My Crush Has A Girlfriend And I've Liked Him Before He Had A Girlfriend. What Should I Do?

Last updated on July 9, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you falling in love with someone? You have a crush with someone he is so handsome, a European man. The benefits of dating a European man there are much. But now, your crush already has a girlfriend.

So, in your thought's say; my crush has a girlfriend and I've liked him before he had a girlfriend. what should I do? Please check it below here.

1. How is your feeling to him

First, you must know how really the feeling is upon him, your crush. Are you really love him? Think about it again and again.

2. Make a space 

How to get closer to your crush in school and fall for you? Well, get a little closer with your crush it is okay. But, don't too close. Make a space, please if you feel your crush get closer to someone else.

3. Use your feeling

Use your feeling when you meet him even while you want to get closer, does he like you too?. Well,  What to Do If Your Crush Randomly Stops Texting You? Please, use your feeling here, and decide it logically.

4. It is okay, let be friends

You meet him while both you in school, so you know about him very much like your other friend. If you can't get him, being his friend it is okay. Someday, he will need you.

5. How to calm yourself

You know that he already has a new girlfriend, it makes your heart feel hurt and broken. Disappoint, it's okay. But you must move on and let him with his choices.

Signs that your crush likes you too even he has a girlfriend

So, here are the signs that honestly he likes you too even your crush has a girlfriend. Let's check it out.

1. He texts you lots

It is impossible he already has a girl. But, he still texts you lots. So, why he does this? Well, here the tips on how to know if a Gemini man likes you through text? 

2. He trying to get closer to you

Yes, he already has a new girlfriend but why does he still try to get closer to you? If he just wants to use you, please be aware.

3. He stares at you

Well, it's true he chooses someone being his girlfriend. But why he always stares at you when you pretend you not see him, your crush?

4. Still being his friends

He wants you still being his friend, because you are so kind, and care. That is why someone like you is special.

5. Hangout together

Even he already has someone new, he still invites you to hang out and join with his friends. So, this is the time to move on with his single friends. It may heal your broken heart.

Why he chooses her as a girlfriend?

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You are wondering, why he chooses her as a girlfriend? Why not me? Well here are the important reasons you should know.

1.  Stop your social media

If it really makes you hurt very much, so do not take a look at your social media at this time.  This news, really shocked you a lot. But, if you are able to see him with someone else, it's okay let him go. Here are some tips on how to move on from a relationship when you are still in love.

2. Does she quite beautiful than me?

This is the first question in your mind. Does she quite beautiful than me or does she has a beautiful body than me?

It's big no to compare and it is very useless. Just let your crush chooses what he wants.

3. Revenge is not the best solution

It is his plan to get her as his girlfriend. He has some reasons, privately why he chooses her and does not choose you as his girlfriend. Notice this, some girls maybe chose to do revenge is the best solution. It is not, it is very useless.

4. He chooses her because unique and special

You don't know the real reason is why he chooses someone else to get her as his girlfriend.

Some guys just rate the girl from the beauty, but for him, inner beauty, unique personality makes her very special among the other girl.

5. The best team

He wants to make the best partner for the journey of his life. He thinks that the girl is someone that very suit to your crush's character.

Hopefully, the above on my crush has a girlfriend and I've liked him before he had a girlfriend.

What should I do? It can give you the best answer on how to handle this situation. So, good luck and be a wise person to decide; he is right or not for you.

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