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Valentine’s Day is always full of hearts, flowers, and chocolate. The three of them share one thing in common: cutesy. Just like how you can’t stop smiling to yourself on V-Day’s morning, you can send as many cute ways to ask someone become your Valentine through text as you want. If Valentine’s Day is not perfect enough, until when would you wait? You can flirt with them as well.

February 14th, also known as Valentine’s Day is often used by people to confess their love one another. Couples are overwhelmed with love while celebrating the day together, whereas singles are more vulnerable as they tend to be lonely that day. Which is why Valentine’s Day is your momentum.

When they feel quite lonely, you text them something cute: asking them to be your Valentine. Here are some cute words you can use:

  1. “U + me = <3”

Simple, but who doesn’t know what’s this mean? They can’t help but smile upon reading this cute text. And they might send their smile through the response as well. Or even better if they can reply with an equally witty text which is also simple and cute. They’re gonna love it. Also read How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Fall in Love with You Again Through Text

  1. “Right in the Valentine’s Day morning, I think about you. Why is that?”

Just, why? Should you really tell them? This cute text is surely special to be sent on Valentine’s Day, rather than a plain greetings. Either you’re a woman or man, your crush definitely understand why you sent them this. It’s a pretty safe text to be sent if you’re want to test the waters.

  1. “It’s the 2:14 and all I wish is you.”

People said when you make wishes on 11:11 it will become true. Adapting the same idea, you clearly wish for them on 2:14. Not so special in a glimpse but if they read it carefully they’ll know. Match the time when you send the message. Exactly on 2:14 so that everything would be perfect! Also read How to Propose Him on Valentine's Day

  1. “I think you’re going to be arrested. You’ve stolen my heart.”

This extremely cute text may lead to a lengthy convo if you start with “You’re going to be arrested” thing. They’ll definitely ask you why and it’s the time for you to say how they have stolen your heart. They still get arrested, though. In your heart.

  1. “Watching movie on V-Day with you would be perfect.”

Of course you can’t randomly text them with above words. Start it easy by asking what they’re doing and hint that you want to spend the day with them. By asking them to watch movie together, you practically ask them for a date. Chances are, if they say yes, you may proceed to confession. Also read Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day Alone

  1. “(Sending Blank Text)”

Sending text to a crush on daily basis is hard already, let alone on Valentine’s Day. Boldness is not for everyone, and if you’re hesitating you can start with sending blank message. Don’t write anything at all and they will text you back. Just make sure they’ll text you back so you can lead to a real conversation.

  1. “I’m sick of cuddling my teddy bear. Would you replace it?

All everyone need in Valentine’s Day is a perfectly warm cuddles! And, yes, they’d love to. This is too cute to resist and hopefully they answer it with a yes. Saying “Would you be my Valentine?” is too old already and your crush might thing you’re cheesy and old fashioned. This teddy bear thing is quite refreshing. Also read Sarcastic Ways to Say Happy Valentine's Day

  1. “I’m dreaming about you last night… and for the last couple of months, really.”

Send those text separately. The first one is a trigger so they will ask why or what are you dreaming about me and the latter is your love confession. But remember not to coming on too strong—they might run away and thought you are annoying. For example, saying you dreamed about something steamy. Ugh.

  1. “How’s the day going, Valentine?”

One rule you must remember when you send cute ways to ask someone become your Valentine through text: don’t put too much pressure on your words. Keep it simple and light. It’s pretty common to say Valentine on V-Day so they won’t be suspicious at first. You can build the mood slowly as the convo’s going, though. Also read Ways to Ask Someone to be Your Valentine Over Text 

  1. “Will you be my Valentine?”

This is old fashioned, but some people like to keep it classic. In fact, probably there are not many people so still use this phrase for their crush. What a good way to tell someone directly about how you feel? So pick up the phone now and start typing. Yes, right now.

  1. “1-4-3”

Before cellphones exist, people communicate through pagers. They sent messages by numbers and the receivers must break the code. Your crush will definitely ask what does it mean and you can tell them you’re pager-ing them. Let them break the code. FYI, 1-4-3 is code for “I love you”.

  1. "To me, you are perfect."

Sounds familiar? Yes, it is. It’s a phrase from Love Actually on the infamous scenes of love confession’s cue cards on the doorstep. Before reaching to this point, you have to have a conversation with them first. Lure them so that you have the chance to say it.

  1. “Leave V-Day alone. I want to make U + Me Day.”

What’s the point of celebrating V-Day if you and me can’t be together? It’s what you’re trying to say. You know, this is too sweet!

Those are various cute ways to ask someone become your Valentine through text. If you have been hiding your feeling from your crush, you might never find the better time to say it. Don’t hesitate and give it a try!

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