Here Are What to Do to Get Closer If Your Crush is 5 Years Older Than You

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Love knows no boundaries. When you start to like a guy who's 5 years older than you, don't ever think you're too young or he's too old for you. Just give it a go. Dating someone older means less drama and he can treat you like a gentleman.

What to Do to Get Closer If Your Crush is 5 Years Older Than You

What may become a problem is when your crush only think you as his little sister and love you like you're his own. This is not what you want though. You have to know the right way to get close to him so that he recognize you as a woman, not a young girl anymore.

So here are what to do to get closer to your crush is 5 years older than you.

1. Be Yourself

It doesn't matter whom you want to get closer with, you have to be yourself. Let him know who you really are and fall in love with every side of you. Know yourself and be proud with it.

2. Don't be Too Childish

You childish act won't make him interested in you. He even could lost all of his feeling or thinking you as a little kid instead. Act normally, don't be too childish in front of him.

3. But Don't Look More Mature Than Your Age

But looking way more mature than your actual age is not a good thing either. Don't force yourself to. Just act normal will do. Also, don't be confused with what should you do.

4. Show Him How to Enjoy Life

Due to work and and many business, older people often forget how to enjoy life. Show him How to Lead a Happy and Peaceful Life in a Simple Way with the young spirit of yours.

5. Open Up About Yourself

Let him know who you are by open up about yourself. You don't have to give everything in one go or telling him you deepest. Instead, talk about dreams, ideas, and future hopes with him.

6. Know About Him More

Don't create a monologue only to describe yourself. Show some curiosity by asking about him too. Don't dominate the conversations. Guys are all the same, they like it when we ask about himself.

7. Find Something to Do Together

The fastest Ways to Get Closer to Your Crush is by doing something together. It will better if you have a common interest and doing your hobby together.

8. Mind Your Look

Regardless of his age, men tend to be drawn by physical appearances first. Dress up yourself when you see him so that he is impressed. Show that you make some effort.

9. Smile

The best make up many girls could wear. Smile brings many miracles. Put smiles on your face to leave an impression that you are a positive person. Also, smile is contagious so he will be smiling too upon seeing you.

10. Don't Look Too Much

Dressing up yourself doesn't mean you have to look too much. Dress and wear make up accordingly to your age and don't forget to add that youthful image in you. You don't have to keep up with him by looking older too.

11. Be Confident

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Confident woman never fail to get attention from her crush. Bring yourself and be confident. You may try some of the Best Pick Up Lines for Your Crush That Will Make Him Smile. But remember to keep it slow and not too much.

12. Don't Put Too Much Drama

Dealing with older man means you have to get rid all the dramas. Stop whining, act childish, clingy, and needy. He won't be impressed and think that you are still have a long way from the Wife Material Signs he wish he has.

13. No Need To Beat Around the Bush

Be sure about your intention. Going directly to the way you want it to be is better than beating around the bush. Don't tell him that you want to be his friend, sister, etc. Show him that you want to get close as man and woman.

14. But Don't be in a Rush Too

Being direct doesn't mean going in a rush. Go with the flow and don't force anything. You can't expect for an instant result anyway. Just enjoy the process while you know each other more.

15. Be Careful of the Sibling Zone

What's worse than friendzone? It's the sibling zone. The last thing you want is for him to recognize you only as a little sister. It's why you have to make your intention clear right from the start.

16. Tell Him About Your Feeling

You won't be embarrassed by confessing your feeling to him. He is older and wiser, so he won't laugh at your boldness. In fact, it will make him more easier to fall in love with you since he will recognize every little effort you do.

17. Leave Some Mystery

It's good to open up about yourself but left a little mystery in it. It will draw him closer as he wants to know more about what you're hiding. Men are born curious, and it's Why Being Mysterious Works to Attract Man.

18. Don't Contact Him Everyday

Give him space by not bothering him everyday. Remember that he's older so don't treat him like a teenager.

19. Don't be Possessive

He will have a wide range of social life, so don't be possessive with him. Be understanding for this one.

20. Make More Time to be Spent Together

If you miss him, ask him to meet you and spend time together. If you want to know him more, make more time while doing your favorite activities together.

Dating an older guy means you have to learn to let some things go and not to make something big about it. The older someone get, the simpler his way of thinking become.

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