23 Tell-All Signs of a Co-worker Falling in Love with You

Last updated on April 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you worried that a co-worker is falling in love with you? 

Perhaps you’re excited about that idea!.

A lot of romances are formed in the workplace - so there’s every chance your work colleague is developing strong feelings for you. It happens all the time! 

However, a lot of men and women can be scared of making that first move on a work colleague. There could be repercussions, especially in this new #MeToo era where men are particularly terrified of harassment accusations. 

So, if you are looking to make something happen with a work colleague, you may first have to look for the subtle signs that they are interested in you.

I have listed 23 of these signs below. 

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If you prefer to stick to reading behavioral cues, you can scroll down for my list of hidden signs a co-worker is falling for you.


Serious Signs Of A Co-worker Falling In Love With You

Do you think your co-worker may have the hots for you? What are the signs of a co-worker falling in love with you? How will you know when your co-worker is ready to take things to the next level and be a part of your personal life?

You may have a crush on someone at the office or just think that someone is interested in you. Maybe a co-worker is giving you more attention than he or she gives others. You might notice this worker hanging out by your desk more than usual, or he or she makes excuses to sit by you during meetings. 

Today, we’ll look at the common signs that a co-worker is interested in you and how to best handle it. If you are interested in the worker as much as they are interested in you, an office romance may be the way to go! Look for the signs that he or she has fallen for you!

1. They listen carefully

If your co-worker hangs on your every word, listening intently, you know this is a sign that they are interested in being more than friends. They’d probably say that they find you fascinating and would like to get to know you better - outside of the office! When someone shows they care by listening to you, they really want to get to know you!

They might tilt their head as you talk to show that they are very interested in everything you are saying. Your co-worker is basically telling you to continue talking because they are eating up every word that comes out of your mouth. If you want to talk about personal matters, you might meet your co-worker outside of the office!

Be sure to reciprocate this act of kindness, too. You can do this by paying attention when your co-worker talks about things that are not related to the office. If you are wanting to be romantically involved, you want them to know you care about what happens in their personal life. 

2. You can tell they are paying attention when you talk

Do they remember the little details that are shared when you are in conversation with one another? For example, maybe they notice at the office when you wear certain jewelry or an outfit more than once. They might ask if the necklace was a family heirloom or something like that. This shows they notice the little things and care!

3. They maintain eye contact when you talk

Maintaining eye contact isn’t always the easiest for everyone, but if your romantic interest keeps eye contact with you when you talk, you know he or she is wanting to have a good conversation with you, which may lead to more. They are hanging on your every word and showing how much they are listening through their eye movement.

4. You catch them staring at you

Staring is almost always a dead giveaway, but it may mean that they simply think you are a hottie! They might find it hard NOT to look in your general direction if you dress up for the office each day. You may knock the socks off all your co-workers if you dress like a hottie on a daily basis. Have you caught a co-worker looking in your direction?

If you catch him or her looking your way more than once, there may be something going on. They may be trying to hide their feelings for you while at the office. They could be crushing hard but not know what to do about it since you work with one another. Maybe they don’t want to make a move until they know how you feel. 

If you have feelings for someone at the office, you can flirt with them and show them that you feel the same way. This will make it easier for them to ask you out. If you are especially bold, you can ask them out on a date or event outside of the office!

5. They ask you a lot of personal questions

Asking questions is a key sign that a guy or gal has the hots for you! They want to get to know you better, learning as much about you as possible as they go along the way! They might ask you questions about your childhood, your favorite foods, your childhood crushes (giving them insight into what kind of person you are wishing to date), and more!

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6. They are always finding excuses to work with you

they are always finding excuses to work with you

You might find them hanging out at your desk, asking to be on a team with you to work on a work project, or just trying to help you solve everyday office problems. For example, you might come into work in the morning only to find your crush or love interest sitting at your desk waiting for your arrival so that they can give you fresh coffee or a donut!

