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Who never knew the European man? A guy with blonde hair has beautiful blue eyes, the muscular bodies, they are totally supermodel. Many girls want them to be her mine, however, what are the benefits of dating a European man? Check the below lists now.


1. The Thinkers

European men are thinkers, it is proved when he first met you, he always has the right plan and he is able to think about what you like.

2. Have Lots Of Fun To Do

have lots of fun to do

There is no word for dating as other men do, European men are more likely to like to do activities that are fun with you. If you want to look for some ideas for dating you can see in some cool ways to enjoy Valentine's day date without spending too much.

3. Respect For Women

European men know how to respect women well. European men will feel more comfortable if the woman has high respect (attitude).

4. Has Good Behavior

European men clearly have good behavior, it is not only to women but also everyone around them. Courtesy, attention and how they behave, all have been raised with family values from an early age.

5.Like To Cook

It is not all European men are good at cooking, but most European men can indeed cook reliably. Moreover, they like to express their expertise in the kitchen especially for you, someone special.

6. Always Share

Food made at home is the most complicated thing for them because it is made by love. However, even though this is complicated they are willing to share it with everyone around him

7. On Time

A European always come in on time, he never let you wait for a long time. It's the truth.

8. Long Relationship

If you looking for a long relationship, it is good to choose them, a European man. He will bring you to the next journey, it is a wedding.

The Signs Of European Man That Loves You

the signs of european man that loves you

Below here are the most signs, how to recognize that European man loves you? Let's check these out.

1. Independent Woman

European men like independent women, women who can work, cook, manage their own finances and even support themselves.

2. Offer Food

If a European man, for example, Germany approaches you and offers you food, or drink is a sign that he is interested in you. Some of these tips on how to know if a guy is interested in you or just being friendly, it can help you to see the truth.

3. Polite

It is not all European men have good behavior, you must be smart to choose which ones are good and not. For example, touching you without your permission freely, you can leave him immediately,

4. Seducing You

It's, to be honest, good and serious European men tend to be shy. If he is someone who is good at seducing and talking a lot, he is automatically a playboy.

5. He Wants To Meet You

See some of the best dating app in Germany and you should try this. You can meet some of the European men here. If you and he are suitable for you, he will meet you on time.

6. The Most Romantic

Some European men like French or Italian men are known as the most romantic men you have ever met. They will fawn to make you comfortable with all the surprises he made himself.

7. The Sweet Talks

Some romantic's European man, he will say sweet talks only to you, but some European man just stays cool. But, he still looking at you and gives you more attention than else.

Tips On How To Date A European Man

tips on how to date a european man

Will you date with a European man? If you will, you can get him easily with some tips below here. Let's see.

1. Let This Relationship Flow

Do not to rush and hope that he will give you a ring as quickly as you think. Try to enjoy this relationship until the end, this is a tip on how to make a long distance relationship work with a Leo man.

2. Open Your Mind

You should open your mind about how the difference is. Both of you have many differences in cultures. So, if you will gonna in the next relationship you just open your mind.

3. Let Him Have Fun

Do not too strict to make fall in love too you. Make a comfortable atmosphere. Let him do his hobbies or do some have fun. Remember, he has his own world.

4. Do Not Be Too Needy

As the previous points, they love an independent woman. So, you must be an independent woman. He does not always in your side. Do yourself and make it best.

5. Give Him A Positive Support

If you want he respects you, you should do the same as he does. Gives him positive support. Maybe it is a simple thing, but it's a special thing for him.

6. Being Smart

Well, if you are not pretty it is not a big problem. But, if you are really smart in one subject, it is a golden ticket. Every man loves a woman who has good intelligence.

7. Your Inner Beauty

your inner beauty

Show your inner beauty to him, this natural thing it is effective how to make a European man loves you at first sight.

8. The Social Soul

Maybe you can learn how to share with the people around you. Having a social soul does not have to be shown directly to him but you can show how to caring for your own environment or care to your family.

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