21 Best Ways to Make the Boys of Your Dream Fall in Love with You

Last updated on May 31, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Every girl has this one boy that she dreamed of to be his boyfriend. As we talk about dream boys, he must be some coolest guy in school or the mos handsome guy at work, and whoever he might be. But for sure, it's kinda hard for you to get close to him, let alone making him fall in love with you. However it's not a mission impossible to make him so.

You need to know the ways to make the boys of your dream fall in love with you. Easy because all the things you should do are easy, as they listed below:

  1. Find Yourself

It's important to find yourself among the billions of people in the world. It means you must know who you want to be and how you do it. And the next thing is to do well with it. Make some achievement so that you don't come to him empty handed.

  1. Be Brave to Say Hello First

Well, we usually don't personally know the guy we dreamed of. So that you need to find out the Ways to Make a Guy Notice You in School or work, by saying hello to him first. As you like him and given the fact that he is your dream boy, it takes some of your bravery to do it. Brace yourself to or you're going to regret it later.

  1. Make Over Yourself

Physical appearance is not everything but it's an important thing. Guys are visual being and they will be interested in a pretty girl before they know who she is. Being pretty means you know how to dressed yourself in a decent way, not too sexy but enough to make him turn his head toward you.

  1. Make Eye Contact with Him

Eyes are the window of the soul. You can tell that someone likes you through the eyes. And that's what you should do to him. Maintain a steady gaze to him, but not the intimidating one. People fall in love faster when their eyes are engaged to each other.

  1. Find the Similarity

There is one Ways to Flirt without Coming On Too Strong, by finding in what you are similar with him. Say it that you support the same football team, watch the match together and engage yourself in a long conversation regarding the team with him. Even if you support the different teams you can still find your way.

  1. Don't be Too Obvious

Guys can run away scared if you make your intention to flirt with him too obvious. Clearly not the best ways to make the boys of your dreams fall in love with you. Keep it low and humble, but make sure he gets your intention. Or else you will soon see the Signs That He is Falling Out of Love with You.

  1. Play the Push and Pull

After you get to know him, try to hang out with him once a while, but remember not to be always available when he needs you. Play some tricks to give him the chance to feel your absence and ended up missing you.

  1. Offer Him Your Help

A guy will be impressed by someone who is come in handy for him. If you are attending the same class or working in the same division in the office, offer your help to finish his task. This can buy you more time to know him more.

  1. And Ask for His Help

And in return, ask for his help. Let his chivalrous side coming out by asking him to help you carry some heavy stuff or taking things from the height. Guys love it the most when he is needed by a woman.

  1. Be Confident

Be who you are and be confident with who you are. You just need to focused to be the best version of you instead of looking at some other cool girl and trying to make yourself like her.

  1. Laugh a Lot and Make Him Laugh

Guys have good Reasons Why You Should Date the Girl Who Makes You Laugh, because it makes them feel teh happiness. It's contagious and it's free. Just laugh a lot and make him laugh too. Soon he will fall in love with you.

  1. Be His Friend

But don't let him get too comfortable being your friend. Being his friend means you are the one who is listen to him and with whom he is comfortable with. That way it's easier for him to fall in love.

  1. Treat Him for Lunch

Show some generosity by treating for a quick lunch. You don't know what can happen over a burger and you don't have to spend a fortune for it.

  1. Be Understanding of Him

This is why you need to be his friend. Sometime we only want to be understood and listened, not to be judged.

  1. Live Your Own Life

Be busy with your life. Don't be focused on getting his love that you forget that you actually have to win your life too.

  1. Be Happy

Now, who won't be falling in love with someone who is always happy?

How Impress Him to Fall for You

So if he is your dream boy, means he got something worth to make you fall in love with him. The other way around, you should also make him impressed through these ways:

  1. Make some achievement in things that you're good at.
  2. Don't make yourself look ridiculous by not caring about what to wear.
  3. Stay away from any kind of drama. Men don't like it.
  4. Be someone that is well know for her generosity. It makes him easier to notice you.
  5. Don't offer help just for him. Show him that you are indeed a generous person by doing some voluntary work or charity act.

Turn your dream guy into your dream boyfriend is not that hard. All you need to know is the right ways to make the boys of your dream fall in love with you. Make sure he really worth all the effort.

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