Incredibly Cheap But Cool Ways To Enjoy Valentine's Day Date Without Spending Too Much

Last updated on May 7, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Valentine’s Day is for everyone, including when you’re tight on your budget. Every couple want to make the most of the day and celebrate it romantically. But arranging a Valentine’s Day celebration can be stressful when you don’t have enough money. You can’t afford those glittery stuff displayed on the window store nor you can book in advance at a fancy restaurant.

Money will not come to you if you spend all the time worrying. Now it’s time to stop and think about what you can do rather than the one you can’t. The essence of Valentine’s Day is spending time with the one you love and fee loved by one another. Don’t be trapped in thinking hard about all the rituals and celebration that makes yourself feel empty in the end.

In fact, there are many cool ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day without spending too much. The most important thing is that you can spend time with one another, and it’s enough without having to celebrate it lavishly. Here are inspiring ideas to celebrate the day of love in a cheap, but meaningful ways.


1. Cooking Your Dinner Together

cooking your dinner together

It’s impossible not to be tempted with discount and special offer at your favorite restaurant, but it becomes possible when you are short of money. You can have your own dinner in the house, cooking the meal together on top of that. Research for recipes online, call your lover and hit the grocery together.

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Cooking is a perfect activity for couples as you can be present with another, working on the same thing and fall into the activity. If you don’t have time to cook, take away a pizze and you can make the dessert instead.

2. Going On A Romantic Camping

Something classic remains romantic. Spend an intense moment with your loved ones by going camping together. It doesn’t matter even if you set a tent at the backyard. Outdoor escapes always brings something you, make you know more about your significant other. Nothing is more romantic than snuggling together inside the sleeping bag in the middle of cold weather. It’s alternative if you haven’t been on holiday with your partner.

3. Walking Down The Memory Lane

Seeing where you are today, time flies. It’s fun to look back at when everything started, be it your first date or your first meeting. You can recreate you first date or the best date you ever had on V-day. If dining out is still too much, you can rent a movie you first saw on theater. Recreate something memorable is always good for lit up the fire if love once again. 

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4. Working On A Service Community

The point of Valentine’s Day is to celebrate love. Love doesn’t belong only to couples but to be share to everyone. Spread love and kindness together on V-day by volunteering to a service community nearby with your partner. They must have a special event going on and you can simply take part! It will gain you new experiences you have never known. 

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You can choose the one that suitable for you. Be it nursing home or animal shelter. Spend your Valentine’s Day in the most unique way that inspired others.

5. Playing In The Snow

This is the most fun date idea to spend on V-day. If your country is in winter season. Playing in the snow is the cheapest alternative when skiing is not affordable. You can go sledding, skating, snow shoeing, or simply building a snowman. 

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Having fun with each other is the point of celebrating the Valentine’s Day. After having play enough outside, you can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate topped with marshmallow by the fireplace. If you live in a not snowy place, go to a nearest skating rink to enjoy the cold.

6. Indoor Picnic With Cuddle

Spending a romantic date inside the house is the cool ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day without spending too much. Lie on a blanket, take a sip of wine and bites of snacks just like the usual picnic. A fireplace makes it perfect, but if you don’t have it, it’s still romantic nonetheless.

7. Sleeping In And Movie Marathoning

sleeping in and movie marathoning

Sometimes, simplest thing is the best. While you were thinking about special ways to celebrate Val-day, you often forgot that all you need is how to make the moment intense so you can fall in love again.

Spend all the night watching movie in front of the TV with cozy pillow nook accompanied by your favorite snack. Make a sleepover there and you’ll fall in love again in the morning.

8. Skip Work And Date Instead

All of those things above are arguably usual date that you can have anytime. You can make a little difference by skipping work (you can call in sick or anything), and spend a rarely daytime dating during weekdays. You know how places like restaurant, theaters, and parks are quieter during the day and your date can’t be more private than this. 

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9. Drive Around The Town

For someone who is inevitably busy and doesn’t have much time to spend on Val-day, you can arrange a drive around the town. You can only do this when you’ve got a car, of course. Don’t bother renting a car just to do this.

You can either plan the route or decide to get lost together and stopping by for lunch or grabbing coffee.

You will never run out of cool ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day without spending too much. Remember that Valentine’s Day is all about giving love and feeling lived, not how much do you spend to make it romantic.

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