their eyes. The fact that you see all these signs doesn’t necessarily mean they want to take you to the altar right away so don’t rush things. Just wait for them to come around and do things at their pace.

18. They Connects Emotionally

If they love you, they will give you their body and time, their heart as well. Their focus wouldn’t be whether the love is reciprocated. But once they feel that there is no emotional connection or you are just taking them for granted you will lose them. It’s just how this zodiac sign is, Pisces feel bad when not treated fairly. 

So they won’t just be after physical touch, a Pisces would want to have intellectual arguments with you, learn about your personal life, and generally figure out what makes you tick. 

19. Intense Highs And Lows

Pisces are sentimental, that’s probably because they fall under the water sign. They can fall in love easily but then also be unsure of what they wants. They want to be with someone that can give them a sense of belonging and align with their vision. This is because of how much thought they put into things. 

He may give you an idea or tell you about a business plan, not realizing that you don’t even have what it takes to carry it on. Also, if they like you, they will look for validation and constant reassurance. Because when a Pisces is happy, the whole place could probably light up, but when they're sad, you probably won’t want to be around them. 

20. They Try To Involve You In Their Plans

he tries to involve you in his plans

If you fall in love with a Pisces, you’ll notice that they tell you about their plans, their future, their insecurities, and their fears. They literally tell you everything about them and when they start talking about their dreams as well, then it is obvious that they like you too. 

21. They Are Shy When They Are Around You

When a Pisces likes you, they always acts very awkwardly and shy around you. This is more of a general trait, so you may end up with a Pisces who is quite confident. However, the shy Pisces will feel like they won’t be able to control their emotions around you, so it might be obvious how uncomfortable they are when they’re around you.


How do you know if a Pisces has a crush on you? 

I have given 21 ways to know if a Pisces secretly likes you, if they shows at least 50% of the signs listed above, then they may actually like you.

How do Pisces act when they have a crush? 

They want to talk to you often and they’ll always want to be involved in everything going on in your life. A Pisces is very supportive, helpful, and very caring. Even though this guy puts on a tough front, you’ll notice how much they're willing to give and sacrifice just to make you happy.

What sign is Pisces attracted to? 

Few qualities get a Pisces attracted. And the following zodiac signs have the attributes this zodiac sign is drawn to. Leo, Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius, but they are more compatible with Leo and Libra.

Are Pisces good at flirting? 

Yes, they are. I’m sure you’re wondering how a shy person can be very flirtatious, well, you know what they say about the quiet ones! Anyways they can be flirtatious, and they can be very smart and mysterious when doing this. 

Who is Pisces sexually compatible with? 

Pisces is very creative and romantic when it comes to sex, so they will be compatible with Scorpios who have a high sex drive. They also connect sexually to their fellow water sign Cancer.

In Conclusion

I hope you found this article helpful? Figuring out if a Pisces likes may be slightly challenging because of how reserved some of them are, and how helpful and caring they are to every single person they come across. However, with the tips above, you should be able to tell if they only have eyes for you. Let me know what you think in the comment section below, and please don’t forget to share this article with others.

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