5 Possible Reasons Why You Were Ghosted by Your Crush

Last updated on June 13, 2022 by Michelle Devani

When you get closer to your crush, they might give you hope for a serious relationship. You and your crush might have ever gone to several dates, hangout together, and spent time together.

They might be given you a pretty good attention, have the same hobbies with you, and anything else that makes you fall for them. But what if that person is leaving you after all of the attentions they gave you?

What if your crush suddenly doesn’t want to meet you, and somehow disappeared? If you have ever been in this situation, it is called a ghosting.

Ghosting means that someone who left you after they gave you some kind of hope for a serious relationship. They used to communicate with you every day, hangout with you, and gave you a lot of attention, but then they disappeared.

This situation is called ghosting—just like ghost—because that person left you and disappeared. There is always reasons why someone is ghosting you. You also need to know what to do when your crush shuts you out. So, here are some reasons why you were ghosted by your crush.

  • They have found someone else

If your crush immediately left you for no reason, and then they are seen to be with someone else, this is a bad reason for them to ghost you. This means that they just want to play with your feeling, gave you a false hope, then left you for someone else.

You don’t need to be sad over that person, because they don’t deserve you. If they leave you for someone else, this indicates that they are not mature enough for a relationship.

They should’ve explained to you about not your relationship with them, so that you won’t need to fall for them at first. So, you probably need to know signs when its time to let go someone you love. Don’t worry, because you will find someone better than them.

  • They just don’t want to hurt you

This reason might sound cheesy, but it is still not a good reason to leave someone. If a person that ghosted you said that they just don’t want to hurt you, it indicates that they might have feeling for you.

Maybe they just want to make you happy, because they feel like they don’t deserve you. But instead of ghosting you, they should’ve explained the reason that they can’t be in a relationship with you.

It would at least made you understand about their reason, and you wouldn’t ended up ghosted by them. But if someday they come back to you, find out what to do when he ghost you and come back.

  • They are just curious about you

The beginning of dating someone usually comes from being curious. We usually get curious about someone, and start to pay attention to them. Maybe someone who ghosted you were curious to know you.

That person might never even plan on building a relationship with you. But their way on got closer to you had somehow make you fell for them. This is not your fault, because you don’t know their intention at first when they got closer to you.

They are just being curious on you, and once they found out about you, they don’t want to date you.

  • Not being comfortable around you

If that person didn’t feel comfortable around you, they have a big potential on ghosting you. Maybe your crush who had ghosted you were feeling uncomfortable around you, because of your other friends, family, etc.

They might didn’t feel like a match with the people around you, and decided to just leave your feeling hanging. It is not a good decision, because you probably felt betrayed by them. In order to date someone later, you also need to know what you should not do during the first date.

  • There is no commitment

This is whether your crush has no commitment or you have no commitment on having a relationship. If it is your crush, this means they just don’t have any commitment to build a relationship with you.

They feel like they are not ready to know you better, then ended up ghosting you. You also need to look at yourself, whether you are ready or not to build a relationship with anyone. If you have decided that you are ready for a commitment, feel free to look for someone else.

Because one of the most important things to have a serious relationship is your preparation. You have to prepare your mental first, then you can deal with any situation in your future relationship.

It might feel hard at first to accept that someone ghosted you, but you don’t need to worry much about them. You deserve so much better than someone who just left you hanging.

You also need to know how to tell if a guy wants to date you or just hook up. Remember to love yourself, and prepare yourself for someone better in your future.

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