7. They help you out with anything

You have dropped some papers or messed up on an important presentation for your boss. Here comes the object of your affection, ready to save the day! They act as a Knight in Shining Armor or Princess in disguise - made to help you out of any jam you find yourself up against at the office. Having a great friend like that can be great!

However, how do you know if they are just a good person? Maybe they treat everyone this way and don’t give you any special treatment. If so, they might not have the hots for you; they could just have a very helpful nature. However, if they rush out of their way to treat you differently, you know something is up!

8. They make it a point to find out your relationship status

Maybe they approach your friends or ask other workers if you are seeing anyone or have a boyfriend/girlfriend. Maybe they hint around to find out if you are truly single, available, and looking for a partner. If you are unsure of the status of your relationship, you might want to figure that out before you give away any answers!

9. They praise you to colleagues and the boss

Is it not just such a great feeling to get compliments and praise in front of others? Maybe you feel like they are just a kind person and don’t mean anything by it. Do they talk that way about other people? Do they seem to single you out? If you have noticed an increased interest in your positive attributes, this person may be in love with you!

They may not even do this on purpose! Often, when we have someone that we can’t get out of our mind, we think very highly of them because we notice all the great traits they possess. If you think your crush is very intelligent, you’ll begin to see all the ways that they are smart and how it’s seen in everyday life, especially at work.

You may start to compliment them on their intelligence because of how proud you are of them or impressed you are with their head! “What a beautiful mind!” A phrase like that may be something you think as you recognize their intelligence! Finding the little pros in another person is just one sign that you are falling hard for them!

10. They try to be involved in your personal life

Maybe a relative passed away, or perhaps your dog is sick; when things like this happen, we have trouble keeping our worries to ourselves. Even if you want to, usually, your demeanor and attitude will give away that something is wrong with you. If you feel down about something, your co-workers are bound to notice this.

If someone at the office has a “thing” for you, they will likely learn your various moods and recognize when something is wrong with you so that they can soothe you during troubled times. Who is the most involved person in your life at work? Do you think they could have romantic or loving feelings for you?

11. They spend time near you

They might stand near your desk or just hang around the water cooler if they know when you usually fill up your water bottle. Maybe they are eager to hear you chit-chat with other people when you are on breaks or just have some spare time between projects.

12. You know they tell you things they would not tell other coworkers

you know they tell you things they would not tell other coworkers

Secrets are the key to knowing if someone is into you or not! Do they tell you things that you know they would not tell other people? Have you seen them tell everyone about their grandmother’s death, or did they just share that information with you? If they feel that close to you, you should consider them a close friend.

Hopefully, you feel about them the same way they feel for you. If not, you may be giving them mixed signals and have to back away from what you believe to be a friendship, especially if there is a possibility of you hurting their feelings. You wouldn’t want anyone to do that to you, so be fair to this dear person and cut them loose - nicely.

13. They say sweet things that wouldn’t be shared with other colleagues

Do they have a pet nickname for you that would be inappropriate for anyone else? Do they affectionately have a way of saying your name that is unique to your relationship? They may be doing this because they are very fond of you, and they want you to see that they stand out in the pack of people you are around on a daily basis!

14. They act nervous around you

People act nervous in all sorts of ways. The most common ways that nervousness is shown include sweating, fidgeting, and the slurring of speech. Sometimes, people just trip and fall. It can be quite embarrassing, especially if your intent was to impress the object of your affection! What a nightmare!

15. They seem happy when you are around

Can you tell an immediate change in attitude when you are around your crush? If you are the crush, do you notice this person gets excited when you come around? Lots of times, we tend to get almost giddy when we are around the person our heart desires.

We want to be cool, calm, and collected, but often our nervousness takes over! We can’t help but stutter or speak in ways that are completely unlike us. Have you ever noticed anything like this with your co-worker? If so, and if he or she doesn’t act like this around others, you may have someone who really likes you on your hands!

16. They accidentally touch you a lot

Touch is a powerful force. It can often tell us that we are attracted to someone, even if the touch was not done on purpose. Of course, if he or she touches your hand during the meeting (under the table), you know they like or even love you!

17. Their body language is a dead giveaway

Attractive body language includes things like smiling, eye contact, and mirroring. Mirroring occurs when a person mimics the actions of the other person. If you talk to this person with your arms crossed and your knees close together, and they mimic these actions, they may be trying to tell you something - indirectly!

18. They make excuses to spend time with you outside the work environment

they make excuses to spend time with you outside the work environment

This one is kind of an obvious sign, but it can be hard to detect if the co-worker makes it out to be like these occasions are work-related. However, if you know that they are not necessary or if they seem disappointed when you invite a friend to tag along, you know they had ulterior motives for these events. They really wanted some alone time!

19. They give you a flattering nickname

As mentioned, nicknames can be sweet signs of affection. If they only say kind things with the names they call you, you can bet they think of you as more than just a friend.

20. They defend you in front of work colleagues

Everyone gets a hard time from their colleagues from time to time, except maybe the boss. However, the boss surely gets talked about plenty behind his or her back. If this person defends your honor or any bad thing that is said about you, you know they may be in love with you. They can’t see how anyone could say such things about you!

21. They say sweet things to you

Do you get a lot of compliments from this person? Do they have to tell you every day how great you look? Have you noticed them going out of their way to pay you compliments? If you are honored to have them as a friend because of the nice things they say, they may want to have a romantic relationship with you.

22. They follow you on social media

With social media busting at the seems more and more every day, it’s no wonder that everyone and their dogs are on there now! From Facebook to Snapchat, there are tons of ways to connect. All this person has to do is ask what your handle is, and they are “in.” They might just make it a casual friendship online at first, but it could turn into more!

23. They tell you that they have feelings for you

The clearest sign that someone has true feelings for you is based on what they say to you. If this person asks you out on a date and makes it clear that it is a romantic date, you know they like you and maybe even are in love with you. It’s not up to you to decide how you feel about them to determine if you want to say yes or no!

It’s always a little messy to have a relationship with someone at the office, but it can work out in the long run if done right! You just need to have all your ducks in a row. That means that you do it right. Start as just friends to see if you even get along that well. Then, see if there is a romantic attraction that deserves to grow.

You should discuss with this person what this may mean for both of your careers. Is it worth it to put your job in jeopardy? Do you think you risk ruining a promotion? Could this push you back or pull you forward with your career? Should the two of you tell other people about your interest in each other? Take it one step at a time!


Why do coworkers fall in love?

When you are spending time with another worker, it’s easy to build a romantic relationship that isn’t just about the office. If your coworker likes you and you feel the same, look for the signs he or she is in love and interested in a romantic relationship!

How do you tell if a male coworker likes you?

The signs that a guy likes you vary! One obvious sign that a workplace romance is on the way is when a guy asks you out on a date. That’s a clear sign he thinks romantic relationships are okay between coworkers. If a male coworker likes you, just let him know your feelings.

How do you tell if coworkers are dating?

Signs that two people are in a romantic relationship include their body language and the way they talk to each other - as more than just friends. If there are romantic feelings, they will find excuses to spend quality time together - a sure sign there’s love in the air!

What are the signs of mutual attraction?

A good sign that a coworker wants to be more than just a colleague is if he or she listens closely to what you have to say. Do you notice him or her noting the details of your conversation? Does he or she bring them up later on?

How common are workplace affairs?

According to Good Therapy, 85% of affairs start at the workplace. You’ve got to think of how often you are seeing the other worker. After you notice each other in a romantic sense, he or she finds excuses to work closer to you!

To Sum It All Up

What signs do you notice that a co-worker is falling for you? Does this co-worker show signs that he or she is interested in being more than just a co-worker? What sign made you change your mind about them? Do you have the hots for a co-worker right now? We’d love to hear all about it!

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